Chapter 1409 Exalted Priest

Name:Armipotent Author:HotIce
Chapter 1409 Exalted Priest

Tang Shaoyang did not expect for the elves to take an extreme measure. He expected them to capture Dewil, but they killed him to keep his presence secret.

But still, it was stupid of them to kill Dewil. Dewil had sent the message to The Temple of Light that he already arrived. The Exalted Priest of The Temple of Light already knew his arrival. There was no point hiding him.

"Why do you kill him?" High Priest Estia was also surprised by the extreme measure. She felt like they did not need to kill Dewil as well. Now the others might look at them as a group of murdered than a group who cared for The Osligia Kingdom's future.

It would be hard to convince the others with what they did just now.

"To keep his arrival as a secret?" Levani replied with confusion, "I don't think we can convince Dewil to shut his mouth unless we kill him."

"But there's no need to keep it secret because The Exalted Priest already knew his arrival," High Priest Estia shook her head, "We just need to kill him, and that will solve our problem. But never mind, we can just say he killed Dewil. Get your job done now. I will support you."

Fifty white-armored knights appeared, surrounding Tang Shaoyang. Not just the knights, but High Priest Estia also brought a reinforcement. Another hundred elves ensured they killed Tang Shaoyang. She was prepared for this time.

'It will be tough to face Exalted Priest Gracia later if I can't convince The Osligia Kingdom. These fools almost ruined my plan to be an Exalted Priest. Let's hope I can convince The Elders with King Manasa' influence,'

That was the main reason High Priest Estia wanted to keep Goddess Lunea sealed. Her aim was to be The Exalted Priest before the seal broke. If the seal broke right now, the chance she became the Exalted Priest was zero. Goddess Lunea was fond of Gracia for a long time. And Despite her young age, Gracia was chosen to be the Exalted Priest even though Estia had been serving Goddess Lunea for the longest time..

It was so easy to find where The Temple was because of how conspicuous the building was. A white building with a high tower, and he was surprised to find the temple was surrounded by the elves. That meant it was not just High Priest Estia who did not want him to meet Lunea.

"This just makes me want to destroy this whole kingdom," It annoyed him that the elves tried to stop him from fulfilling his oath.

His right hand burst out in black flame. He concentrated Chaos Energy, and it quickly melted the barrier. As he predicted, as soon as he attacked the barrier, the bell in the city rang.

But that was not enough to stop him as he melted the barrier so quickly. His figure blurred and landed right in front of the temple, between The Temple of Light's force and The Osligia Kingdom's force.

"What's the meaning of this, General Sione?" A woman in the same white cloak as High Priest Estia questioned the elf army.

"We are under—" General Sione did not finish his words as he noticed the figure appeared between The Temple's knights, "The enemy has entered the Capital! Kill him!" He pointed his spear behind Exalted Priest Gracia.

Gracia turned around and saw Tang Shaoyang. Her expression changed drastically, not expecting a monster would breach into the capital.

The creature approached her, and she took out her staff until he heard the creature speak, "I am Tang Shaoyang. Are you the Exalted Priest?"

Tang Shaoyang took off the black bracelet in his hand, "Use Detection if you don't trust me." The bracelet was the tool to ward off the Detection skill.

Exalted Priest Gracia used The Detection as Tang Shaoyang told her to.

[Name: Tang Shaoyang | Rank: ??? | Level: ??? | Affiliation: Tang Empire]