Chapter 661 - 661 Same Destination

661 Same Destination

Seeing Mo Rao’s figure, Fu Ying’s eyes lit up and he quickly walked towards her. “Rao Rao, where do you plan to go today? We plan to go to the park in the south of the city!”

When Mo Rao saw Fu Ying acting in front of her, she felt a little amused. Just as she was about to say something, Xiao Yan, who was beside her, exclaimed, “President Fu, are you guys going there too? Rao Rao and I plan to go here too!”

Fu Ying sneered at Xiao Yan. “Is that so? Then we’re quite fated.”

Meeting Fu Ying’s gaze, Xiao Yan realized what he had just done. He actually interrupted the conversation between Mo Rao and Fu Ying. Did he want his career in the entertainment industry to end?

After Xiao Yan realized his blunder, he immediately smiled at Fu Ying. “President Fu, tell Rao Rao that I’ll go outside to prepare the car.”

With that, Xiao Yan slipped away without waiting for Mo Rao and Fu Ying’s reaction and. Fu Ying’s gaze was too terrifying.

As for You Jing, after hearing the conversation just now, how could she not know why Fu Ying had taken the initiative to tell her about the scenic spot he wanted to visit today and why he had thanked her?!

Fu Ying thanked her for what? For helping him and Mo Rao?

After You Jing understood, her expression immediately turned ugly. Then, she looked at Mo Rao with resentment and malice.

When Mo Rao looked up slightly and met You Jing’s gaze, her gaze instantly darkened.

However, she didn’t speak to You Jing. Instead, she looked up at Fu Ying. “Our destination is the same place, so shall we go together?”

When Fu Ying heard Mo Rao’s invitation, he nodded and agreed without thinking.

After agreeing, he remembered that his partner this time was no longer Mo Rao, so he turned to look at You Jing. “How about we leave with Rao Rao?”

The corners of You Jing’s mouth twitched. Even if she was unwilling to let Fu Ying and Mo Rao be together now, what else could she do?! She had already agreed previously. How could she show her unwillingness now and give Fu Ying the impression that she was insensible?

Fu Ying didn’t have a good impression of her…

Hence, You Jing smiled at Fu Ying sweetly. “President Fu, you can decide. I’ll listen to you.”

These words immediately made Mo Rao’s gaze land on You Jing.

People who could become models usually had good looks and good figures. With her good looks, when she acted reliant and clingy, men usually fell for her.

Not to mention men, even women would feel their protective instincts aroused when they saw her.

Mo Rao immediately felt alarmed.

However, before she could do anything, Fu Ying showed her a reassuring attitude.

Fu Ying acted as if he didn’t see You Jing’s goodwill and his expression was calm as he said, “You don’t have to listen to me. I’m not an unreasonable person.”

After saying that, Fu Ying’s gaze landed on Mo Rao again and his originally cold gaze instantly softened. “Rao Rao, shall we go now?”

Mo Rao secretly glanced at You Jing before nodding at Fu Ying. “Alright, let’s go!”

When they arrived at the entrance of the hotel, a car was already waiting beside Xiao Yan. Sun Ming was also waiting there.

Seeing Fu Ying and the other two walk over, Sun Ming hurriedly said, “I heard that President Fu and Miss Mo chose the same place?”

Fu Ying’s gaze was indifferent but filled with intimidation as he looked over. “Did the variety show rules say that two groups can’t go to the same place?”

It was a simple sentence, but Sun Ming could discern Fu Ying’s warning tone.

Thinking of Fu Ying’s identity as the largest investor in their production team, Sun Ming immediately didn’t dare to finish his words.

When he heard Director Zhao’s voice coming from his earpiece, Sun Ming quickly changed his stiff smile to a gentle smile. “How can that be? President Fu, you must be joking. Our production team naturally doesn’t have such rules. President Fu, you can decide.”

Fu Ying retracted his menacing gaze and the smile on his face became more sincere. “Is that so? That’s good!” With that, he walked towards the car with Mo Rao and You Jing.