Even if Ye Zhen said so, Huo Qiuguang subconsciously still didn't believe that there was a problem on his side.

But thinking of Huo Yichen's methods, he gritted his teeth and asked someone to call the surveillance to find the suspect.

Huo Qiuguang has been the general manager for twenty years, and he is about to retire now.

The thought of climbing up has been obliterated by time, but Huo Qiuguang doesn't want to abdicate in such a disgraceful way.

Men need face, especially at Huo Qiuguang's age, they value it even more.

Although there was no publicity about Ye Zhen's coming to the Finance Department, rumors quickly spread the word about it, and immediately there were many speculations and rumors about Huo Qiuguang in the department.

Because of this incident, Huo Qiuguang couldn't help losing his temper as soon as he got home today.

Looks like a typical type of gentle and smiling tiger on the outside, but becomes irritable and frightening on the inside.

Huo Qiuguang, who was hiding anger in his heart, no matter what happened when he returned home, he didn't have a good face on his face. Even the servants who were not very good at observing words and expressions knew how to restrain their voices so as not to attract Huo Qiuguang's attention.

"I can't even do this little thing well! What am I hiring you for!" Huo Qiuguang's roar, even Huo Ya who stayed in his bedroom on the second floor could hear it clearly.

Hearing his father's anger, Huo Ya shook his body, shrank himself into the bed, clutching the phone in his hand, not daring to make a sound.

The plan was naturally done by her, the day after Huo Ya contacted Huo Xiuyuan.

After the phone was hung up suddenly, Huo Ya was at a loss for a moment, and then not long after that, he received a call from Huo Xiuyuan and instructions from the other party.

"After all, the company will be mine in the future. If you help me now, I won't treat you badly when I become the president, Aya."


"And your father is at this age, and he is still a manager. Do you know what those people in the department say about him?"


"I know you like me the most, Aya."

Huoya's heart couldn't help beating with a gentle tone that was almost only in a dream.

Hearing Huo Xiuyuan's affectionate name for him and such a soft tone, Huo Ya almost felt for a moment that he had returned to the past, back to his childhood.

"...Okay." So she agreed.

It's just that Huo Ya never thought that his father would be involved in this matter.

Or she just listened to Huo Xiuyuan's words at first, and simply did this without thinking about the consequences at all.

She, did she do something wrong?

Just as Huo Ya had such a question in his mind, the cell phone with a black screen suddenly lit up.

It was Huo Xiuyuan's call.

Huo Ya's fingertips holding the phone were almost white. He stared at the name for a while, and fearing that the other party would be impatient, he quickly turned off the phone and connected it through Bluetooth.

"Aya, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lose my temper with you like that today." Huo Xiuyuan apologized.

This was far from the scene Huo Ya had imagined. She even felt a little overwhelmed and felt that it was her fault, and she felt a little regretful in her heart.

"It's okay." Huo Ya quickly took all the faults on himself, "Maybe I'm too stupid."

Huo Ya is still useful to him, after Huo Xiuyuan was contacted by the other party that day, he had this idea in his heart.

Fortunately, Huo Ya still likes him, which made it easy for Huo Xiuyuan to ask him to do things for him.

After he comforted Huo Ya for a while so that the other party would not be distracted from him, in order to prevent Kelly from suddenly attacking and finding out, Huo Xiuyuan hung up the phone cautiously and cleared the call records.

He stumbled against Huo Yichen today, but that doesn't mean he lost completely to the opponent.

Thinking of the agreement between himself and Xu Dong, Huo Xiuyuan soon became confident again.

After noon, half of the most difficult time of the day has passed.

The scorching hot sky gradually retreated, and the few clouds in the sky also properly covered the brilliance from the sun, casting a small piece of shade for people.

"OK, this is the end, you can rest."

Following the director's speech, everyone finally had time to relax and enjoy their late lunch.

An Nuo finished today's scene. First, he went to the dressing room to take off the costume he was wearing, and then got into the nanny car waiting for him outside.

Although the crew is over here, she still has an announcement to catch up in the afternoon, so lunch can only be settled in the car.

But even when eating, An Nuo still picked out the fragments in the script to read, and previewed for the next work.

Just looking at it, her mind was not between the lines, but back to last night.

Last night, she was eating barbecue at Murong's house, and was sent back to the guest room by Murong Chen.

It was just the confession that she said before, and she couldn't get it out of her mouth when she and Murong Chen were alone several times.

An Nuo thought he was brave, but looking at Murong Chen, the words came to his lips again, and he flinched shamefully.

As a result, when he woke up the next day, he asked Uncle Yang and learned that Murong Chen had gone to Shengjing, An Nuo couldn't hide his disappointment.

"Sister An Nuo, your phone is ringing." The assistant suddenly reminded her.

Busy thinking about something, An Nuo didn't pay attention, and after getting the assistant's prompt, he quickly reached out and found that it was her mother Jiang Xia's call.

"Hey, Mom, why did you suddenly remember to call me?"

Switched to talking with his family, An Nuo suddenly lost his mature appearance outside, and even said something like being coquettish to Jiang Xia.

This look is rare, at least the assistant has only seen Jiang Xia and Murong Qiao enjoy this kind of treatment.

Jiang Xia enjoyed her daughter's intimacy very much, "Can't you fight if you have nothing to do?"

"How's work going recently? You haven't been home for a month. Your dad and I miss you a lot." Jiang Xia softened her tone to her daughter.

Anuo answered casually, "It's nothing..."

Annuo has a deep understanding of the phrase "report good news but not bad news".

At the same time, when Jiang Xia said that she hadn't been home for a month, An Nuo couldn't help but feel a bit shy.

She has been busy with work and acting recently, so she neglected her family for a while.

An Nuo immediately said, "I..."

She wanted to say that she would go back sometime, when she heard Jiang Xia's smiling voice on the other end of the phone.

"It's okay if you don't have time to come back. Your dad and I are just going out for our honeymoon."

The sensation that just rose in An Nuo's heart was abruptly blocked back like this.

"I called you just to say something. Your father has a friend's son who said he likes you very much. He wants to have a meal when he is free."

Jiang Xia mentioned it casually.

An Nuo immediately frowned and was about to veto it, but Jiang Xia obviously knew her daughter well, so she added another sentence later.

"It doesn't matter if you like it or not. Let's go through a process to see it. It will save you from working all day long. Your dad and I don't want you to be so tired early on."

Although Jiang Xia and An Xinzhi may not understand the hard work of being a star, there is no reason to feel sorry for their daughter.

It's not enough to urge the marriage. Jiang Xia can be said to be free to manage her daughter, but An Xinzhi is always worried, so she just went to find her daughter, just as it is coping.

"...Okay." An Nuo obviously understood what his mother meant, so he agreed.

It's just that she didn't tell her mother that she has someone she likes, and thinking of the result that she hasn't confessed yet, An Nuo pursed her lips and felt a little sullen.

Jiang Xia knew that her daughter was busy, so she hung up the phone after a few words of advice, and pushed her a contact information, which was probably that friend's son.