Chapter 69: They Changed Their Expressions Faster Than the Time It Took to Flip Through a Book

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When Jiang Feng entered the office, Zhang Qidong and Song Yaozhong were also busy on the computers, looking serious and focused. They did not realize that Jiang Feng had entered the office at all.

Seeing that the duo was so busy, Jiang Feng asked, concerned, “How are both of you doing?”

Zhang Qidong and Song Yaozhong snapped back to their senses upon hearing Jiang Feng’s words. Then, the serious expressions on their faces vanished, replaced by smiles on their faces. However, it did not take long before they became nervous.

“President Jiang, I didn’t hear you coming in! I’m really sorry. Please don’t be angry. I was wrong!” Zhang Qidong said as he hastily rose to his feet. Then, he brought his tea leaves and began to brew tea again.

Song Yaozhong also reacted. He brought out his snacks with an attentive expression on his face as he said, “I wasn’t sure if the snacks previously suited your taste so I changed them. President Jiang, hurry up and try this. If it’s delicious, you can bring it home.”

Lin Miaoxue, who was standing at the side, sighed when she saw the duo’s reaction. They changed their expressions faster than the time it took to flip through a book. She became even more curious and suspicious. She understood that Jiang Feng was a genius for being able to turn an unfavorable situation around so quickly. However, the duo’s reaction was too exaggerated and enthusiastic; they were just like the employees outside. Why were they so happy that Jiang Feng was here? If it were any ordinary person, they would be praying inwardly for their bosses to leave as soon as possible. What exactly did Jiang Feng do to receive this kind of treatment?

Zhang Qidong hurriedly pulled out a chair. He was both excited and worried as he said, “President Jiang, take a seat. Why are you here today? It’s a coincidence that I have something to tell you as well.”

Zhang Qidong had investigated Luo Yuchang. However, the results were almost the same as what Jiang Feng had said. He had indeed fallen into Luo Yuchang’s trap. After his investigation, he was rather shocked. He did not expect that Kerry Financial Company was hiding so many dirty secrets.

Zhang Qidong could not help but worry. Was it really possible for them to acquire Kerry Financial Company? Let alone acquiring Kerry Financial Company, it would be difficult just competing with Kerry Financial Company. He wondered if Jiang Feng already had a plan.

“This is…” Song Yaozhong finally noticed Lin Miaoxue. He looked at her with a hint of curiosity and surprise. To think that there was such a natural and pure beauty in this world.

“Hello, I’m Lin Miaoxue. I’m here to visit the company,” Lin Miaoxue introduced herself briefly.

Zhang Qidong looked at Lin Miaoxue warily before he said, “President Jiang, the matter I need to speak to you about is confidential.”

“I’ll go out first and come back later,” Lin Miaoxue said tactfully. She was very self-aware.

However, Jiang Feng stopped her and said, “It’s fine. We’re like family. Just say it.”

Zhang Qidong and Song Yaozhong looked at each other, slightly stunned. At the same time, they inwardly speculated about Jiang Feng and Lin Miaoxue’s relationship. Jiang Feng had said they were like family. Who was Lin Miaoxue, and why did Jiang Feng give her such special treatment? In any case, since Jiang Feng had spoken, they had no objections.

However, Lin Miaoxue still felt that it was inappropriate. She said, “No, it’s better that I…”

Jiang Feng did not wait for her to finish speaking before he pulled her back. Then, he said to Zhang Qidong, “It really doesn’t matter. Tell me.”

Zhang Qidong nodded. “President Jiang, you were right. Luo Yuchang was targeting Cinda. The money he lent was also part of his trap.” He grew angrier as he said, “I thought Luo Yuchang was really kind to lend me money. Who knew he was actually targeting Cinda? Fortunately, you managed to resolve the crisis, President Jiang. Otherwise, it’d be over for me…”

Lin Miaoxue was shocked by these words. She did not expect them to investigate this matter. It seemed like she had underestimated Cinda Financial. Or perhaps, she had underestimated Jiang Feng. Was it possible that Jiang Feng was not joking about acquiring Kerry Financial Company? However, how was it possible for an ant to devour an elephant? It was impossible. She really could not figure out how Jiang Feng was going to acquire Kerry Financial Company.

Jiang Feng nodded before he asked solemnly, “Where’s the detailed report of the investigation?”

Only by understanding everything about Kerry Financial Company could he achieve what he wanted. He had to find a way to break through.

Zhang Qidong quickly clicked on a file on the laptop before he moved it in front of Jiang Feng so Jiang Feng could see it.

“The detailed information is here.”

Jiang Feng looked at the screen.

Zhang Qidong had made a PowerPoint presentation of the results of his investigation, and Song Yaozhong was in charge of explaining. The first slide was a comprehensive map of Kerry Financial Company.

“President Jiang, this is the scale of Luo Yuchang’s company,” Song Yaozhong said.

Kerry Financial Company was about the size of two basketball courts. There were many rooms on the floor.

Zhang Qidong had meticulously marked the locations.

Apart from Luo Yuchang’s office, there were also the offices of his high-ranking employees. In comparison, a map of Cinda Financial was placed next to it. It was clear that the two were not comparable. Cinda Financial was not even half the size of Kerry Financial Company.

“President Jiang, as you can see, just in terms of size alone, Cinda is far behind Kerry. Do we really have the ability to compete with Kerry?” Zhang Qidong asked. He did not even dare to say the words ‘acquire Kerry’. Looking at the maps alone, he could not help but feel frightened and nervous despite trusting Jiang Feng. Although it was not the main factor, size also represented the strength and finances of a company.

No matter how much Zhang Qidong trusted Jiang Feng, Jiang Feng was still ultimately very young, and his target was an established top investment company.

Song Yaozhong could not help but persuade Jiang Feng. Just like Zhang Qidong, he was worried. “President Jiang, perhaps, we should wait or forget about this idea? There’s no precedent of a small company acquiring a huge company. We might go bankrupt trying to do such a thing.”

Jiang Feng did not respond to those words. Instead, he said indifferently, “Let’s move on to the next slide.”

The three people in the room were at a loss. They really could not figure out what Jiang Feng was thinking. He was too calm and unresponsive. This was not the reaction of an ordinary person. Was it really possible that he had a way to deal with Kerry Financial Company? However, Kerry Financial Company was not an ordinary or small company. It was impossible to take it down in one fell swoop. Nonetheless, since Jiang Feng had made his stance quite clear, they could only listen to him.

Zhang Qidong moved on to the second slide that detailed Kerry Financial Company’s business scope. Including investments, the scope was rather wide.

“President Jiang, please have a look at this. These businesses are very profitable. The profits are truly a lot. The company funds flow to many areas,” Zhang Qidong said with a sigh, feeling depressed again.

With such a huge amount of money, Kerry Financial Company could buy more than a dozen Cinda Financial. They were extremely happy when they made several hundred million, but that amount of money was nothing to Kerry Financial Company.

It felt like an overestimation of themselves just thinking about acquiring Kerry Financial Company.

They wondered where Jiang Feng got his confidence from? He was young so it was possible that he was hot-blooded, but Cinda Financial was already an old company.

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