Chapter 90: happy life

Wang Jicheng and Zhao Lan succeeded in being together in the end. Zhao Lan had been hesitant to move forward. Fortunately, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zhengan gave Wang Jicheng an idea behind him. Wang Jicheng was a foolish man, let him take the initiative or not, or not. Dare, or Zhao Zhengan asked him if he wanted a wife, Wang Jicheng had to compromise, but he was not good at it, which caused him to be very stiff when getting along with Zhao Lan, stammering, and panicking when doing things. All in a hurry.

But unexpectedly, Zhao Lan's heart was so great. Seeing Wang Jicheng's stupid appearance, Zhao Lan would be happy and want to laugh. He knew that Wang Jicheng was honest and asked him to do things that are not good at please. It's really difficult. From this point, he can see his honesty even more. If he finds such a person, he will definitely not bully him, and he has to look forward to him. Now such a man is not easy to find.

Therefore, Zhao Lan considered repeatedly and agreed to be with Wang Jicheng. He has been injured once. If he can go on happily, he earned it. If he is still a stranger in the end, it can only be said that this is fate, he It's not good to be injured.

Zhao Zhengan and Zhong Ziqi, as the masters of Wang Jicheng, the only people close to them, naturally took care of their marriage. Zhao Lan and Wang Jicheng were ashamed and grateful. They let two children so much younger than them do the marriage. .

Fortunately, the marriage between the two does not need to be so grand, because in Daze country, whether you are a rich or poor or not, as long as the second marriage will not be as lively as a newlywed, in fact, the Emperor Daze did not issue any. The law restricts this matter, and everyone agrees to do it.

There are also those who are not afraid of the rumors of the outside world. The second marriage is more lively than the first marriage, and the people around you just gossiping for a while after a meal.

Because of the marriage, Wang Jicheng rarely borrowed some silver from Zhao Zhengan and built a new house next to Zhong Ziqi's house. When the house was decorated, their marriage also arrived.

The banquet was placed in their new house. The front and back of their yard were large enough. Ten tables and eight tables were no problem. They invited the villagers to have a meal. Zhao Lan and his family also came, but their expressions were a bit silly. The child who was once the most insignificant and ashamed of them is now amazing, with money to make, and someone backing it up, but it's amazing.

It’s just that their family did a great job at the beginning, and now Zhao Lan is disheartened to them and wants to relax the relationship. They once secretly approached Wang Jicheng to try to pull the relationship, but it ended in failure. Don’t look at Wang Jicheng’s appearance. He is honest and honest, but he is a delicate person in his heart.

The wedding of Wang Jicheng and Zhao Lan was successfully held with the help of Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zhengan. After the marriage, the two people's life and the relationship with Meimei and Meimei were also like glue, and everything seemed to be fine.

In the summer of the same year, Shen Yubei and the others came back from the south. They left when Xiao Shuyan was born in their family, and now it is the first time to come back. Shen Yubei is especially sorry to say that something happened to be too busy in the south. So I came back late.

Everyone nodded in understanding, no one knows how things will change in the business field.

This time, Shen Yubei and Shen Yubei came back from the south and brought a lot of good things, including good jade, bracelets, longevity locks, clothes and cloth, and a lot of delicious and fun things. It's all for Xiao Shuyan.

Xiao Shuyan is about to have her birthday soon, and now she can crawl, she is not honest at all, crawling around, can't do without people for a moment, for fear that he will fall and bump.

Because of the delicious food and drink for him, Xiao Shuyan has grown fleshy now, her small arms and legs are like lotus roots, and the meat pits on Xiao Chuan's hands look very cute, plus He was white and tender, and anyone who saw him couldn't walk, he couldn't wait to hold him in his arms and savagely.

The same goes for Gao Hanjin and Shen Yubei. Seeing Xiao Shuyan's eyes light up, it was a rare meal. Xiao Shuyan was held in the arms of a stranger, her mouth slumped and wanted to cry, Gao Hanjin's eyes quickly stuffed a rattle with her hands. In his hands, Xiao Shuyan was immediately drawn away, and she didn't care about the two strangers around her.

Zhong Ziqi shook his head funny, and at the same time secretly vigilant in his heart, in the future, he has to instill the knowledge to prevent being deceived, don't believe anyone who is stupid.

This afternoon, Shen's mother and Shen's father went to take a nap with Xiao Shuyan in their arms. Zhao Zhengan and Shen Yubei went out, leaving only Zhong Ziqi and Gao Hanjin at home.

"Ziqi, I...want to see a genius doctor." Gao Hanjin said hesitatingly while lying on the bed.

"See the genius doctor? What's wrong with you? Are you sick?" Zhong Ziqi asked in surprise, thinking he was not well.

"I'm not sick." Gao Hanjin shook his head.

"Then why should I go to see a genius doctor?" Zhong Ziqi was even more puzzled. What should I do to see a genius doctor if I don't have a disease?

"It's not... I have been married to your uncle for so long, and there is no movement in this stomach. You should see that your uncle likes children very much. After looking at it for a year, there is still no movement. I don't know if it is mine. There is a problem with the body."

Gao Hanjin said sadly that when he hadn't come before, he had to go to the hospital every ten and a half days, but his stomach was not up to date. Although Shen Yubei has been comforting him to be okay, he just can't erase the burden in his heart.

"That's it? Don't worry, nothing will happen, maybe it's not the time if you don't have a baby. There are still many people in the village who have been married for two or three years before getting pregnant." Zhong Ziqi comfortedly said, in his opinion one year Not being pregnant is really nothing. People are different. Some people can be hit by a single shot, and some people are pregnant with one child in ten years. This is unpredictable.

After hearing Zhong Ziqi's words, Gao Hanjin felt a little relieved. He didn't dare to tell Shen Yubei these words, for fear that Shen Yubei would say that he was thinking about him. Now I have a lot of fun to talk to Zhong Ziqi.

"However, I won't stop you from going to the genius doctor. I really don't feel at ease. Go and see Yezhong and ask the genius doctor if he wants to prescribe some Chinese medicine to replenish your body."

"Um... good." Gao Hanjin nodded, still agreeing with what he said, and decided to wait a little longer, maybe it's really not the time!

After staying in Zhaojiacun for a period of time, Gao Hanjin habitually went to the doctor's office to find the doctor for his pulse, but this time he did not let him down again, and the doctor diagnosed it as a happy pulse.

Gao Hanjin was taken aback for a moment. He couldn't believe his ears. His eyes widened. When the doctor confirmed that he said it again in general,

Gao Hanjin jumped into Shen Yubei's arms happily, and she was so frightened that Shen Yubei hugged him and kept him from moving. But the corners of his mouth couldn't help but cocked up, he also has children! look forward to!

Two years later...

"Xiaoyan is playing with his younger brother here, don't you know that you are not allowed to bully his younger brother?" Zhong Ziqi exhorted, it's late and he is going to the kitchen to cook lunch.

"I know, Eminem... I... I won't... bully my brother." Xiao Shuyan, who was still chubby, nodded her head obediently, sitting on the kang.

Then stretched out his hand to tease the little brother who was lying on Gao Hanjin.

This is the child of Gao Hanjin and Shen Yubei, both of whom have a birthday now, and they are very lively looking brothers.

Climbing is no problem, you can climb off the ground as soon as you can't see it.

Now these two little brothers are the treasures of the family, and the family loves them very much. However, he did not lose his reason, and it was necessary to instill some knowledge from an early age.

Here Zhong Ziqi shook her head and hummed a song and went into the kitchen. Zhao Zhengan went out to collect the rent. I don't know when he would be back. Last night Zhao Zhengan said he wanted to eat braised pork, so he made it today when he had time.

Zhong Ziqi washed his hands and started to cut the meat, chopped green onions, and heated oil in the pan. Before putting the meat into the pan, Zhong Ziqi ran out and vomited in discomfort.

"Ziqi? What's wrong with Ziqi?"

Mother Shen was doing needlework in the house, and hurried out when she heard the movement. Zhong Ziqi finished vomiting and patted her chest and shook her head: "It's okay, grandmother, it's just a little uncomfortable, I'm afraid I can't cook."

"I'll cook the dishes, you go take a rest, and when Zhengan comes back, let him find the doctor to show you what's wrong?" Mother Shen nagged uneasy.

"Hmm... I know my grandmother."

At noon, Zhao Zhengan came back for lunch. He heard that his grandmother had said that Zhong Ziqi was not feeling well. He glanced at his wife who was not looking good. He put down his bowl and chopsticks and ran out to find the doctor.

Mother Shen did not stop him.

Zhong Ziqi smiled helplessly, his stomach was still a little churning, he didn't want to eat at all, and simply stayed away from the dining table.

Soon the old doctor in the village returned with Zhao Zhengan. After some pulses, the old doctor smiled: "Congratulations, congratulations, you are going to be fathers again."

"What? What do you mean? Ziqi is pregnant again?" Mother Shen asked loudly.

"Yes, this is undoubtedly a happy pulse."

"Great, our house is getting more and more lively." Mother Shen and the others are very happy. Their family is Ding Shao, and now a few more children are more lively.

Although Zhong Ziqi was prepared in her heart, she was still a little depressed. The pain of the last childbirth was still vivid, and he was really scared!

Zhao Zhengan was also a little worried, but he was also very happy, and couldn't help but grin.

Zhong Ziqi rolled her eyes, Zhao Zhengan started to be stupid again!

In the evening, Zhao Zhengan lay on the bed with Zhong Ziqi and asked him: "Daughter-in-law, do you like the arrival of this child? Don't like it if you don't like it. Your health matters." You can not, the body is the most important thing.

"Don't do anything, this is our child, of course I like it, you can rest assured that I love our child more than you." This is the continuation of his life in this other world.

"Just like it...I look forward to the happy scene when our children run around us." Zhao Zhengan sighed.

"Yeah!" Zhong Ziqi nodded, imagining that kind of scene. I didn't feel it when I was not a father or a mother. After I became a father, I didn't really understand the feeling of home. No matter how bad his child is, it is his. He will love to his bones.

In a blink of an eye, he has been here for more than four years. From the beginning, when he was at a loss and without relatives, and now he has relatives, friends, lovers, and children. Such a happy life is beyond his imagination. of.

His only wish is not to change this kind of life, so that they can continue to be happy.

At night, dazzling stars cast down the earth, with a beautiful brilliance, illuminating house to house, the world under the moonlight has quarrels and happiness, but as long as happiness is not important.

The author has something to say: it's over. I’m not satisfied with the ending, but I found out that I am a clueless person who always writes bad endings, but as long as I am happy, the world is full of love →_→