Litty arrives at the Royal Capital

A huge gateway, a street as wide as three houses, and people were crowding on the street. Litty, who had never experienced such a scene, was overwhelmed by the sight.

The scale of the city was nothing like that of Topaz. The people passing by, the passageways, and the guards with their extremely hawk-like sharp eyes watching over them. They were armed differently from the guards in Topaz.

They glanced at Litty for a moment, but then quickly moved on to something else. Litty almost braced herself for a moment, but she did not do anything wrong to get such an intense stare.

“Hey! You merchant!”


“You, why did you turn back! Stop, do not move your baggage!”

“No, no, there’s nothing here. Nothing!”

A timid-looking merchant was surrounded by two guards and his baggage was tossed to the ground.

Litty had no idea what it was about as she watched one of the guards go ahead and sort the merchant’s baggage.

“These are Vespa eggs! Vespa farming is forbidden by law!”

“Oh, that? Oh, hey! When did that get in there?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! Bring him over!”

“Ow! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Some villages have been destroyed by the illegal farming of Vespas in large numbers!”

Litty was awestruck by the quick and swift arrest. What was even more amazing was that people didn’t pay much attention to that little episode.

Maybe it was already a common sight to them, or perhaps it was due to their trust in the guards. Either way, it was enough to make Litty marvel.

Then a man passing by mentioned to Litty.

“I guess he probably has a business partner within Royal Capital. They’re both idiots. This Royal Capital has one of the best securities on the continent.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful.”

“I’m sure guards will catch his business partners like a sack of potatoes. You’ve seen something new, haven’t you, little girl?”


The man perhaps recognized Litty as a country bumpkin and teased her. After a chuckle, he walked away.

This was before Litty had even entered the Royal Capital. She was thrilled to the core and couldn’t help but think, “I can’t quit being an adventure after all”. But she couldn’t stay excited and emotional all the time.

Litty remembered the date of the examination for promotion to Rank 3, which made her worry and also sober her up.


“Excuse me! Where is the Adventurers’ Guild?”

“Right there.”

I followed his finger with my eyes towards the destination pointed out by him and gasped. The three-story building stood out like a mansion, as wide as it was tall.

And it was not only adventurers who came and went. Every so often, what appeared to be ordinary people were spotted, some of whom were not even humans. Cat ears, rabbit ears, bushy hair. They were beastmen.

Dorland of Yggdrasia was half-human, but these people here looked more like beasts compared to him.

“Excuse me!”

Litty’s greeting stood out as she entered. The people turned to look at her as if wanting to see what was going on, and as expected, Litty was flustered because of the sudden attention, thinking that she had messed up. She was an airhead, even for the Royal Capital’s huge adventurers’ guild.

“Is this your first time here, by any chance?”


A nearby adventurer kindly asked Litty.

“I see, then you should go get a numbered ticket and wait.”

“A ticket?”

“Look at that. There are several counters, but all of them are full. They are always full of people who want to get paid, deliver goods, apply for commissions, and ask for advice.”

“I see, can I ask when the exam for promotion to Rank 3 is scheduled?”

“What? Oh, you’re applying for a promotion to Rank 3?”

The young man was surprised because Litty did not look like one of them. He pointed to the bulletin board with his finger.

The date for the Rank 3 promotion exam was today, and if Litty missed it, she would have to wait over a month for the next exam.

In addition to the date and time, there was also an assigned location written on it, a location in the Royal Capital, which Litty was unfamiliar with.

“Where is this?”

“You’re going to take the exam for Rank 3, right? Don’t ask us adventurers where the location is, you have to look at what is written over there and find it on your own, there should be instructions over there.”

“But, but, emm!”

“This is up to you, okay…”

“Okay. You’re right. I’ll look for it on my own!”


Litty like a tornado dashed out of the Adventurers’ Guild, leaving the young man speechless. He was not surprised by Litty’s decisiveness, but more impressed by her quick response. The thought of that being put to use in battle piqued his interest, even as a 1st Rank adventurer.

“Hey, do you know that girl?”

“No, not at all.”

“It’s time to start the meeting. After all, we can’t start without the leader of Red Flag.”

“It’s a boring bandit extermination, right? We’ve already shown them the capabilities of Red Flag.”

No bandits and criminals had ever survived an encounter with the Red Flag. But the leader thought that Litty was not so lucky because the person in charge of the exam was…