~: Finish this testimonial and add new book time!

When I wrote this chapter, I was in a mixed mood...a fart!


In fact, there is nothing, the end of a book is not the end of life!

The book friends who can follow this place should know that the author is a person of more Buddhism.

To what extent is Buddhism...I haven't read reviews for half a year at most, so I just write silently anyway, do not comment or reply (I won't say that I am too lazy to return┐(′?`)┌)!

So that's it after writing!

That's the Buddha!


But no matter what, this book is over!

As for the grades of this book...

The ghost knows how I insist on writing down to 3 million words from the four thousand collections on the shelves! ! !

Moreover, it is even more miraculous!

I haven't been starved to death yet! ! !


In fact, according to the normal procedure, the average author will sell a wave of miserable things here, and ask for a wave of recommendations and support for the next new book, but as a Buddhist author... forget it!

I'm too lazy to sell it!

Anyway, when the time comes, just watch it, recommend a wave of collection, don't like to watch, give a face, give a wave of collection recommendations and so on, and then set it up separately!

As for the date of the new book...

Originally I wanted to next Monday, but Sunday is Ching Ming, and I am far from my hometown. It takes at least a few days to go back and worship or something, so the date is changed to next Monday, which is Thursday. On the twelfth!

(I wouldn't say that it has not been updated in the past two years, so I want to take the opportunity to take a break! (*^▽^*))

Well, I won’t talk about the specific content of the new book. It is roughly a story of farming development and then striving for hegemony. There are still multiple system collisions, such as Ninja and Pirates, but this time it is the flow of the heavens and the starting point of the protagonist. Very low, so low that you can't imagine it (disclaimer: this is not an identity!)

Well, that's all there is to say!

So everyone...

See you next Monday!