Chapter 236 - Chapter 236: Is This The Strong Among The Strong?

Chapter 236: Is This The Strong Among The Strong?

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The netizens in the Heavenly Dao’s live-stream could not calm down again.

Previously, Yu Fuxue had almost died in the face of a tornado spell.

Now that two tornado spells were attacking, how could Yuan Zhao deal with them?

However, Yuan Zhao seemed very confident.

Because Fang Xiaoling had analyzed the skull spell and tornado spell with him before entering this place.

It was not impossible to touch the tornado spell. Moreover, Yuan Zhao, who had the [power of three heads and six arms], might be able to break this tornado spell.

Correct, Yuan Zhao planned to fight head-on.

However, he would definitely not let the Heavenly Devil Envoy cast magic so easily.

“Black panther devilish creature, you’re faster. Interrupt his casting.”

In Fang Xiaoling’s opinion, the speed of the black panther devilish creature was not inferior compared to the black snake devilish creature. Moreover, it only needed to buy about 30 seconds.

A lv.27 black panther devilish creature could completely do it.

The black panther devilish creature attacked from the left.

As expected, the Heavenly Devil Envoy let another tornado spell attack the black panther devilish creature.

It was impossible for the Heavenly Devil Envoy to withstand a sneak attack of the black panther devilish creature.

Therefore, the Heavenly Devil Envoy planned to use another tornado spell to kill the black panther devilish creature.

Yuan Zhao, who was facing a tornado spell, actually did not take half a step back.

His six hands punched out.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yuan Zhao punched again and again, hitting the rapidly spinning tornado spell.

Yuan Zhao didn’t count how many punches he threw with his six hands.

In any case, the strength of every punch could overturn a big truck.

One had to know that the power of Yuan Zhao’s punch could kill a lv.27 demon.

Although it was a physical attack, it could not be underestimated.

Yuan Zhao had also relied on his innate divine strength to reach this step.


In just 30 seconds, more than 300 punches landed on the tornado spell.

Such a powerful tornado spell was really dispersed by Yuan Zhao’s six fists.

Immediately after, Yuan Zhao used the same trick again.

He launched a fierce attack at the other tornado spell that attacked the black panther devilish creature.

It was impossible for a Heavenly Devil Envoy to cast magic infinitely.

The magic power in his body was limited.

Furthermore, casting such a powerful tornado spell—and it was a double tornado spell—would consume a lot of his energy.

This time, Yuan Zhao only used 28 seconds to disperse the other tornado spell.

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao’s live-stream were shocked.

“What kind of power is this?!”

“Think about it. If the power of every punch can overturn a heavy object weighing 50 tons, even if you practice attacking hundreds of times, you won’t be able to withstand it.”

“With the enhancement of the power of three heads and six arms, Yuan Zhao is actually so powerful. Looks like he’s really very likely to kill this Heavenly Devil Envoy.”

“Something’s wrong!”

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao’s live-stream were shocked again.

They looked at Yuan Zhao’s live broadcast and saw a wave of magic attack him.

The wave was enough to reach the top of the Heavenly Devil Hall.

“Uncle Yuan, step back quickly. Don’t rush forward.”

Although Fang Xiaoling could secretly hear the thoughts of the Heavenly Devil Envoy, this wild wave spell was too terrifying.

Even Yuan Zhao, who had three heads and six arms, could not break this wild wave spell.

Uncle Yuan didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately retreated to Fang Xiaoling and asked, “Is there a way to break it?”

“No, the magic power is too strong!” Fang Xiaoling’s tone was trembling.

Clearly, she realized that she was going to die here, right?

Yuan Zhao took a deep breath. Only now did he truly see how powerful the second-ranked Heavenly Devil Envoy among the seven Heavenly Devil Envoys was.

They were not lv.27 devilkind at all, but even most lv.28 devihumans could not deal with the mad wave spell©.

When the wild wave spell swept over, Yuan Zhao also went all out.

He kept punching the wild wave in front of him.

However, the wild wave in front of him was still surging.

Moreover, when it surged towards Yuan Zhao, he seemed to have been bombarded by a huge rock weighing hundreds of thousands of kilograms.


A wave swept through the entire Heavenly Devil Hall, and Yuan Zhao and the others were all drowned.

After the wild wave spell ended, Yuan Zhao, Fang Xiaoling, the black bear devilish creature, the black panther devilish creature, and the three-headed wolf devilish creature had already fallen.

Moreover, the black bear and black panther devilish creatures protecting Fang Xiaoling were actually already dead.

Yuan Zhao, Fang Xiaoling, and another three-headed wolf devilish creature were still alive.

However, they were only struggling at death’s door.

The netizens in the Heavenly Dao live-stream already knew the outcome.

“F*ck, how can they deal with such a powerful spell?”

“He’s too much of a bully. It feels like he’s using the main account to abuse an alternate account.”

“What a pity. Yuan Zhao and Fang Xiaoling are going to die here.”

“Actually, it’s even more of a pity for Yuan Zhao. After all, he’s so powerful, but he just happened to encounter the second-ranked Heavenly Devil Envoy.”

The netizens knew very well that Yuan Zhao’s death was no less regretful than the death of Mao Yao.

They were all rare big shots in Dragon Country.

However, Qin Baiguang and Yu Fuxue had passed the fifth trial. At least the Chosen Ones weren’t completely wiped out.

At the mention of them, the netizens immediately thought of Su Qianqian.

It was not that Su Qianqian had gone offline, but that there was no fighting scene in Su Qianqian’s live broadcast.

Therefore, the netizens’ attention was on Yu Fuxue and the others at the beginning.

Now, the netizens were looking at Su Qianqian’s live broadcast.

They realized that Su Qianqian was in the fourth passageway.

But she didn’t go in.

She was relying on her automatic pathfinding ability, as if she was looking for something.

“Blue Bristle, can’t you see the arrow above my head?”

Su Qianqian tilted her head. She had just figured out the pathfinding power.

The blue cat devilish creature shook its head. It did not see anything above Su Qianqian’s head.

Su Qianqian had asked Blue Bristle to go to other passageways before she went to search. In the end, she really found the blue cat devilish creature according to the arrow above her head.

Therefore, she asked the blue cat devilish creature to go to other passageways.

Su Qianqian once again found the blue cat devilish creature through the automatic pathfinding.

In other words, for the past half an hour, she had been searching using her automatic pathfinding power©.

After letting Su Qianqian figure out the augmentation of the [power of automatic pathfinding], she was very happy.

Because if she wanted to find something, she could find it automatically.

“There it is!”

Su Qianqian pointed to the end of the fourth passageway. She was thinking about how to find the exit when the arrow above her head pointed to the end of the fourth passageway.

Little did she know that at the end of the fourth passageway was a huge door, and behind the door was a Heavenly Devil Envoy waiting for them.

“Yes.” The blue cat devilish creature nodded.

Clearly, the blue cat devilish creature had seen something.