They didn’t run into anyone on their way back. Johanna had blocked access from the servants in advance, saying she would be in a difficult position if people found out Cosette had come here.

The three arrived by the carriage, unnoticed by anyone.

Cosette: “Grab the reins. You must drive the carriage.”


The knight only seethed in anger, but only after Johanna said, “Do what she tells you,” he got on the driver’s seat.

Cosette and Johanna got into the carriage.

Cosette: “Come on, lead the way.”

Johanna: “…Get out of the castle.”

Cosette: “Aha.”

At that, Cosette let out a strange laugh. Since it was an important item, she figured it would be a trap to have it in the capital. Not bad.


The carriage carrying the three of them made its way through the city walls with ease. Since the person driving the carriage was a knight, he was able to get out without a single checkpoint.

The gate guard remembered thinking, ‘But why is the knight driving such a shabby carriage?’, but the carriage had already left.

Johanna led the way to a small lake just off the wall. Because it was so small and the scenery wasn’t great, no one stopped by.

Johanna said.

Johanna: “If you dive into the lake from this side, there is a canal. If you follow that waterway, you will find an airy place. Pass through that path, and there is a place where the spirit stone is kept.”

Cosette: “Did you hear that? Take the lead, sir.”


The knight took off his cumbersome cloak and jumped into the water despite chewing his lips in anger.

Cosette and Johanna followed suit.

It was a calm lake, so swimming wasn’t too difficult. As Johanna dived in one direction, a waterway large enough to pass three or four people began to appear.

The three went inside and swam. Just when they were out of breath, they could see the end of the waterway.


“Cough, cough!”

How many people knew there’s a place like this on a lake that no one bothered to visit?

A blue, glowing spirit stone illuminated her eyes.


But it was too simple to be Beatrice’s. Besides, it wasn’t just one.

Perhaps it was because the spirit stones of other lower spirits were lit up and placed there.

There were three paths before them. Before Cosette could ask, Johanna spoke.

Johanna: “The far right road.”

And before Cosette could order it, the knight took the lead and walked. Cosette muttered to herself that it was good that he’s quick.

After walking for a while, she found a dead end blocked by a large iron gate. There were no doorknobs or locks in sight.

There must be another way to open that door.

Squeezing his blade tighter, Cosette said.

Cosette: “Open it, Great-Aunt. It looks like a door that only an elementalist can open.”


Johanna frowned in anger, but she had no choice but to place the palm of her hand over the door.

A cold blue energy enveloped the woman’s hand. It was a power that Cosette felt very uncomfortable with.

Johanna soon began to open the large iron door strangely and silently.

The space inside the iron gate was no different from the outside. There were small spirit stones scattered here and there, illuminating the area.

And the one stored in the middle was a blue, shining spirit stone as big as a burlap bag.

Cosette: “Oh!”

It was what Cosette was looking for. She asked urgently.

Cosette: “Is that Beatrice’s spirit stone?”

Johanna: “What else would it be?”

It was a harsh and rude tone for someone with a blade on their neck. But it didn’t matter.

That would be Johanna’s will.

Cosette: “Thank you, Great-Aunt.”


Stab–, Cosette thrust the blade into Johanna’s neck without hesitation. The knight screamed behind them.

Cosette threw Johanna, bleeding and collapsing, to the floor and ran to the middle of the room.

Beatrice’s stone glowed splendidly. Cosette threw it to the floor with all her might.


The blue gem shattered so much that it was impossible to find its original form.

It was done!

A satisfied smile formed on Cosette’s lips. Now, if she could leave after confirming that Johanna’s life ended…

Cosette: “Huh?”

But what she saw when she turned around was an incredible sight.

The so-called knight was healing Johanna’s wounds with his divine power–one that felt infinitely sinister and terrifying to her, a demon.

That was undoubtedly divine power.

‘Didn’t you say you were a knight? So why can you use divine power?’

Even the wounds from which her blood flowed had healed. Although she did not fully recover, it was certain that first aid was provided.

‘What? What? Why is that man using divine power? Is his power refined enough to heal fatal wounds?’

The knight who stopped the blood abruptly got up and drew his sword.

“You have finally revealed your true colors!”

But his posture was clumsy. He looked like a scholar or a priest who had never held a sword.


No way… Was being a knight a lie from the start?

Why did he lie? Since when did that person follow her?? Was it all a trap?


He’d been following Cosette from when they were at the Weinberg mansion… Then had she already fallen into a trap since then?

All kinds of thoughts ran through her head. Cosette moved straight ahead without even having time to think deeply. It was a trap, but for now, her top priority was to end Johanna’s life.

Cosette: “Aack!”

But as she rushed toward Johanna, she fell forward the next moment.

A stinging pain emanated from the back of her foot. A dagger that flew out of nowhere pierced her foot and hit the floor.

Cosette: “Ugh.”

“That’s too bad.”

Then a familiar face walked out from behind what she thought was the altar. It was Keira.

Cosette’s expression contorted when she saw her.

Cosette: “You… didn’t leave the capital?”

Keira: “I just came back. So you also noticed that I left. How quick-witted. But didn’t you realize it a little late?”

In fact, the night before her return, Cosette thought of the possibility that Keira would not be in the capital. If she had realized a little earlier, Cosette might have been the one who was smiling now.

Cosette’s expression cracked when she began to grasp the situation slowly.

The priest who could heal was disguised as a knight and followed suit because Keira expected Cosette to harm Johanna.

That said, the trap started when Johanna accepted Cosette’s request.

In addition, Keira’s appearance here as if she had been waiting proved that the current situation was a setup.

Cosette’s gaze shifted to the terribly shattered blue jewel.

Cosette: “It’s fake!”

Keira: “Of course. I knew you couldn’t tell the difference. Elemental art is a power that opposes demonic power. No matter how old you are, there is no way you will be able to identify a fake.”


Does she know who I am? Cosette’s eyes widened.


Cosette: “That guy… Yurr told you!”

Keira: “Come now, does that matter?”

Keira didn’t give Cosette a long time to be astonished. It’s really over now.

She drew her sword from her waist.

Keira: “If your body dies, you’ll be forced to return to the Demon Realm again, right?”

Knowing even that, Yurr must definitely have revealed her identity and secret.

‘You f*cking b*stard! I was relieved because I thought I wouldn’t be able to reveal my identity easily in the middle of the human world!’

No matter how strong Cosette was, she couldn’t go against Keira, who had trained for a long time. Besides, Cosette had no decent weapon other than a knife.


Even the weapon in her hand flew with a single strike. Her hand was left trembling.

Keira: “Now it’s really over.”

A thin blade pierced Cosette’s neck, red blood gushing out. Some even landed on Keira’s face.

Cosette: “Ugh, gk…!”

Keira pulled out the blade. She felt like a fountain when the blood spurted out.

Even if what was inside was a great demon, the body she was using was that of a fragile human.

Cosette’s body fell to the floor like a doll that had fallen off a string. Blood pooled on the dirt floor.

Her body convulsed, as if she hadn’t stopped breathing yet.

Keira looked down at her pitiful appearance and said.

Keira: “Shall we guess what you’re thinking now?”

Cosette: “Cough, gag…“

Keira: “Do you think you can just go back to the Demon Realm and dream of a comeback? After all, your goal wasn’t to live happily as Cosette Parvis.”


Exactly. Cosette tried to sneer.

If Keira thought things would end like this, she would be mistaken. As long as Ragibach had a contract, she could intervene in the human world as much as she wanted!

Keira: “Have you ever wondered why I left the capital? Why I left behind such a dire situation?”

She couldn’t comprehend properly because she was gradually losing consciousness.

Why did she? There would be no way she would have gone on vacation in that state…

That was then. As her consciousness faded, she could hear a giggle in her ear.

It was voices from the Demon Realm, where her soul had passed.

-Did you really get caught?

-Ragibach, do you admit that you were trying to break the treaty and start a war on your own terms?

-There will be a trial after a long time. It’s gonna be fun.

-How many years are you going to serve?

-Heehee. Serves you right.


Maybe she left the capital to join hands with those guys? But how did she get to the Demon Realm?

Aah, she might have gotten Yurr’s cooperation! What a brave girl, crossing over to the Demon Realm!

If I come back to the human world, I will kill that girl first!

Cosette tried to shoot Kira until the last moment.

But it was impossible. Her whole body had lost its strength.