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It was obviously the egg of the Nine Netherworld Black Python, but its name was unknown. Victor King was a little surprised.

It was just like the Skill Books he had obtained previously. Ordinary Skill Books had mutated later on. Could it be that this Nine Netherworld Black Python egg had also mutated?

Looking at the system notification, Victor King had many questions in his mind.

The snake egg had not hatched yet, so he was not sure if this strange change would make the egg more powerful like the previous Skill Book, or if it was just an accident.

He might have to wait until it hatched before it could be seen.

Just as Victor King was thinking, Abigail’s voice brought him back to his senses.

“What are you thinking about?”

Victor King did not mention the system notification. “The Nine Netherworld Black Python laid its eggs in its nest. Obviously, it won’t leave for too long. We have to leave quickly. Otherwise, it won’t be good if we run into it.”

Abigail felt that it made sense and urged, “Then let’s hurry up and leave.”

There was nothing else in the cave except for the egg. Victor King saw a few plants beside the nest from the corner of his eye.

They were like small flowers and grass on the roadside. They looked very inconspicuous and there was nothing special about them.

However, how could it be an ordinary plant that could grow next to the nest of the Nine Netherworld Black Python?

Seeing that Victor King was not in a hurry to leave, but went to pick some grass, Abigail could not understand his actions.

“We can’t waste any more time. Let’s hurry up and leave.”

Staying here for a second longer meant more danger.

Victor King shook his head. “Don’t underestimate these plants. They are very precious. They can cure the poison of the Nine Netherworld Black Python.”

Abigail could not believe it. “Just these few? How is that possible?”

They looked very ordinary, no different from weeds.

There was an old saying that went: If a poisonous snake appears, there must be an antidote within ten steps.

This cave was so dark and damp that it was not suitable for plants to grow. Most importantly, Victor King also noticed traces of saliva around him. It was obviously secreted by the Nine Netherworld Black Python. Although it was not that poisonous, there was still a faint poison in it.

However, these plants were growing happily. They were not affected by the surrounding environment at all. They were obviously strange.

After listening to Victor King’s analysis, Abigail also felt that it made sense. “It’s a good thing that you know a lot. Otherwise, we would have missed it.”

If he was accidentally bitten and poisoned by the Nine Netherworld Black Python, he might be able to use this to detoxify himself. Abigail also helped him pick it.

In just a moment, the surrounding plants were swept clean.

The two of them quickly left the cave.

Perhaps even the heavens were on their side. Not long after Victor King left, the Nine Netherworld Black Python returned to the cave.

Seeing the empty nest, a huge flame burst out of the beast’s eyes, carrying a faint scarlet color. The angry roar of the beast filled the entire forest, and even the cave almost collapsed.

The Nine Netherworld Black Python rushed out of the cave at lightning speed.

Its huge body crushed the ground, causing the ground to tremble. Countless tall trees collapsed with the sound. It was enough to show how angry it was. Some people were probably going to be unlucky.

Victor King and Abigail had already walked far away and were completely unaware of the commotion behind them. Abigail’s calm face was a little nervous.

She turned around to take a look. Fortunately, the Nine Netherworld Black Python did not chase after them.

“That was close. Do we still have to continue exploring the Secret Realm?”

As soon as she finished speaking, a soft rustling sound came from the grass not far away. Abigail’s nerves immediately tensed up, thinking that the Nine Netherworld Black Python had caught up.

“Be careful!” As she cried out in surprise, the thing that popped its head out was actually an incomparably huge lizard. It was as big as a crocodile.

It had two heads, one red and the other blue. It looked extremely strange as it stared at Victor King and Abigail.

Abigail could not help but heave a sigh of relief. It was fine as long as it was not the Nine Netherworld Black Python.

[Dark Two-Headed Lizard: Level 20]

They could barely deal with this kind of monster, but they could not underestimate it. After all, it was a level 20 monster. If they encountered the Nine Netherworld Black Python, they would probably have no choice but to run.

The lizard opened its mouth wide, and flames fell from the sky like meteors. A huge pit was quickly formed on the ground.

Victor King and Abigail quickly dodged the fireballs, leaving nothing but scorched earth in their wake. The surrounding temperature gradually rose, causing Victor King and Abigail’s faces to turn red.

Just as Victor King was about to be hit by a huge fireball, the giant sword blocked in front of him and cut the fireball in half. Countless small sparks flew out and splashed on the ground.

Abigail’s long golden hair was illuminated by the flames, revealing a scorching color that was even more dazzling.

If one ignored the two-headed lizard monster in front of them, the scene would still be quite beautiful. The fiery meteor fell from the sky, and the dark sky became beautiful.

“Are you alright?”

Victor King shook his head. “Don’t worry about me.”

Abigail’s blue pupils were filled with anger. The monster could hurt her, but it was not allowed to hurt Victor King.

Amidst the huge flames, she was like the legendary Goddess of War, advancing fearlessly. “I can also try to see what it’s like to fight a level 20 monster.”

With the protection of the shield, the flames could not hurt Abigail. However, the high temperature around her dyed her face with a gorgeous color, as if there were colorful clouds falling on it. She looked like a rose blooming in the flames.

Her heroic and fearless figure was imprinted in Victor King’s eyes. It was really stunning.

Victor King was also worried that Abigail would be injured. If the situation was not good, he would immediately use the summoning spell.

However, Victor King knew that Abigail was a Dragon God Knight. She needed to grow through constant battles to tap into her potential and talent.

This was because this class was not an ordinary class. In the future, Abigail would have to go to the Dragon Island and accept the test of the Dragon God. Only then could she enter into a contract.

The road ahead would only be more difficult, so she needed to grow up as soon as possible.

In fact, Abigail did not let Victor King down.

Seeing her approaching quickly, the two-headed lizard panicked and increased the attack of the fireballs. The surrounding vegetation burned, but it did not stop Abigail’s speed.