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Although the light was a little dim, it was not difficult to see the scales and skin on the ground clearly. Some of the snake’s scales and skin seemed to have fallen off naturally, just like the Nine Netherworld Black Python they had seen earlier.

Abigail’s expression also became a little solemn. “Don’t tell me we’ve come to the nest of the Nine Netherworld Black Python.”

Logically speaking, a wandering monster would not have a fixed nest because it was always wandering and shuttling through various Secret Realms. However, it was really strange that they had seen it now.

However, from the signs at the scene, it was most likely the nest of the Nine Netherworld Black Python.

Abigail’s first reaction was to leave. “Let’s go quickly. It’ll be troublesome if the python comes back.”

For the Nine Netherworld Black Python, they were like snacks sent to its doorstep.

Victor King was bold. “Since we’re already here, we definitely have to take a look. Maybe there’s something good.”

“What if the Nine Netherworld Black Python comes back later?” Abigail hesitated. “Wouldn’t we be caught red-handed?”

At that time, the two of them would probably be in danger. They would fall into the snake’s mouth and not be able to escape.

Victor King was not worried. “The python didn’t catch up just now. Obviously, it went after Bill and the others. With them holding it back, it shouldn’t return to its nest for a while. We can make use of the time.”

He guessed that it was because of his extremely high luck value that the Nine Netherworld Black Python did not target them. In addition, Bill had used the scroll and angered the Nine Netherworld Black Python, so it kept staring at them.

According to the hatred of the Nine Netherworld Black Python, it would probably not return in a short period of time. If it did not torture Bill and the others, how could it dispel the hatred in its heart? These people could only pray for themselves.

After hearing Victor King’s analysis, Abigail felt that it made sense.

“Big Sister, there might be some treasure in this nest.”

If there really was one, then they had simply lucked out this time.

The two of them continued deeper into the darkness. The ground was full of potholes, and their light source was limited. Abigail lost her footing and was about to fall. Fortunately, Victor King quickly pulled her back.

However, they did not expect that under the effect of inertia, the two of them would fall to the ground together.

Victor King felt a soft body pressing against him. Her waist was like the spring water on the bank of the Seine Lake, and it was even softer. Along with the fragrance, it entered his nose.

In the darkness, be it touch or smell, everything seemed to be magnified infinitely.

The distance between the two of them was extremely close, and their breaths seemed to be intertwined. Their hot breaths sprayed on their ears, as if feathers had brushed past them.

Abigail blushed. She had never been so close to a man before.

Fortunately, the light was dim. Otherwise, Victor King would have been able to see that her entire body was like a pink plum blossom blooming. Even her cold blue eyes had a faint spring light.

Abigail quickly got up from the ground.

The atmosphere was a little awkward. In the end, Victor King coughed a few times and broke the silence. “Are you okay, Sis?”

Abigail shook her head and pretended that nothing had happened. “I’m okay. Let’s go.”

The red tips of her ears hidden in her golden hair betrayed her restless mood. She did not know if it was her imagination, but she actually felt that the temperature had risen.

This was clearly the nest of an ice-cold creature, but she could feel the heat waves in the air getting higher and higher. It was really a little illogical. She touched her face and it was burning up.

Fortunately, Victor King did not seem to notice anything. However, whenever she thought of the feeling of being surrounded by male hormones, Abigail’s heart would beat faster.

The two of them continued to walk forward. Probably because the aura of the Nine Netherworld Black Python was still lingering here, no small monsters dared to approach. It was surprisingly safe along the way.

Soon, the two of them reached the end of the path.

After seeing the scene in front of her clearly, Abigail’s light blue pupils flashed with shock. She said in disbelief, “This is–”

What appeared in front of the two of them was a long vine. It looked extremely soft and there were many plants on it, forming a nest.

Most importantly, there was an egg on it. It was crystal clear and looked like some kind of artwork.

Victor King finally understood why the wandering monster, the Nine Netherworld Black Python, would build a nest here. It was because it was about to lay eggs, and it happened to choose the Gloom Forest.

The Nine Netherworld Black Python had a strong offensive ability, not to mention that it had just given birth. In order to protect its babies, it would be aware of all potential enemies and dangers around it.

Bill and the others would be in trouble.

Abigail could not suppress her curiosity. “Is this the egg of the Nine Netherworld Black Python?”


Victor King threw a detection skill over, and it was as they had guessed.

[Nine Netherworld Black Python Egg (Unhatched)]

In this place, one could sign contracts with monsters and take them as pets and familiars. The familiars would become the combat partners of the Class Awakened people.

Using special methods to tame wild monsters required a certain amount of tools. The success rate was not 100 percent, and there was also the risk of failure.

However, if it was in this state where it had not yet hatched, it would be much simpler. He only needed to drip his blood on the eggshell.

These monsters had yet to be born. Although they had intelligence, they did not have a strong sense of resistance. The stronger the monster, the more difficult it was to bind it with a contract, and the higher the chance of failure.

It was not easy to obtain a powerful Battle Pet. After all, these wild monsters were unruly and difficult to tame. However, it was rare to see them in this state.

After all, not everyone had the courage to explore the level 35 Nine Netherworld Black Python’s cave and was lucky enough to encounter its unprotected egg.

It could only be said that the Goddess of Luck was very fond of him.

” Alright, ” Abigail said without hesitation. “Little Brother, hurry up and contract it.”

This kind of egg was very rare, not to mention that it belonged to a Nine Netherworld Black Python. It was an extremely powerful Battle Pet in the early stages and could enhance its master’s combat strength. Abigail was not tempted at all. The first person she thought of was Victor King.

“It just so happens that your Class’s attack power is not high. With the Nine Netherworld Black Python as a pet, if you nurture it with all your strength, it can guarantee your safety. At least if you encounter danger, your pet can block it for you.”

Victor King did not hesitate.

He dripped his blood on the snake egg and soon heard the system notification.

[Congratulations on contracting the Nine Netherworld Black Python Egg (unhatched)]

Another special notification followed.

[Your pet egg has undergone some strange changes.]

When Victor King went to check again, the name of the egg was now a question mark.

[Name: ?? (Unhatched)]