Chapter 382 - Chapter 110 divine text rejection (subscription required)1

Chapter 382: Chapter 110 divine text rejection (subscription required)1

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In the initial fusion pavilion.

Su Yu was currently reading a book. It was a ten thousand stone realm cultivation technique from the Devil Scorpion tribe. It was a minor cultivation technique that was specially used to help the devil scorpion tribe strengthen the sharpness of their tail thorns.

It was somewhat similar to the cultivation techniques used by other races to strengthen their bodies.

Su Yu was inexperienced and did not read many cultivation techniques. At this moment, he was also reading with great interest.

Even though everyone’s acupoints might not be the same, they were able to comprehend things by analogy. After reading too much, he would be able to understand a thing or two.

After reading for a while, Su Yu gradually began to have some feelings.

He was still rather serious when reading, trying to figure out the meaning of the book and comparing it with his own body. It wasn’t as if he had just skimmed through it.

Just like that, after reading for half an hour, his willpower was greatly depleted. At this moment, Su Yu suddenly had the feeling of comprehending the divine inscriptions.

At this moment, Su Yu was overjoyed!

He relaxed!

Bai Feng was worried that his comprehension of the myriad clan divine text was not strong. Reality proved that geniuses were geniuses.

Even if it was the myriad clan divine text, he could still quickly comprehend it!


In the Sea of Will, a demonic scorpion divine text gradually formed.

Su Yu’s little person jumped out, eager to give it a try!

He could subdue another divine text!

Now that he was in a good mood, subjugating the divine text should be easier than before.

This divine text was the word “Strong”of the demon Scorpion tribe. It strengthened one’s body and strengthened one’s body. Su Yu felt that the effect should be pretty good.

Just as he was preparing to go all out, the three divine texts residing in the small saber in his mind suddenly vibrated.

In the next moment, the three divine texts controlled the divine text battle technique, the small saber, and with a buzz, it tore through the air!


Su Yu only felt his sea of consciousness roar. In the next moment, Su Yu was stunned.

The “Strong”word was shattered by the small knife!

The “Blood”divine runes were absorbing the remaining willpower, and the “Thunder”divine runes were still flashing with lightning..

“What’s going on?”

Su Yu was extremely solemn!

Ever since the Golden Atlas had some reaction, these divine runes seemed to have lost control.

The divine runes he had just condensed were actually shattered!

“The divine runes are conscious?”

He had previously felt that the atlas was conscious, but at this moment, he suddenly felt that the divine runes were conscious. This was impossible!

Su Yu tried to control the divine runes, and it was as smooth as before. There was no other reaction.

But Su Yu was extremely uneasy!

What on Earth was going on today?

He was still very happy just a moment ago. After looking through the text of will, he had already drawn out the divine runes of the demon Scorpion race. He was a Super Genius!

But in the blink of an eye, three divine runes were in trouble!

Su Yu’s will turned to the Golden Atlas. The Golden Atlas was extremely quiet, and there was no movement.

Then, he looked at the scribes not far away, and then looked at the annihilation beast skull..

Su Yu’s willpower withdrew from the Sea of will, and he fell into deep thought.

He could still perfectly control the divine runes.

Then why did what happened just now happen?

The “Blood”divine runes seemed to have grown a little stronger. The other two divine runes also seemed to have gained something. The outline of the demonic scorpion divine runes just now was not completely useless. After shattering the divine runes, the three divine runes seemed to have gained something.

“The demonic scorpion divine runes... were killed by them working together? Devoured?”

Su Yu frowned and muttered, “Why?”

He was sure that it wasn’t his talent.

He sketched the divine runes as fast as usual.

Whether it was the human race or the ten thousand races, it was the same. The fragment didn’t sketch the divine runes, so it could only be said that the fragment was too weak.

But why would this result?

“A few divine runes are repelling the demonic scorpion race’s divine runes!”

“Divine runes... might not have consciousness, but they are indeed repelling the demonic scorpion divine runes!”

The three divine runes that came first seemed to form a small group.

They were repelling outsiders!

Su Yu did not know if they were only repelling the demonic scorpion divine runes or repelling all the runes.

“No, I want to try again!”

Once, he could not see anything, so Su Yu decided to try again.


After more than three hours, Su Yu’s face turned pale.

Another divine text was shattered!

Just now, he had comprehended an earth bee divine text, and it was shattered again!

“No, I just forcefully suppressed three divine texts. The divine texts are still under my control, but the repulsive force is too strong!”

Su Yu had just tried, and he suppressed the three divine texts so that the divine texts wouldn’t immediately destroy the new divine texts.

However, just as he was about to subdue the outline, he discovered that the new divine runes had a strong repulsive force with his sea of will.

In other words, even if he subdued them, Su Yu still had to expend his energy to suppress the divine runes and resolve the repulsive force.

“The demon Scorpion race’s Can’t do it, and the earth bee race’s Can’t... It’s not that I can’t outline them, but my sea of Will has some repulsive force against them. The reason why the three divine runes shattered these divine runes isn’t because I don’t like them, but because they repel each other...”

Su Yu frowned and sank into deep thought.


“It didn’t happen before, because what I condensed before was all human divine inscriptions!”

“But now, what I condensed isn’t human divine inscriptions, but ten thousand divine inscriptions, so I’m repelling them.”

He vaguely had some thoughts.

He... might be a little different.

The repelling of his sea of consciousness might have something to do with the Golden Atlas, and his three divine inscriptions might also be affected by the atlas.

Rejection of the ten thousand divine runes!

In this way, even though Su Yu could outline and even suppress the three divine runes without destroying the ten thousand divine runes, it would be meaningless. He would also have to suppress a portion of his willpower to suppress them.

“I... Can’t cultivate the ten thousand divine runes!”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t talented enough, or that he couldn’t outline them. It was that he was rejecting the ten thousand divine runes.

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