Chapter 8 – Part 1

It had been five days since Henrietta had arrived, but Olivia was surprisingly comfortable. It was because she didn’t ask for unreasonable teatime anymore. Olivia’s range of action was not wide, and when she and Henrietta met one day Henrietta ignored her and walked away.

She thought Henrietta might come to her room and argue with her, but while Leon had given Henrietta access everywhere, he forbade entry into the Duchy’s study and Olivia’s room. Hearing that, she was relieved.

Therefore, Olivia, who only went in and out of her room and the study, was living well without any trouble.

“Are there any inconveniences?”


Leon called Olivia every evening and asked: despite her assurances that it was okay, he kept coming to her. With Henrietta’s presence, Olivia tried to maintain distance from him, but as he continued seeking her, he didn’t seem to distance himself, frustrating her.

Do his actions make it seem as if he felt the same? As Olivia seemed to cut off the conversations that had nothing to do with her, she often felt that Leon appeared frustrated with her. He looked at Olivia and raised his eyebrows slightly, as if something was wrong with her, nevertheless Olivia thought that was very sweet.

On the other hand, Leon was courteous to Henrietta, but not friendly. Of course that was her own perception. Was she so jealous of Henrietta that she was delusional now? While she was chiding herself, Olivia looked at Leon asking if she felt uncomfortable today. Of course, she had already replied that there was nothing inconvenient. With the conversation cut off again, Leon sighed slightly and observed.

“Not much time left.”


What does he mean there is not much left? As she wondered, Olivia realized that he was speaking about Henrietta. Olivia nodded her head, and Leon placed a hand on her shoulder. As she flinched, he lifted his hand again.

“Miss Claudel.”


“I apologize.”


“It’s my fault to you.”

“Is it wrong?”

Leon didn’t say anything and looked at Olivia. Then Leon smiled. That smile was bittersweet. Olivia’s heart ached at the expression on his face.

Now that she looked that closely, Leon appeared a little tired. Forgetting to stay distant, she reached out and grabbed his hand. Leon’s eyes widened slightly.

“Your Excellency, even if you do something wrong, I won’t feel hurt.”


“Your Excellency has always been kind to me. Maybe I’ll be fine.”

Henrietta and Leon will soon marry. Leon will put Henrietta first, and he may not pay attention to her. She didn’t even know if he would keep her. Leon thought it was ‘wrong’.

Her relationship with Leon was very difficult, but since it was a relationship that she started, there was no need for his apologies, no matter what happened in the future. Olivia didn’t want this weary man to care about her.

“…… well.”

Leon sighed and looked down at Olivia’s hand. Her hand was still clasping Leon’s. Olivia lifted her hand. Holding his hand, crazy! She pretended to be okay and tried to change the subject.

“When is the wedding?”

“The wedding, you say? No way…… Did you know?”

Leon asked with a rare surprised expression.

“Yes, that’s why the Princess is here, isn’t it?”

Then Leon sighed in frustration. Why does he have such an attitude? A wedding, are there any other weddings besides his with Henrietta?

“It has not been decided yet.”

“You have no plans? But, the Princess is here right now…… What’s worse, I’m still here…….”

Leon asked with a puzzled expression.

“Do you want me to marry the Princess?”

“Is it because of me that you’re reluctant? Your Excellency, why are you doing this?”

She was taken aback by this conversation. The conversation itself was polite, but Leon seemed to be complaining.

“Didn’t you say it’s okay to do something wrong? I don’t know why you’re accusing me like this.”

“Because this is more wrong toward the Princess, not me.”

As she said that, she sneered to herself. She blames Leon for wronging Henrietta, but she should blame herself for Henrietta too. Who should blame whom?

She hadn’t known he was engaged, but she somehow slept with someone about to marry, and she even liked him. The reason he slept with her was to protect his older brother, Kevin. Olivia accepted that she was the cause all over again. She remembered Jane’s suggestion.

“Your Excellency.”


“I, I mean, I’ll be leaving, in a short while.”

“What do you mean?”

Leon’s face was dyed with wonder. He looked a little offended. But Olivia didn’t notice.

“Give me a little, a little bit of time. I mean…… ”

As he was about to say more, he was interrupted by a knock on the door. He tried to continue, but another knock was heard. Eventually, he frowned and said,

“Come in.”

Then the door opened, and a man entered. She recognized him as Leon’s servant whom she had seen riding a horse earlier. The servant carefully closed the door, looked at Olivia and nodded.

“Your Highness, today…….”

“Looks like there is ‘overtime’.”

Olivia heard the annoyance in his voice. The servant looked at him and said,

“Yes, maybe…… I think you will have to give it a few days.”

‘What’s going on in the Imperial Palace? What does he mean by overtime?’ Looking at Olivia, Leon said.

“It looks like I will be absent for a few days.”


The thought of Leon’s departure made her heart flutter. It began to beat nervously. Whether he heard her heart or not, Leon said in a stern tone.

“If you need anything, you can buy it. If there is something you want to do, you can do anything. If you are bored, call Marchioness Philistines.”


“Don’t talk to Princess Grande anymore. This is my Order to Miss Claudel.”


“Yes, Order. I will also inform Princess Grande.”

Olivia nodded. She understood that Leon had given her such an order because he was worried about her. It was to prevent a quarrel with Henrietta, which might arise in his absence.

“I’m going.”

At that farewell, Olivia opened her mouth and closed it again. Because she almost asked him not to go.

Instead, she tried to say goodbye. But for some reason, she couldn’t form the well-wishing words.

It was like this the day Leon went to the battlefield. She just wanted to tell him to have a safe trip. However, she was so terrified that she ended up crying at the thought she might never see him again. Leon turned his back and walked to the door. Feeling nervous, she finally shouted.

“Du, Duke! Have a safe trip!”

At that, Leon turned his back again and looked at Olivia. He stared at her face, and smiled.

Then he walked back to Olivia and carefully raised her hand and kissed it.

“If you want it, I will do it.”

What just happened to her? When Olivia came to her senses, Leon was already gone. She stared at the back of her hand, where Leon’s lips had remained for a while. The warmth seemed to reassure her, but her heart was pounding.

That night, he didn’t return.

The next day, perhaps because of Leon’s absence, there was a cool atmosphere in the mansion. Olivia locked herself in her room and frantically read a book, trying to calm her anxious mind.

She hardly left the room, lest she ever run into Henrietta. She thought she heard Henrietta had called a seamstress to fit her dress, Olivia avoided seeing it.

As the sun went down and she stretched, Olivia felt an ominous foreboding. Leon had been away for so long, she didn’t think she would come to hate his absence.

Then Olivia realized that she depended on Leon more than she thought. She had claimed that she shouldn’t be indebted to him, shouldn’t be a nuisance, but was she failing to heed her own words?

Leon would now marry another woman, and Olivia and he would separate. The heartbreak couldn’t possibly disappear.

As she slept, Olivia felt a strange sensation, and she woke up. It felt like a worm crawling around her body. She twisted her body, trying to get rid of the worm-like thing. She felt uncomfortable in her body for some reason. When she realized that the worm was a human hand, she opened her eyes. She saw a familiar face.

It was Kevin.


Olivia screamed. Still, she reassured herself it had to be a nightmare. But with Kevin’s wretched hand covering her mouth, she knew this was a reality.

Kevin is back.

He had returned from all his work.

Kevin was looking down at her with a smirk. She quickly turned around and got off her bed. Fortunately, the door was open. As she tried to step out towards the door, she realized that her arms were bent back and her body was immobile.

She grasped what had happened to her body. Her hands were tied behind her back. A knotted string was clasped in his hand. She tried to escape the grip, but he pulled her onto the bed by simply tugging the rope. She shouted while being dragged like a dog on a leash.

“No, I don’t want to!”

But Kevin pulled the string tight and hugged Olivia roughly. She struggled with the insidious hand rubbing her chest. Unable to resist Olivia’s rebellion, Kevin forced her into the bed. He sighed and pressed his heavy body against Olivia.

“Why are you so whiny? It’s been a long time since we’ve done this!”

He grinned.

“I couldn’t even say goodbye and I kept thinking of you and almost died. I hugged a few girls over there, but they’re not as good as your lower mouth. Do you know how much I missed you?”

“No, no!”

As she screamed and twisted her body, Kevin said as if he remembered.

“Ah, I know now. You’re angry. Because I said that to Leon.”

“…… .”

“I told him that you couldn’t live without a man, right? That’s not wrong. You can’t go anywhere and live alone, so you’re just a parasite in our house.”

“Uh, ugh!”

“So you don’t accept me? Marry me and open up that gloomy life!”

“…… Why, why? Why did you say that! Why!”

Kevin grinned as Olivia glared at him angrily.

“It’s about understanding your place. I used to be annoyed before, because you kept looking at Leon and didn’t know your place. He’s not that great, though.”


“Still, I thought you had understood your place, but when he came back alive, you only saw him, right? I thought you needed education again.”

Olivia hated Kevin. She really wanted to kill him.

“Looking at your expression, you must have heard nothing very good about him. How fun!”

Kevin rolled up her slip and rubbed her exposed breasts. She struggled to push with her leg but was soon overpowered.

“So, what did Leon say? Did he call you a prostitute? Or did he just look at you with contempt because he didn’t want to talk to you?”


“Did he tell you to leave the mansion? Ah, seeing your refusal like this, it seems he gave you a chance and told you not to do this again. Right?”

It wasn’t wrong. Leon told her not to sleep with Kevin again. But that wasn’t the only reason she rebelled against Kevin.

She didn’t want this. She didn’t like it. It was not Leon.

“No! Don’t do it, Brother, I don’t want to!”

As Olivia screamed at him again, Kevin forcefully shut her mouth. Then her breath was caught in her throat and she suffocated.

“Oh really! I can’t do it like this.”


“Even if Leon knew we were in bed together anyway, he couldn’t say anything to us. Even if he kicks you out, will I not look after you? Do you think I’ll leave you alone?”


“Marriage, yes, I’m thinking of marrying you too! If you’re a little obedient. What do you think?”


As soon as Kevin removed his hand, Olivia shouted and moved her body. However, Kevin was also a soldier, and to him, her struggle was simply cute whining. He laughed at her for a while, then said with a mean look.

“Yes, your head must have grown bigger too. I will admit it.”


“But you should know that no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape.”

“Please don’t!”

Olivia struggled, but without her hands she could not resist. She looked at the door with a desperate face. Since the door was open, she had such a small hope that someone might come.

Leon, maybe Leon would come back today to save her. No, it didn’t even have to be Leon. Anyone please!

“Please, no, don’t do this. Please!”

Then, Olivia saw a light through the crack in the open door. Someone was standing there holding a lamp. Seeing that the person was wearing a long skirt, it must have been a woman. As Olivia slowly lifted her gaze, she saw the face of the one holding the lamp.

It was Henrietta.

Henrietta! She is from a different family than here. Maybe she can help Olivia. Olivia’s hands were tied behind her back, and Kevin sat on top of her. To anyone who saw this, it looked like rape, not just arguing.

If it’s a woman, it’s definitely the same woman…….

As Olivia looked at Henrietta with earnest gaze, Henrietta’s beautiful eyes curled up. Olivia opened her eyes wide.

She smiled.

She was smiling now as she saw what Olivia was going through. It was as if Henrietta’s neat, fine white teeth were exposed. It was a smile of clear contempt and ridicule.

Henrietta glanced at Olivia and then closed the door. So that Olivia’s struggles and screams don’t leak out. Olivia’s eyes widened at the humiliation. She was shunned.

“Why? Who must have been standing there?”

“…… ”

Kevin asked mockingly. Tears flowed from Olivia’s eyes, where even her last hope had disappeared. Seeing this, Kevin laughed.

“You still have nowhere to go because you’re an idiot. There is no one in this mansion to save you. If there was anyone, they would have saved you right away.”

Yes it was. If anyone could help, they would have saved Olivia right away. For five years they would not have left her powerless while this beast tormented her.

Everyone in the mansion, instead of helping, blamed Olivia, and she rotted. Olivia felt her own plight all over again.

“You really thought you were something because Leon was nice to you ,right, my dear idiot? He’s always kind to others.”


“You don’t want to do it? Don’t worry, if you do well, I’ll finish it quickly, okay?”


“Of course, if you don’t cooperate, when Leon comes, he can see you naked.”

Olivia’s first attempt at rebellion ended in vain. Why did Kevin return? Everything was bleak.

Olivia nodded her head helplessly as Kevin wiped her cheek.

“Good Olivia! Didn’t I say I will never leave you!”


Kevin lifted his heavy body that had been holding her down, then sat on the bed and lowered his pants. Olivia watched with unfocused eyes.

“Suck it.”

Kevin ordered. Let’s be patient, wait a little bit, it’s what he always does anyway, what’s the difference?

Olivia slid to the floor and knelt down on her knees. She then reached out and gently stroked his genitals, lowering her head she began to lick it.

A low male moan broke out. She licked his pole once with her tongue, this time she licked his scrotum carefully and then she wrapped her mouth around his tip again.

She was skilled in fellatio. Olivia clenched her red lips with a slight force and tightened them, then shook her head back and forth, and later licked the pillar with her tongue. She licked the tip of the glans with the tip of her tongue. Kevin’s thing was easily standing without her hand.

She was sorry for Leon, but she decided to negotiate this relationship. It was the only thing she could do for a less painful relationship. Rather than desperately struggling and coercing a monster, consent was the way to keep her mind.


Kevin grabbed Olivia’s hair and shoved his penis into Olivia’s throat. Olivia almost got nauseated, but she struggled with it. Kevin moved his back, not paying attention to her breathing. She persevered in order to get him to climax as quickly as possible.


Kevin let out a low sigh as his body shook and pulled his genitals out. At the same time, white semen splashed across Olivia’s face. There was a thick scent of chestnut flowers on the tip of her nose. Kevin giggled and laughed as Olivia looked nauseated.

Kevin opened his eyes and was enjoying the afterglow of ejaculation. It would be nice if it ended like this, but he looked at Olivia and said,

“Come on, I’ll take your clothes off.”

WIth arms tied behind her she couldn’t remove her clothes, so Kevin picked up his dagger and sliced her top open, exposing her bare chest. The tip of the dagger swept across her flesh as if scraping it down. The feeling of that cool iron was terrifying. Olivia, fearful of injury, shut her eyes tightly, and Kevin comforted her by caressing her breasts while cutting off the thin slip.

“Brother, my hands…….”

“It’s exciting to see you tied up like that after a long time. Just do it like this.”

“…… please! It hurts because of the pressure on my hand!”

“It’s the punishment for screaming nonsense earlier.”

Saying so, Kevin pulled the long cord to stand Olivia up and shoved her onto the bed. She fell face down on the pillow.

After fiddling with her bottom for a while, Kevin raised his fingers and teased her unprepared entrance.

“Relax. It’s just the beginning.”

Kevin said as he rubbed his revived pillar against the tender flesh on the inside of her thighs. He swiped his manhood back and forth in the gap between her thighs, then shoved it in as soon as he was fully erect. She screamed, suppressing the pain that seemed to split her body in two.


“Olivia, ah! Olivia!”

Olivia was disgusted hearing her name as Kevin repeated it. She hated her name, Olivia. She really hated it. The creaking sound of the bed, the creaking of his genitals, the sound of flesh against flesh was terrifying. Kevin grabbed her by the waist and moved her like crazy. Her head banged against the headboard of the bed roughly. Her tears flowed nonstop.


The sun was already high in the sky. Olivia woke up and got out of bed, her face emotionless. She looked down at her body. It was mottled with Kevin’s engravings, and her breasts were also bitten over and over, the tips bulging red. Miserable, Olivia mocked herself.

Oh right. She was originally like this.

Olivia’s morning was like this. As she thought about it, she seemed to feel better about being miserable.

Let the maids prepare the bath. Clean every corner of her body. After scrubbing everything Kevin had touched, she put on a new muslin dress. She fell asleep as she was still hazy. She changed the sheets and lay on the bed when she heard a noise from outside.

It seemed that even Leon had returned.

It was exactly the same day he returned from the battlefield. Olivia grinned and listened blankly to the sound before she fell asleep.

A cool breeze blew in through the open window, and Olivia woke up. She looked out the window at the sunset. She sighed and leaned back on the bed, dazed. That’s right, it was noisy outside. She wondered if she was dreaming.

Shall she go to check if Leon is back?

As she thought so, Olivia looked down at her abused body. She smelled of soap, but somehow she still felt filthy. She must have felt this way a month ago when he returned from the battlefield. She shouldn’t look for him with a body like this, and she thought so and avoided meeting him.

She was hungry. She had been recuperating since dawn and she hadn’t eaten anything since morning, so it was only natural. Hesitating to leave her room for something to eat, Olivia just called the maid. Because she was tired of staring at food now.

As the maid grunted a little at her while bringing the food, Olivia said as she glared at the maid.

“If you’re that dissatisfied, wouldn’t it be better to just quit your job?”

“Miss, what do you mean?”

“It’s not that I don’t really know what you’re talking about. If you want to complain, do it in my absence.”

Olivia hated the people in this mansion. She hated that maid too. She didn’t like them, but it was even more especially when she thought about what had happened to her. Her face turning red, the maid averted her eyes as Olivia scowled at her.

Having eaten the food the maid brought, Olivia washed out her mouth with a sweet fruit tea. It was already nighttime. Her night and day had switched, so she thought she would need sleeping pills to sleep now. As she rummaged through the drawers of vials, she heard a knock.

Olivia stopped moving as she was startled.

Maybe it’s Kevin? Her heart started pounding and beating. She did lock the door, but she remembered that Kevin had the key. Olivia opened the door with resignation. She didn’t want it to be as painful as yesterday because she annoyed him for nothing. It was so painful to submit to those attacks with her arms tied behind her back.

As she quietly opened the door, she recognized the figure before her and her eyes widened.

It was Leon.

“Your Excellency?”

After all, the ruckus outside had not been a dream. For some reason Olivia was relieved when she realized that he was back. She even had a smile on her face.

“Can I come in?”

That voice gave her chills. Why? Leon’s expression reflected in the red lamp was the same as usual. Olivia nodded her head, thinking that her emotions were tilting sideways. It was because she was so happy that Leon had returned early.

“Sit over here. Wait a minute, I’ll ask them to bring tea.”

She had long wanted to talk to him, so Olivia went to pick up a maid.

“Your Excellency?”

Olivia suddenly felt a hand hugging her waist from behind. Leon hugged her. A whisper was heard in her ear as she was bewildered.

“You are awake.”


“Looks like you were waiting for someone.”


Olivia tried to turn behind her, but she couldn’t because of his arm.

“You ignored the warning.”

The sound of his voice sent goosebumps down her spine. Leon looked down at her with a firm expression as Olivia turned her back, releasing Leon’s arms, which eventually rested on her waist. He didn’t frown, nor did he furrow his eyebrows. He just had a sullen smile, but that was terrifying.

“How do you…….”

In fact, she knew how. All the employees of this mansion were his eyes and ears. He could not have not known this if he wanted to.

“Princess Grande made a confession.”


“You left the door open and she saw you enjoying yourselves. The sound could be heard all the way through her room.”

“…… .”

Olivia opened her mouth. Henrietta is the one who witnessed yesterday. Then she told Leon about it now. Olivia bit her lip.

“Your Excellency, what happened was…….”

“How many times have I told you?”

A voice that pretended to be kind. Anger filled him. Even if Olivia explained, she had already realized that it was of no use. For Leon, what mattered was not her circumstances, but whether she had slept with Kevin or not. Seeing Leon enraged, Olivia, terrified, took a step back, but Leon also took a step closer.

“Was it so hard to endure that day?”

“I…… ”

No, she wanted to say that she had resisted and that it was attention she didn’t want, but no voice came out.

‘Because I trust you.’

Leon trusted his brother Kevin more than Olivia. Because Leon never once said he believed her. Will he really believe what she says? In this situation right now, it would seem absurd to explain the situation.

It was obvious that even the employees would not be on Olivia’s side. So Henrietta and the perpetrator, Kevin, will frame her.

Olivia had no means to prove what had happened to her.

Realizing that, Olivia gave up on defending herself.

“I’m sorry.”

And the words she uttered were always the same she said to Leon.

Leon’s face suddenly contorted. It seemed to cut off his sanity.


Leon chuckled. The expression on his face as if something had collapsed, and the strong emotions swirling in it, gave her shivers.

“Yes, all you said to me was sorry. I must have been mistaken. There might be something between us…….”

“Your Excellency.”

As Leon walked up to Olivia, she stepped back again. It must have seriously hurt Leon’s heart. Because now even the cold smile was gone.

The slow tag ended when Olivia was driven to the wall. Leon stood in front of Olivia and brought his face close to kiss her. His breath was so hot that it felt like he was kissing her, even though they were not.

“You don’t have to be sorry. Miss Claudel. It is me who should be sorry.”


“It was simple. It’s just that I haven’t been able to satisfy you.”

At the same time, Leon’s lips swallowed hers, Olivia accepted the kiss, stiffly. It was a painful kiss. As if corporal punishment for her, Leon bit Olivia’s lips open and devoured her tongue with his own. Her breathing was so painful that Olivia gasped for breath as his lips fell. She could taste blood in her mouth.

“Did you really like him that much?”

Olivia shook her head desperately. Then, when Leon heard the unexpected answer, his eyes widened, and he smiled brightly.

“Then the story would be easier. Then he had a good body, doesn’t it mean that I just need to put in some effort?”

Leon reached out and touched her neck. And he kissed her as he saw the traces of Kevin’s lips that had been hidden between her long, tangled hair.


Leon’s teeth bit it. Then her body stiffened and gained strength.

“You broke your promise first.”


“Now there will be no end between us.”


“Because I will satisfy you every day.”

“Your Excellency.”

“I have no intention of forgiving you.”

Leon’s face looked pained as if he had been betrayed. Olivia couldn’t stop him. He began to lick her lips to her neck. The skin that had been bitten continued to sting. Henrietta’s existence in this house and Kevin’s existence had already been forgotten.

Olivia did not resist. It was because Leon lost his temper in anger and even what he did was kind compared to Kevin’s brutal behavior.

Besides, Olivia didn’t hate what she did with this person. No, she wanted to be with this person. With this man’s hands, she wanted to forget the memories of yesterday, the body that had been tainted by Kevin’s obscene touch.

Her mind, trembling with fear, calmed down. This person who tried to hold her because she slept with Kevin. That’s because he believed she wouldn’t sleep with Kevin. He was a man who truly cared for his brother. It was miserable, but now she desperately needed Leon’s absolution.

Leon’s hand lifted the hem of her skirt and brushed her thigh. His other hand roughly indulged her puffy breasts. Excited by his touch, her breathing became sweet.


Olivia felt her insides get wet. Meanwhile, Leon said as he touched the wet briefs as if she had been waiting anxiously for his touch.

“You are already wet. I think you liked my hand.”

“…Ha, Your Excellency.”

He continued to rub his fingers over her thin underwear. Even the hand felt on the wet piece of cloth was irritating, so she got wet. Then, his hand mercilessly removed her underwear. And he, too, quickly undressed. Before going back to standing against her wall and lifting one of her legs.

At that moment, she felt his huge manhood patting the entrance of her opening.

“Your, Your Excellency!”

“You don’t have to think about contraception.”

He whispered to her what she was thinking, quietly and sweetly.


An immense manhood penetrated into her. Gravity made her walls overwhelmed by him, yet she swallowed him all the way to the root.


Olivia gasped for breath, and she put her hand on his back. Strength came in, and her hard, white hands scratched his back.

“Did Kevin hold you like this?”


A cold sweat broke out from Olivia’s forehead.

She wanted to lift her body and change the position in a slightly less irritating direction, though there was nowhere for the harpooned fish to escape. It’s all just fluttering.

Olivia let out an exhilarating breath and looked at Leon’s face. His eyes were full of emotions she couldn’t even imagine.

At the same time, Leon grabbed her butt and clamped her lower body, then continued to slap her back.

Slap, slap!

The somewhat dull sound turned into a watery sound, and the sound of her gasping breath also began to mix with nasal sounds.

Olivia leaned against the cold wall as she embraced his hot member. For her, this relationship was as painful as Kevin’s inconsiderate relationship. However, it was good that Leon lusted after her filthy body. She was happy… And, it was so amazing.

With that thought, she wrapped her arms around Leon’s neck and buried her head in his arms. A soft moan escaped from her mouth.

When Olivia raised her head, she realized that the door was open again, not far from them. The fact that there is the light of a familiar lamp. She quickly recognized who it was.

Henrietta was standing just like yesterday.

This time, instead of sneering, Henrietta had a pale face. That was understandable. Her own fiancé was mixing bodies with a woman whom she had ignored so much.

Seeing her, Olivia suddenly rose in anger. She gazed at the man who was busy embracing herself and then the woman standing at her door. It seemed as though she was to go crazy to get revenge on the woman who ridiculed her and turned away even though she knew she was being assaulted.

Olivia smiled brightly. Mimicking the very smile Henrietta showed her just yesterday.

This man is mine.

You can’t have this man.

Olivia stared down at Henrietta with a confident expression on her face.

At that, Henrietta’s face was stained with contempt.

Olivia raised her head and met his eyes. And she opened her red lips while looking at Leon, who was busy holding her in a desire for herself.


The name she always wanted to call but couldn’t. For the first time in her life, she dared to put that name in her mouth. The name Henrietta couldn’t even call, in a sweet voice, as if calling for a lover.

Leon’s movements stopped at that. He looked at her with a puzzled expression. There was no sign of anger on his face. To put it bluntly, it looked like he was asking why.

He frowned and looked into her eyes. He seemed to be pleased with her, and he also seemed to resent her.


She gazed at him with affectionate eyes, called his name again, and kissed him.

Leon seemed hesitant, and then he responded to her kiss. Their tongues mingled, and saliva flowed down her lips. At the same time, Olivia tightened her grip, giving strength to the inside that wrapped around him.

“You woman… really.”

It was then that she knew that Leon had lost his mind once more. His eyes turned like beasts, and he began to move his back violently.


Hearing Olivia’s moan, he accelerated as if it was a signal.

The sound of slurping, flesh clinging, echoed through the room. She couldn’t stand it and shouted. She forgot that Henrietta was watching this promiscuous s*x through the crack in the door.

“Leon, Leon—!”

She called his name and grabbed his neck tighter. As he penetrated deep within her, he sped up as if craving deeper.

“Aaah! Aaa—Aah…! A little slower!”

However, he didn’t seem willing to take it slow. His mind seemed to have no purpose other than to drive his member deep into her walls. Her fountain was overflowing and ran down between her legs.

“Olivia, Olivia!”

Olivia, too, was blown away by the sound of her own name being called. She thought she hated hearing that name, and when she called him, she strangely didn’t hate it. He was calling her out of pleasure.

As she hugged him by the neck, his pace accelerated.


As he climaxed, Leon let out a low groan and thrust his genitals deep into her body. She, too, couldn’t contain the excitement and trembled.

He pulled out, and her floating legs dropped to the floor, but Olivia lost her focus and hugged him. His body was hot, and she was sweating in the position she had done for the first time as well.

She saw the open door beyond. Henrietta’s lamp had long since disappeared.

“Why, did you care about the person who was looking at you earlier?”

Then, a cold voice was heard above her head.

Immediately, Olivia turned her head, and Leon had a twisted smile. He knew. Well, he couldn’t not have known.

“Your Excellency. That person…”

“Now, you are calling me that again. Did you call my name to show that person?”

Saying so, Leon pulled her chin up and he met her gaze. His blazing eyes were visible. Seeing her bewildered expression, he then smiled coldly and continued his words.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now.”

He grabbed her waist and laid her straight on the bed before taking off her slip. Olivia’s body hardened at his rough touch.

Leon finally saw her naked body reflected in the moonlight.

Her neck hidden in her hair, the traces of Kevin filled tightly beneath her exposed breasts, the things she thought were dirty. The blue moonlight engulfed his eyes, scanning it all.

The more he engraved the traces of Kevin in his eyes, the more intense his anger was engraved in his cold gaze.



Olivia thought Leon would tell her that she was dirty. However, his feelings were different.

“I was ignorant.”


“I did not know that Miss Claudel was a person who was satisfied with this level.”


Leon stroked her bitten chest with his thumb.

As she frowned at the bitter touch, he whispered expressionlessly.

“In the future, I will not make such a mistake again.”

Olivia realized why the man’s face was creepy. For the first time, this man was revealing his unique intimidating force.

As Marchioness Philistines had said, he was like the beast of a book she had read. She was a prey eaten by wild beasts. A weak animal that is crushed by its claws and eventually eaten. Fearing to face some of the deep emotion within his polite tone, she closed her eyes.

Then, as if it was a signal, he bit her slender neck again. Other than where Kevin had left his mark, he slowly carves. Everything he touched was hot as if on fire.

Even funnier, while Olivia felt the relationship was intimidating, she was quite content. The climax she once reached easily heated her body again. His tongue pointed and licked her buds.

As he licked her upright buds over and over again, her insides were moistened with just that.


A sweet moan began to mix with her breath.

After a long and slow stroke of her chest, he lowered his hand and touched her ribs, and placed his hand on her stomach. It tickled her, and as she flinched, Leon’s hand went down further and, this time, stroked her protruding pelvic bone with his thumb and kissed her.

“Your, Your Excellency!”


Olivia’s secret part was wet, and the love fluid mixed with semen from the previous affair was flowing out. However, Leon didn’t seem to mind and gazed at the lust he had erupted, and the evidence that she was excited about him.

His thumbs were red and bloodshot, fiddling with the thick cl*toris.


She let out a voice, even though the tongue didn’t touch it. Olivia opened her eyes slightly, and he was quietly watching her face panting from excitement. His fingers crept through the damp inner wall.

The wet inside swallowed his fingers again. As his fingers moved back and forth slowly, the white semen inside of her gushed out.

“Your Excellency, please. It’s dirty…”

Despite her words, Leon’s hand poked where she felt sensitive.

While she inhaled and rubbed her body, he asked, pulling his fingers out.

“What do you mean dirty, you or me?”


“You mean my semen is dirty?”

“No, no. It’s me!”

At his words, Olivia desperately shook her head. She stopped her screaming with her hand, and his tongue touched it. Leon gave strength and licked her lower bud.

It seemed like it was going to be too much of a stimulus as she gasped for breath and grabbed the bedsheets again and again.

Leaving the most lewd parts of her body to him, Olivia became a prey to be teased by him. Leon put his finger back in and pulled it out, and licked the liquid she spilled on his finger like honey.

As if acting for her to see, she couldn’t even lift her face.

“It’s not dirty.”

Always appearing rational, sometimes clumsy, he seemed to be out of his mind somewhere. Leon whispered to Olivia, who couldn’t even open her eyes.

“Open your eyes and look carefully. It’s the liquid you spilled on me in heat.”

“Your Excellency, please stop talking…”

“I am just telling the truth.”

Even when he was having an affair, his tone was so plain.

She gazed up at him with tearful eyes. The two olive-colored eyes stimulated the sadistic feeling. Leon saw it, lifted her waist, and poked his horny p*ssy again without mercy.

The terrifying pillar invaded the cave again.

As he put her knees up, Olivia’s stomach folded and his glans dug deep.

“Uhh…! Ahhk! Uhk—!”

As she accepted it with a frown on her face, he wiped her frown and she opened her eyes.

The sight of his ferocious pillar digging into her own red v*gina was quite stark, so she tried to turn her head.

“Look carefully.”

“Ahhk! Ha…! Ha!”

“Now, there will be nothing for you to come and go here except mine.”

Before she could understand the meaning of those words, Leon leaned his torso forward and moved his waist violently.

Thrust, thrust. His stone-hard thighs and her butt kept crashing. His big member filled her insides, and Olivia let out another sharp, short scream.


She didn’t feel Leon touching her neck again. It was because she was ashamed of this obscene scream that came out of her reflex, and was a little terrified of his rough s*x.

The more his things went back and forth, the honey dripped from inside her, and the sticky stuff ran down her buttocks. Then, the dull sound of flesh hitting flesh became the sound of something wet hitting.

When Olivia raised her hand to try to stop it, his hand firmly stopped it.

“Please…ah, please, please, please! Your Excellency. Please!”

She looked at him in a weeping voice, not knowing what she was saying anymore.

“Leon. Call me Leon.”

“Haaaanng—! Hahng!”

“Come on, Leon!”

“Leon. please, Leon… Leon, please!”

Hearing what he wanted, Leon stroked her hair as if he did well, and lowered her waist again. Her uncomfortable posture eased as she lay straight on the bed, though Olivia didn’t even have time to think about it.


It was because he clasped her waist and pushed his back quickly.

“Ah, aahh, Leon, please—! Please!”

A light appeared in her head and began to flicker.

Olivia let out a helpless voice, devoured by the pleasure he gave her. Her toes curled up, and she unwittingly tightened her stomach.

Her walls clenched desperately as if she would not let go of his manhood as her voluptuous breasts swayed lewdly.



At the climax, she unknowingly lifted her back. At the same time, he broke down and hugged her tightly.

Olivia was held in his arms, and her body trembled in the afterglow of the pleasure. As she shut her eyes, tears flowed down her eyes. She rested her forehead on his shoulder, holding her breath.

After a while, he lifted himself up and pulled his p*nis out. Leon was staring at her with a strange gaze.

Raising her body, Olivia opened her mouth.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to wash.”

“Wash… ?”

He asked back, “Then, are you satisfied?”


Leon grinned at her answer. When she was puzzled by the ridicule, he continued his words.

“Last time, you put on that expression. I figured that meant you were satisfied. But, yesterday, you couldn’t resist the lust of the day, so you slept with me.”


“You obviously don’t know much about your satisfaction.”

“Your Excellency….”

Leon stood up. His huge naked body, like a mountain, approached her. As Olivia curled up, he licked her lips open and kissed her.

When he was about to get out of her bed, Leon pulled her into the middle of her bed and sat her on his own thigh.

“I do not believe in your satisfaction.”

“Your Excellency… I am now.”

“Now, we’ll mix flesh every day. Every time the moon tilts west, I will come to your room like this.”


Finishing his words, Leon took her breath over and over again. The kiss continued until Olivia’s lips swelled.

He ruffled her sweat-drenched hair forward and kissed her prominent neck bone. Her body shuddered again as his lips moved down and kissed her bare shoulders, the protruding collarbone of her body.

Because he wasn’t tired, he kept carving his marks all over her body.


He bit her flesh again and sucked it.

As his tickling tongue stimulated her smooth skin, Olivia let out a bizarre breath. Feeling his manhood beneath her swell up, she twisted her body at the burdensome touch, and Leon grabbed her hand and made her touch his genitals.

Not long after fiddling, his member grew out of control.


“I can satisfy you again.”


Kevin was also a soldier, so his stamina made it hard for her. However, he mostly took a break, teased her, and then reinserted himself with excitement.

On the other hand, this person had an erection again in a very short time even after having an ardent affair…

“Your Excellency…”

“Didn’t I say it’s just the beginning?”


His wide hand twisted Olivia’s bright crimson nipple. It wasn’t bad for her as he lusted over her, to be held by him. Because if he held her all night long, the memories of last night might disappear.

“We will see how long it will take you to be satisfied and not dare to sleep with him.”

Leon grabbed her by the waist and lifted her body up, then pressed the wet v*gina to his strong genitals and pressed her against his body.


At the tight pressure, Olivia let out a low breath. She was stabbed by his pillar, panting her breath.


When Leon’s glans pierced her sensitive area, Olivia couldn’t overcome the pressure and collapsed in front of the bed. He then lifted her body by lifting her knees with him still inserted.

It was the position where Kevin teased was like a beast.

Yesterday, Kevin…

She had never been in this position with Leon. When Olivia realized it, he grabbed her waist and secured it before pulling her back behind and inserted deep into her.


At that moment, Olivia flinched her back and he picked her up. He grunted and stimulated the fountains of the caves that were dripping with love liquid.

She gasped for breath in that position, which was difficult to accept his p*nis. His rough hands gripped her breasts and massaged them, while the other hand constantly stimulated her cl*toris.


Olivia moaned again and twisted her back.

“Uhng—! Uuhhh!”

She didn’t even know that her screams sounded like the screams of a female cat in heat. And, the fact that Leon was even more excited by that obscene and primitive scream.


The narrow waist and round buttocks that were bent back in excitement to accept his, were stimulating enough for the man.

Especially when that white back was full of traces left by himself.

Every time Leon moved his waist, a sharp scream resounded. Suddenly, their bodies were covered in sweat. Olivia put strength in her hands and supported her upper body until she was finally overcome by the pleasure he gave her, so she leaned forward and only leaned her hips up.

Leon’s thick and large member was a perfect fit for her. So, her head was always blurred with pleasure.

The problem was that her insides were the same to him.

The v*gina, who took the p*nis she liked, clung to him and did not think of letting him go. She greedily squeezed it tight, dripping with love liquid, as if moving it on its own. It was as if Olivia was trying to squeeze out his semen.

The pain of the first insertion had long since disappeared, and only the sound of the gasping breaths of men and women lost in their pleasures.

The room was already full of heat, and there was the smell of the lewd s*x of people sharing an affair. Even though his whole body was drenched in sweat, Leon continued to move his waist. She felt she was finding the pinnacle of pleasure.


Soon after, Olivia shuddered at the pleasure. He also climaxed at the same time and pulled his manhood out of her.

Watching his own semen flow from her petals, Leon rolled her body over and kissed her on the shoulder.

“Your Excellency…”

He softly kissed Olivia’s cheek as she spoke helplessly. Even though she was almost exhausted, he didn’t look tired at all.

“You don’t have to think about resting.”


“I won’t let you go today.”


“To the extent that you are ‘satisfied‘.”

Again, Leon kissed her. How many kisses was this? She couldn’t even remember.

As Olivia looked at him with her hazy gaze, Leon stimulated her by kissing her on her shoulder, on her chest, just above her belly button. Then, the sensations in her body, which she had never felt before, returned. It was like burning tickles all the time.

Olivia seemed to go crazy with this stimulus.

“I am for you…”


Olivia wanted to say she was tired today, though she lay still, fearing that if she rejected him now, he might never come again. As Leon lay down next to her and lifted one of her legs, again, the pillar dug into the interior.

At that, Olivia let out a hoarse moan.

Tears began to flow in her eyes. The male and female bodies overlapped once again.

While Leon looked like a male with heat in his body, what was even more funny was that she, who accepted him like that, was also like a beast as well.

Olivia was placed in his arms, as she groaned sweetly, panting at the manhood that was digging into her over and over again.

“Olivia. Olivia…!”

In her hazy memories, she closed her eyes as she heard Leon call her name in a pleasure-soaked voice.

When Olivia opened her eyes, what she felt was the sensation that her body was about to break. She was nowhere without pain.

Raising her body, she stared blankly at the red marks on her arms, then recalled what had happened yesterday, or to be exact, just before she went to sleep.

She couldn’t even remember when she fell asleep. She only remembered that she cried in Leon’s arms…

When she tried to wash her body, it was wiped clean and even smelled fragrant. In the meantime, she never had gone to wash, and if she had the energy to do so, she thought that Leon wouldn’t leave her alone.

If that’s the case, then it’s probably right that he did the cleaning.

Olivia glanced down at her speckled body. The body of a lustful woman held by a man all night, nothing more, nothing less.

She remembered last night.

Leon, who was angry, was angry with Henrietta. She had s*x with Kevin two days ago, and then had s*x with Leon yesterday…

Yesterday she wailed like a beast, roaring with pleasure.

Olivia covered her mouth unknowingly. It was because she suddenly came up with nausea. Within two days, she was held by two men and cried as if in heat.

Her hatred of herself was creeping in again.

“How come…. How it happened.”

She muttered helplessly.

After the intense s*x, Olivia eventually regained her composure, and she saw the reality of her situation. She wanted to forget her night with Kevin, so she slept with Leon. She even made fun of Henrietta…

That being said, nothing has changed.

The wound she suffered from Kevin didn’t go away when she slept with Leon. Rather, other wounds were just overlaid on it.

What does that mean? Her relationship with Kevin hurt her, and her relationship with Leon hurt her again.

Leon, who was angry with her, tried to hold her, though she did not refuse. How did he see herself like that?

Again that night… What was he thinking when he saw the woman who dared to call out his name to let the visitor hear?

Of course, Leon held her all night. But, the intensity was nothing more than lust for her body, not for his feelings for her. If she were to name that feeling, anger would be appropriate. This way, an emotionless relationship will last, as he said.

“Ah, uh…”

Olivia asked herself. Really, did she want a relationship like this? Did she really want her to sleep with him in this form…?

Never once had she ever wanted a relationship like this.

As she acknowledged it, tears flowed from her eyes. She thought she wanted to hold him. So she got greedy.

However, the truth was, she never wanted to be held like this. She had seen in books that this act was done by loved ones. Though that was not in her life… It didn’t exist.

Her relationship with Leon was even more unbearable.

In her dreams, there was love in her relationship with Leon.

Although it was her fault for being greedy, she had high expectations and was so disappointed. It was she who caused this relationship to become so obscene.

Of course, she also had her circumstances. When Leon accused her of having slept with Kevin, there was no guarantee that he would believe her truth. He had already heard and confirmed everyone’s evaluation, but they weren’t on her side.

Eventually, Olivia began to sob. She forced herself to hold her breath, lest people could hear her cry, but she continued to let out sobs.

Tears dripped down her chin and wet the sheets.

’I’d rather be dead, I’d rather disappear from here.’

Eventually, as she cried out loud, the door swung open.

Olivia lifted her head and gazed at the visitor’s face.

It was Leon.

Contrary to her messy appearance from last night’s affair, he was dressed in neat clothes. Meanwhile, his very attractive appearance caught her eye. Leon was staring at her crying face.

She dared to dream of this perfect person… She dreamed so much that she lost her mind and ruined everything.

With that thought, Olivia looked up at him with wet eyes. Despair, along with a sense of shame and resentment against him, she lifted her head.

She thought Leon would be angry about why she was crying. Why was she crying? Why was she so pitiful? ‘It’s ugly,’ Kevin used to say that, though it felt like it was coming out of Leon’s mouth as well.

However, he was looking at her with a blank expression on his face, as if he had just received a shock.

“Miss Claudel.”

For the first time, she never avoided his gaze. He seemed to have a hard time making eye contact with her.


Leon took a step closer to say something.

Then, she felt the urge to hold his hand… Foolishly still. Realizing that, Olivia stepped back, covering her body with the bedsheets. Leon paused his steps and gave her a look of bewilderment.

He seemed to harden again, then withdrew his hand, turned his back, and walked out of the room.

She realized that tears were flowing from her eyes. Olivia sighed again as she was left alone in the room. She hugged her knees and buried her head.

Even though she tried to hold on to it, the deep sorrow didn’t go away.

“I… I hate it so much.”

The fact that she didn’t understand her place and liked Leon… That she had to sleep with Kevin despite not wanting to do it. That she couldn’t get out of this place, and that she slept with Leon even though she knew it was a wrong relationship…

She didn’t want this.

She didn’t want anything like this.