Zhang Jian grinded his back molars, indeed it was true that a dog that really bites doesn’t bark.

“Principal!” Zhang Jian glared at Shen Xu and Jiang Chen and greeted him with a smile on his face: “Weren’t you going to go to Chenghua for a meeting this morning, why haven’t you left at this time?”

Principal Zhao Dingping held the thermos cup and looked at Jiang Chen and Shen Xu amiably. He answered him and asked, “Chenghua has changed the time, what’s going on here?”

“It’s just two students in need of a lecture.” Zhang Jian smiled and said, “Their test scores are declining. They always come in late and leave early and miss class. They’re late for class again today, so I took them out to do some ideological education work.”

“Students’ ideological education is really important.” The principal nodded affirmatively, and Zhang Jian instantly smiled, but his next words had a change of attitude: “But this is the time for early self-study, and no matter how important things are, you can’t delay the children’s studies, don’t you agree?”

“Yes yes yes, the most important task for students is to study.” Zhang Jian nodded again and again, halfway through his nods, he glanced at Shen Xu and Jiang Chen, his face showing indignation and disappointment: “The main reason is that these two students have been too rebellious recently, the atmosphere in the class has become a little bad, and currently it is the second year of high school, when the learning tasks are getting heavy, and as the classroom teacher, I was just too concerned.I I will pay attention to the time in the future.”

Having said that, Zhang Jian stared at Jiang Chen and said, “Come to my office after class, you can go back now.”

At this time, it was only a few minutes before the next morning self-study. Hearing Zhang Jian say this, Shen Xu couldn’t help sneering, and the disdain on his face was undisguised.

There was a trace of coldness in Zhang Jian’s eyes, he turned to look at the principal, and sighed, “Children today, not st all like how we were back then, so grateful and diligent when we were in school, characters honest and upright, and knowing to respect teachers.”

The principal frowned, and Zhang Jian’s drooping brows perked up a lot when he saw this.

However, the words of the principal made his raised eyebrows instantly stiffen: “Teacher Zhang, I don’t agree with what you say, the times are different, so the students’ personalities are naturally different. The times are progressing, and as a teacher, you should catch up with the thoughts of the children. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about them, so that you can catch up with this era.”

After saying that, the principal didn’t look at Zhang Jian, but looked at Jiang Chen and Shen Xu kindly, and said with a smile, “If I remember correctly, this classmate is called Jiang Chen. When the first year of high school started, you were the student representative of your year speaking on the stage, and in last semester’s final examination was the first in the sciences subjects.”

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Shen Xu said directly: “Principal, you remember correctly, he is Jiang Chen, but something happened to Jiang Chen’s family during these days, and he sleeps very late every day. So he couldn’t help falling asleep and only did the multiple-choice questions and the first few fill-in-the-blank questions in the ladt monthly exam, so his grades were not very good. Just now when Teacher Zhang was talking to Jiang Chen, he felt that his previous high school grades were all a result of cheating.”

The principal, who was still smiling at first, suddenly became serious when he heard Shen Xu’s words. He frowned and looked at Zhang Jian, and said, “Did you really say that?”

Zhang Jian shook his head with a look of helplessness: “I’m also unwilling to say anything. It’s really disappointing that Jiang Chen’s performance during this period of time was too lacking. As the classroom teacher, I’m too anxious, in order to brinv this child back on track, in a moment of anxiousness I…..ai, it’s all my fault.”

The principal still criticized him: “Teacher Zhang, you are also a senior teacher. You have taught students for so many years. Some things can be said and some things must not be said. These children happen to be at the most sensitive age. A single thoughtless word from you can cause a negative impact of a lifetime. You cannot be like this as a teacher, and since you have said something wrong, apologizing to the child is the right thing to do. This is also setting an example.”

Hearing the last sentence, Zhang Jian, who was just nodding along, stiffened and said, “Principal, as the classroom teacher, if I apologize to a student who had originally done wrong things in front of so many other students, then I will not be able to easily carry out educational work in the future, so you see…..”

“Teacher Zhang is worthy of being Teacher Zhang. When educating us, you slander us in front of all the students. Not at all afraid that we will not be able to raise our heads in school in the future. After saying something wrong and you must apologize, you only know that your education work will not be easily carried out. Tsk tsk, it turns out that the phrase from the textbook, only the state officials are allowed to set fires and the common people are not allowed to light the lamps, means this. When teaching others, one must firat set an example.”

Shen Xu’s remarks were quite poisonous indeed, they were literally hanging on to Zhang Jian’s previous words, and poking it full of holes. Zhang Jian’s face went blue, white, red and purple with anger, and because the principal was here, he could only let his hands shake and not speak.

Jiang Chen had no intention of being passively scolded when Zhang Jian called them out. Except he just said a word and the principal came. The development after that was basically Zhang Jian being suppressed and reprimanded. In front of elders that inspired respect he had always been humble and polite, so he didn’t interrupt the whole time.

Hearing Shen Xu’s words at this time, in addition to feeling the warmth of being protected by his friends from the bottom of his heart and sighing that Shen Xu aleady showed a trace of his future self now, putting on a smiling face and choking people verbally so much that they couldn’t even say a thing, he also had to stand forward and smooth over the atmosphere.

Towards the issue of Zhang Jian, he would naturally have a way to deal with it in the future, but he must not let Shen Xu leave a rude and rebellious impression in front of the principal and other teachers.

“Principal, I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen took Shen Xu’s arm and smiled apologetically to the principal: “Something happened back at home during this time, it became difficult to concentrate in class, and my test scores also dropped a lot, so Teacher Zhang reminded me of this many times in class, in the office, and including the school gate and other places. I know that the teacher is doing this for my own good, but my ability to control my emotions was too poor recently. After listening to those words, I couldn’t help but feel dislike towards studying. Shen Xu was worried that something would happen to me so in order to accompany me he had been by my side the whole time. It’s all my fault that he missed class these days, he was even waiting downstairs at my house this morning, just to console me, I actually originally planned on skipping class today…..”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen’s slightly pursed lips twisted with a little guilt and remorse: “When Teacher Zhang reprimanded me just now, Shen Xu might have been worried that I would be affected emotionally again, after all, the bad results in the recent exam really gave me a big blow. He was probably afraid that I would be tired of studying and begin skipping classes again, so he was impulsive when he spoke, and he didn’t think before he spoke, but he didn’t mean to offend Teacher Zhang.”

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, the principal, who had a hint of disapproval on his face, immediately softened his expression towards Shen Xu, but looked at Zhang Jian and couldn’t help but reveal a hint of strangeness.

Both “spoke without thinming out of anxiousness.” If there were no Jiang Chen’s explanation just now, then although Zhang Jian said that to excuse himself, it wouldn’t make people feel like he had gone overboard. After all, as a teacher, he was not wrong to be worried about the students, so even if his method was temporarily the wrong way, the starting point was at least a good one.

However, there was Shen Xu, who in Jiang Chen’s words was worried about his friend, and sacrificed his study time for his friend, as if he was frightened and wary of any words that might hurt his friend.

In the same scenario, one was a senior teacher who was over forty years old, and the other was a student who was still underage. One could tell at first sight who was sincere or false and who was higher or lower. An adolescent student speaking out rudely for their friends could be excused as a result of being too young and emotional. But you, as a teacher in your forties who could be their father, speak so rashly and without thought. Could it be that you are as ignorant as a teenage boy?

Towards Jiang Chen’s words, putting aside how the principal felt when he heard it, but Zhang Jian really hated him viciously after hearing it.

He was now at a sensitive time for the selection of high level teachers. Although there was the vice-principal to help him, the principal’s attitude was also very important. If today’s events made the principal have a problematic impression of him, it would be extremely unfavorable for his professional career.

As early as when he was talking to Jiang Chen about Huo Bo, Zhang Jian knew that this seemingly sensible student was not as simple as he seemed, but he didn’t expect that not only was he not simple, but he was ruthless and precise when he spoke. Poking his weakness with just a few words.

“Principal, I…..” Zhang Jian subconsciously wanted to say something to restore his image, but when he opened his mouth, the next words only became stuck in his throat.

What could he say now?

Explaining would only make it worse and worse. If he didn’t explain, he could only carry the black pot of not being as sensible as a student despite his age.

Zhang Jian grinded his back molars, indeed it was true that a dog that really bites doesn’t bark.

“Teacher Zhang.” The principal shook his head in disappointment, just when the end of class bell rang, he turned around with a thermos cup in his hand, “Come with me to the office.”

Zhang Jian bowed his head and followed behind the principal, and just when he took two steps, he heard a seemingly mild, but definitely sarcastic voice behind him: “Teacher Zhang, Shen Xu and I are late for English self-study, so Teacher Yang asked us to go to the class representative to hear the dicatation of the new vocabulary, so can we come to your office after the first class ends?”

“As you were late for Teacher Yang’s morning self-study, just follow Teacher Yang’s way of handling it.” Zhang Jian gritted his teeth and said, “No need to come to me after class, just don’t be late and leave early in the future.”

“I have been very unsensible during this period of time, but I won’t anymore in the future.” Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, looking fair-skinned and well-behaved: “Principal please walk slowly, Teacher Zhang please walk slowly.”

“Good good.” The principal turned around and nodded to him, smiling: “Good child, go in and study.”

When Zhang Jian and the principal left, Shen Xu jumped up excitedly, jumped on Jiang Chen, and said, “F**k! That wad so f**king satisfying! Seeing Zhang Three Hairs, that grandson with his tail between his legs, I could eat three big bowls of rice at noon today!”

“Get off.” Jiang Chen glanced at him coldly, and seeing that he was standing at attention once again he said: “I’ve talked about it before, no matter how cheap Zhang Jian is, he is still your classroom teacher. Is there a lack of times for him to make things difficult for you? If you want to say something, just change the way you say it, don’t get yourself into trouble.”

“I thought you were going to say that I shouldn’t interrupt again.” Shen Xu breathed a sigh of relief, grinning and throwing an arm over his shoulders: “Wow, Jiangzi, the little old-fashioned stick in the mud is no longer old-fashioned, I haven’t seen you for a night, yet you now even know how to secretly mess with people.”

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned when he heard the words. The seventeen-year-old in his first life had been separated from his current self by two lives. Even if he still retained many memories, it was difficult for him to restore his real seventeen-year-old self. He couldn’t even remember what his seventeen-year-old self was like.

“But I still prefer you like this now.” Shen Xu put away his smile and said to him: “You, ai, you were overprotected by Uncle and Auntie too well before, thinking that all the teachers in this world are all good teachers. That everyone in the world could correct their mistakes when they hear good advice, but look at Zhang Jian, has he changed? If you say he was wrong, he would only get angry and make trouble for you, resenting you for exposing his mask, deliberately trying to get revenge on you, this kind of person is not worthy of respect. Only by fiercely trampling him under yout feet will he know that you can’t be messed with.”

Shen Xu paused, and Jiang Chen’s figure was reflected in his clear eyes: “Brother Jiang, it’s not just you who will stand forward when you see your friend being wronged, Huo Bo and I are also the same, don’t suppress yourself when you have troubles, even if we can’t help, we will definitely stand by your side. If you my brother, then don’t bear everything by yourself.”

Under this firm and sincere gaze, Jiang Chen’s sense of unreality from returning to this body after two lifetimes settled down and stabilized.

So what if the research that he devoted all his energy to in the previous life disappeared. Since he could participate in the research once as the main research scientist, he could preside over it a second time again. Even if the current science and technology could not support his research now, he was convinced that his ability could lead the current information technology on a leap of development, and then come out on top in the field of intelligent holography.

His career could continue in any world, but friends and relatives only exist here, and those long-term regrets that have long been forgotten could only be made up in this world and start over again.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help chuckling lowly, he stretched out his hand to make a fist, and Shen Xu immediately raised his hand and bumped their fists together.

The winter sun gently caressed the young men’s handsome faces, the clear slightly curved eyes, the white and neat teeth, and the two hands touching each other just happened to be the best example of friendship.