Ever since He Qianmin knew that Jiang Chen was the one who saved him back then, he had become more clingy than ever. The boy used to call only when there was something, now he sent at least ten text messages a day. If Jiang Chen hadn’t stopped him, he would have wanted nothing more than to clock in at Yan No. 1 High School every day after school.

A week flew by under such frequent contact, and Children’s Day happened to be on a weekend. This was also the day when old Mr. Miao and Miao Miao would be moving into the city.

Jiang Chen had given Chen Fang the job of finding a house before, but Chen Fang not only helped find a second-hand house that was just sold in Jiang Chen’s community, but also helped Miao Miao settle her household registration and new school, such that she could directly join the kindergarten nearby after moving.

Ever since Yang Si knew about Jiang Chen and old Mr. Miao’s relationship, she had always wanted to thank the Miao family. After learning that old Mr. Miao was going to move to their community, she was looking forward to it, just waiting to help out when they came.

With Yang Si’s help, the Miao family’s move went very smoothly. Everything from furniture to cleaning and even to the decoration of a bedroom suitable for a little girl was carefully prepared in advance, so it took less than half a day to arrange everything.

After tidying up the house, old Mr. Miao brought Miao Miao to the Jiang family’s house for lunch.

After the meal, Miao Miao wore the new little dress Yang Si bought for her, holding Jiang Chen’s hand and looking around. Her dark eyes were full of curiosity and joy, without any timidity.

“Big Brother!” Miao Miao pointed to the cabinet by the wall and said, “What is that shiny thing!”

“That’s a trophy.”

Miao Miao didn’t understand: “A trophy? Is it for drinking water?”

“It can be used to drink water.” Jiang Chen picked up Miao Miao and sat her in his arms, letting her see the trophies displayed in the cabinet more clearly. He said with a smile: “But this cup is too big, Miao Miao won’t be able to hold it.”

“When Miao Miao grows up, I can drink water from this cup!”

“Okay.” Jiang Chen said, “When Miao Miao grows up, this big brother will give you this cup.”

Yang Si and old Mr. Miao sat on the sofa, watching the warming scene between the two children, with smiles on their faces. Old Mr. Miao said: “Xiao Yang, I really caused you trouble today. After everything is cleaned up in a few days, you must definitely come over with Jiang Chen for dinner.”

“What’s the trouble?” Yang Si’s gaze was on Jiang Chen and Miao Miao, an unconcealable smile on her face: “Miao Miao is so cute, I always wanted to have a daughter before, thinking that if Chen Chen had a little sister he would definitely be a good brother. Who knew that Miao Miao suddenly showed up.”

Yang Si really liked this clever little girl who liked to cling to Jiang Chen from the bottom of her heart. Because of her parents’ patriarchal views, she had always had a wish to give birth to a little girl. And then shower all the love she never got on her. It could be regarded as making up for the regrets of her childhood.

Later, Jiang Chen was born, and watching him grow up, to her, it didn’t matter whether he was a boy or a girl, because in her and Jiang Zhuo’s eyes, Jiang Chen was the most precious and beautiful gift from heaven.

Old Mr. Miao could also see that Yang Si sincerely liked Miao Miao. When he met Jiang Chen before, he thought that Jiang Chen’s family members should be very good. But meeting them today, no matter how brief, he now knew why Jiang Chen was so polite and sensible, and only then did he know that this family was even better than he imagined.

Miao Miao had no father and no mother. He was also getting old and many things could not be taken care of. It was hard to predict how long he would be with her. If she could have more contact with Jiang Chen’s family as a child, it would have a great impact on her growth and future. There were only advantages and no disadvantages.

Old Mr. Miao’s affection for the Yang family reached its peak when Yang Si immediately asked Jiang Chen to go out and buy a gift and a cake for Miao Miao after learning that today was Miao Miao’s birthday and she had never eaten a birthday cake before.

Yang Si reminded: “Remember to buy a prettier cake, one that girls like.”

Jiang Chen nodded in agreement, but just as he was about to go out, Miao Miao hugged his leg and refused to let go. The little girl had tears in her eyes, her lips pouting, and she said in a milky voice that she didn’t want gifts. She didn’t want cakes either, so long as big brother was with her.

There was a round, heavy lump hanging on Jiang Chen’s leg, refusing to let go no matter how hard he coaxed. Seeing the tears in her eyes, his heart softened, and he discussed with oldbMr. Miao: “Grandpa Miao, why don’t I take Miao Miao with me? Don’t worry, I will definitely bring her back safely.”

Old Mr. Miao smiled kindly, and agreed directly without hesitation: “Take her, you two have fun.”

Just like that, Jiang Chen led a chubby little girl out the door.

Miao Miao had been living in the countryside since she was born, and had never seen so many new things. From the cars to the shopping mall, she looked this way and that way all the way, her face full of delight, but even so, her little hand was still holding Jiang Chen tightly, and she never let go no matter how curious she was.

Jiang Chen had no experience in dealing with children before, and he anticipated it would be awhile, but he didn’t expect her to be so well-behaved, holding his hand without making noise or needing to be carried. Even if she saw a beautiful doll, she just stared without blinking while being led by Jiang Chen, and when she lost sight of it, she simply retracted her gaze. She behaved very differently from the kid rolling around on the ground in a temper tantrum in the next aisle.

Because of this, Jiang Chen felt it would not be right to not buy her something. When he came out of the department store, he held a stuffed animal about the size of Miao Miao in his arms, and Miao Miao, whom he was leading, also held a doll in her hand. If reason hadn’t led him away from the children’s toy area, maybe he would have bought more.

After the two of them bought the present, they were ready to buy a cake. When passing by a bookstore, Miao Miao stopped for the first time, pointed curiously at the person sitting on the floor reading a book, and asked, “Brother Jiang Chen, is that a book? “

Jiang Chen knelt down and said with a smile, “Miao Miao, do you want to go see?”

“Yes!” Miao Miao nodded heavily, her dark round eyes were innocent but serious, and her small face was full of longing and pride: “Grandpa said that only when I grow up reading and studying can I be as smart and capable as Big Brother.”

Jiang Chen picked her up, pushed open the door of the bookstore and said, “Then Big Brother will buy books for Miao Miao. When Miao Miao grows up, you will be as capable as Big Brother.”

Miao Miao hugged the doll and buried her head in Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Before Jiang Chen stepped into the bookstore, she suddenly said, “Miao Miao doesn’t want the doll anymore. Brother, can we return the doll to the auntie?”

“Why do you want to return it to the auntie?” Jiang Chen paused, “Doesn’t Miao Miao like these dolls?”

Miao Miao glanced at the doll in her hand and then turned to look at the bookstore. She frowned and looked conflicted. After a few seconds, she finally made up her mind and said, “Miao Miao doesn’t like dolls, but books.”

Jiang Chen had never been very good at guessing people’s thoughts, but the four-year-old girl’s froning chubby face seemed to be able to speak, and he could tell what she was thinking just by looking.

Jiang Chen bounced her in his arms, and said with a smile: “But Big Brother likes dolls, so, if Big Brother buys books for Miao Miao, these dolls will also be kept. When Big Brother goes to Miao Miao’s house, how about Miao Miao let Big Brother play with it?”

Miao Miao’s eyes lit up, and she was instantly lured by Jiang Chen’s proposal. She wanted to nod, but became entangled: “But buying books and dolls cost a lot of money. Making money is very hard. You can’t buy everything.”

Jiang Chen was taken aback, it was hard to believe that he heard such words from a four-year-old child. He looked at Miao Miao’s serious face, his heart softened, and he said softly: “Today is Miao Miao’s birthday. It is also Children’s Day, and all children can get gifts on these two days, so Miao Miao can have two gifts.”

“What is Children’s Day?”

“Children’s Day is a festival for children.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “As long as they are kind and lovely children, they will receive gifts.”

“Miao Miao too?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen carried her to the children’s section: “Because Miao Miao is a kind and lovely child.”

Two bookshelves away, a girl with shoulder-length black hair looked carefully at this side without blinking her eyes.

“Qian Yu, what are you looking at?” Li Xiao picked out the supplementary books, and when she saw her friend leaning on the bookshelf with half of her face hidden by books, looking at who knows what, she called out curiously.

He Qianyu touched her lips with her index finger, and after a shush, she immediately turned her head to look back, and was relieved when she saw that the people over there hadn’t noticed any movement here.

“What are you looking at?” Li Xiao looked in the direction she was looking at just now, but didn’t see anything strange, and asked in confusion, “What’s going on over there?”

He Qianyu immediately covered her mouth, pulled her behind the bookshelf, and said in a low voice: “Be quiet, don’t be discovered by them.”

“Why?” Li Xiao was confused and curious: “You looked like you were peeking just now, who were you peeking at?”

“I wasn’t!” He Qianyu immediately denied it, and seeing Li Xiao’s expression of disbelief, she muttered, “I really wasn’t, it’s just that I just saw a profile face that looked like my second brother.”

“Your second brother?” Li Xiao stretched out her head to look over there again, but there was no one there, so she turned her gaze back: “But you can look openly, why are you sneaking around.”

He Qianyu: “It’s strange to stare at others openly, okay?”

“But it’s even more strange to peek at others furtively, isn’t it?”

“I…..” He Qianyu was at a loss for words, and after a few seconds of pause, she kicked the bookcase lightly, and said with a pursed mouth, “Why don’t I have such a big brother.”

“What?” Li Xiao didn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing.” He Qianyu picked up the books she wanted to buy, and glanced over there again. Seeing that the people there were no longer there, she lowered her eyes a little in disappointment, and said, “Let’s go, Dad is coming to pick me up later.”

“Your eldest brother is injured so he probably won’t go to your grandparent’s house today. Will your second brother go?”

“Go.” He Qianyu curled her lips and said, “As long as Eldest Brother goes, Second Brother will not go, and if Eldest Brother does not go, then Second Brother will definitely go. Besides, Brother Qian Yang will also go to my grandparent’s house today, and he can also play games with him.”

Li Xiao nodded and said as she walked, “Then let’s go to pay.”

Jiang Chen was also at the cashier, Miao Miao was holding the fairy tale book he had just bought in her hands with adoration. Her chubby little hands were tightly clutching the book, and even though she was clearly illiterate, she still stared at the pictures in the book seriously.

Just after paying the money, he heard a hesitant voice: “Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen turned around, saw Li Xiao, and nodded with a smile, “You also come to buy books.”

“That’s right.” Li Xiao looked at Miao Miao beside him curiously, and said, “Is this your little sister? She’s so cute.”

Miao Miao raised her head, blinked at Li Xiao, and shyly hugged Jiang Chen’s leg.

Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, he had always thought Miao Miao was an extroverted little girl this whole time, but he still hugged her and said with a smile, “She’s not my sister, she’s the child of a neighbor.”

Li Xiao nodded, and then remembered her friend, and introduced with a smile: “This is my friend, last time you went to see the ballet performance, she was on stage, her name is…..”

“Qian Yu.” A handsome man pushed the door open and entered, showing a doting smile, and walked straight to his daughter. He touched her head and asked, “Have you finished shopping for the books?”