The Castle that Doesn’t Collapse (4)

When I opened my eyes, I saw the small glow of a light in front of me. The light glowed brighter as I touched it, and it formed the shape of a weapon. As the light diminished, this was left in my palm:

[Verifying item.]

<Ring Karambit>

Grade: E

Attack: 35~30

Description: A karambit with a ring-shaped handle. It might not be practical for stabbing, but it is effective in cutting.

I found it.

A karambit. This dagger’s blade, shaped after an animal’s claw, had a smooth curvature and unlike its slick appearance, was a deadly weapon.

I knew the primary usage, though I did not have many chances to wield it. If I placed the claw-like blade and slashed it along the skin as I forced my weight down, any monster would be distracted by the pain as the blade cut its skin.

It was the most efficient weapon I could get my hands on for now without taking any risks.

I was in the furry bugs’ habitat, and had come across a couple of them on the way here, but since I had hid myself, it was not much of an issue. After I waited for some time, I executed my unique skill to avoid bumping into those who patrolled near the indoor sports stadium.

As my body felt lighter, I soon opened my eyes and found myself back in my tent.

“You’re only here now?”

“You’re late.”

I returned to see the twins in my tent.

I picked up the karambit in a flash. It was dangerous since they intruded into my space without clear motives in the middle of the night. Moreover, they were aware of my solo action.

“Woah woah, don’t be too guarded!”

“We’re here just to purely have a talk with you!”

The twins showed their empty hands to me. Rangers without arrows… I could take them down easily, even if my hands were tied. Regardless if they were genius rangers, they were no match for me. Even though my stats was one-tenth of what it used to be, it was still three to four times higher than the average awakener.

“It’s our first time seeing someone catch our arrow.”

“The best uncle Soo-Yil could do was only move his body away from the shot.”

“That’s right.”

This conversation revealed the young genius twins’ arrogance. I had never seen such behavior from them when they met their match.

“I’m Ahn Yoo-Soo.”

“I’m Ahn Yoo-Ra.”

Both of them introduced themselves confidently, as if they knew how much their names weighed.

“…I’m Han Seo-Ha.”

“We’re seventeen. How old are you?”

“Nineteen. I should be turning twenty a few days later.”

Since the gate opened right before Christmas, it should soon be New Year’s in a few days. But what had it got to do with this?

“Is that your unique skill? Appearing out of the blue?”

“Somewhat similar.”

“Teleport? But your skill doesn’t look like it’s suited for combat.”

Of course, they would have thought that way. As I had mentioned before, Spatial Interference was more widely known as a specialized industrial skill. Thus it was highly valued as more load could be transported over longer distances. Not that I could not travel for longer distances, but instead, I was more proficient and trained in traveling short distances.

It was more critical for Blink users to travel over shorter distances more subtly and without much cooldown, as it was more advantageous for them to teleport in and out during battle.

I had used to blink limitlessly before, but I’m not sure if my body could withstand the strain if I were to do the same now.

“You know, we will keep you going and returning a secret.”

“Instead, please do us a favor.”

“…What is it?”

The twins grinned playfully.

“Please spar with us!”

That was an unexpected answer coming from them. Spar? Why spar?

“We have to get stronger sooner, but our teacher is too careful right now!”

“When would we be able to become stronger if we were to continue with useless fights like now?”

“Everyone’s weaker than us. Our teacher is trying to protect us.”

“Such a fool.”

Both their eyes sparkled brightly while they looked at me.