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There was such a tool on the market, which were scrolls.

There were many types of scrolls, such as attack, defense, teleportation, and so on. For example, when creating an attack scroll, one had to seal a spell within it. With the addition of a magic array, the scroll could be used temporarily to unleash immense power.

These items were all one-time-use items, and the conditions and materials required to make the scrolls were extremely costly. Although they were available on the market, they were quite expensive. Ordinary people could not afford them.

Not to mention the one in Bill’s hand. It looked relatively high-grade, and its power was indeed extraordinary.

The sea of lightning surged and interweaved, trapping the Nine Netherworld Black Python within. Even the gloomy sky was divided into countless pieces.

Several thick bolts of lightning shot out from the scroll and struck the snake’s body. Many scales immediately fell off, and a stench filled the air, as if something had been burnt.

Because of the pain, the huge snake’s body rolled around, and many trees were snapped by the tail. The scene immediately became very messy, and everyone hurriedly dodged the swinging tail.

Unfortunately, the body of the Nine Netherworld Black Python was too big and too long. Those who were not careful would be affected.

One had to know that this spell scroll contained the power of lightning of a Second Transition Great Mage. Logically speaking, it should be more than enough to deal with this level 35 monster.

Unexpectedly, it only left traces on its scales. Although it broke through the python’s defense, it did not seriously injure it.

The scroll’s active time was limited. The power of the lightning spell could not be released forever. At this moment, the lightning was no longer as terrifying as before. It gradually became much smaller, which meant that the power in the scroll was about to be exhausted.

When the lightning completely disappeared, the scroll would disappear.

“Hurry up and run.”

Everyone ran away in a hurry. It was fine as long as they were far away from the Nine Netherworld Black Python.

However, before they could run far, they heard angry roars coming from behind them.

Bill’s expression immediately stiffened, and the others also looked as if they had seen a ghost.

“How did it catch up so quickly!”

The Second Transition Great Mage’s lightning scroll only lasted for five minutes, not even that! If they had not witnessed the power of lightning with their own eyes, they would have thought that Bill had bought a fake product.

If Bill had known that this scroll was useless, he would not have used it from the start. He had wasted such a precious scroll. Bill was so angry that his face was crooked.

He thought that he could buy some time to escape, but it did not work.

The Nine Netherworld Black Python’s speed was too fast. It could not care less about the trees in front of it that covered the sky. Its snake body crushed it like a crazy machine.

Countless trees collapsed, and at the same time, some scales that had been struck by lightning fell, revealing the red flesh inside.

The beast’s eyes were filled with anger. It wanted to swallow the little bug in front of it alive. It never thought that these inconspicuous humans would cause it such harm.

Although it was not a fatal wound, it was undoubtedly a great humiliation.

“Damn it, this monster is catching up. If we stick together like this, we will definitely be caught.”

Bill made a prompt decision. “Let’s split up and run.”

Even now, he still had not forgotten about Abigail and reached out his hand to her.

“Miss Abigail, please come to my side. I will protect you from any harm.”

Abigail pulled Victor King and chose the opposite direction without hesitation. She had wanted to leave for a long time. If it was not for the fact that she wanted to avoid falling out with these people, she would have left long ago. This would be a good opportunity for her to do so.

Bill wanted to chase after her, but the person behind him urged him, “Young Master Bill, hurry up and leave. The Nine Netherworld Black Python is about to catch up.”

Although a beautiful woman was important, life was more important. Bill could only give up.

Victor King and Abigail were completely separated from the main group, which was exactly what they wanted.

After running for a long time, Victor King stopped. “It seems like the python hasn’t caught up. Let’s take a break.”

Level 35 monsters were too terrifying. They were almost as powerful as World Bosses. Even the Bosses of the Gloom Forest were nothing compared to the black python.

[You have left the team]

Victor King was stunned when he saw the system notification. Where did he and Abigail run off to?

Abigail received the same notification.

“That’s good. I’ve wanted to leave for a long time, so as not to have to listen to that Bill’s yapping.”

If it were not for the Herbert family, Abigail would have stabbed Bill in the mouth.

Victor King looked around. “Where are we?”

The Gloom Forest dungeon was indeed famous for its vast map. The environment before him was extremely unfamiliar, completely different from the previous one.

There was a swamp nearby with green gas floating on it. It should be the miasma produced. It looked very dangerous. If one approached it, they might be poisoned.

The air was very humid, and even the soil was soft when stepped on. Fortunately, there were no monsters nearby.

However, Abigail did not let her guard down in case anything unexpected happened.

The two of them avoided the swamp and walked in the opposite direction. Not long after, a huge cave came into view, emitting a faint aura.

Victor King was curious. “Let’s go in and take a look.”

Abigail disagreed. “Is it dangerous inside? Let’s leave first.”

Since they were already here, there was no reason for them to leave. Under Victor King’s insistence, Abigail had no choice but to agree.

“You will stand behind me later. If anything goes wrong, we will leave immediately.”

Although Victor King agreed verbally, he was thinking that if there was really a problem that he could not deal with, he could just use the summoning spell again.

Anyway, it was fine to expose it in front of Abigail.

The two of them carefully walked into the cave.


The water droplets on the stalactite dripped down and formed small puddles on the ground.

The cave was very big, but fortunately, the two of them had lighting tools, so they could barely see the surrounding environment.

The cave was very large, and the path extended into the distance. No one knew where it would lead to. Only the sound of their footsteps could be heard. Other than that, it was silent.

Fortunately, there were no monsters inside.

Victor King seemed to have noticed something. His gaze locked onto the ground, and his expression changed slightly.