Chapter 5 – Part 4

However, she couldn’t concentrate on the kiss. It was because of his manhood that savagely stabbed her delicate flesh underneath.

Leon’s pillar cut through her wall and repeatedly pulled out. The sound of the creaking bed and flesh hitting flesh grew louder and louder. Her breath, which was leaking out, suddenly began to contain moans.


The moan that was about to burst was blocked by his lips. Instead, Olivia scratched his back, crying at the pleasure.

As his thing pricked her inner wall, it was as if stars flew in her head. Although she tried to control the lewd moans from her mouth, the pleasure it gave her was so great.

“Ang, aaahhh!”

Olivia eventually twisted her back. She let go of her hand that was wrapped around his back and gripped the sheet that she caught.



When she uttered pleasurable cries, Leon let out a low moan, too. His chin lifted slightly, and his body shivered. She felt hot liquid sprayed on her thighs. She convulsed at the remnants of the pleasure, panting her breath.

Looking at Leon through her hazy gaze, he, too, had his face frowned and picked up his breath. When his and her eyes met, he pulled his body apart.

Embarrassed for nothing, Olivia tidied her curled up skirt and lowered her legs.

Perhaps it was because he had pushed her so hard that one of her raised legs numbed as she lay down and tapped her thigh.

Leon, who saw it, sat across the bed and gently rubbed her thighs with two hands.

“Your, Your Excellency.”

When Olivia tried to get up, he laid her back down and said, “Wait. I don’t think it’s good to do it in one position in the future. I overlooked it.”

In the future, after all, does this person think that this relationship will last for a long time?

It was important to him, though it wasn’t a big deal for him, so he was preoccupied with rubbing her legs.

After a while, he asked.

“Are you okay now?”


But, he was still rubbing her leg. Unlike when they just had a relationship, his hand was soft. Leon’s hand that was giving her a massage suddenly touched her foot.

“It’s small…”

“What do you mean small?”

“Everything is small.”

Actually, she was rather tiny, but Leon was also a little too big. As she was about to say that, his hands clasped her tight calves.


When Olivia twisted her body, he released her hand.

“Does it hurt?”

“My legs are clumped together…”

His words, questioning if she was hurt, reminded her of what he had done before.

“Even if it hurts a little, you need to release it.”

Slowly, he kept rubbing her calves. The groan that came out of her mouth was obviously from pain, but somehow there was a corner similar to the scream she had thrown into his arms and screamed like crazy. Then, Leon popped his hand under her skirt.

“Your Excellency…?”

“Stay still.”

When his hand touched her bare skin, she was startled. Nevertheless, he faithfully rubbed her bare legs. Still, somehow it seemed that his hand was getting weaker and more and more ticklish.

His hand, which was caressing her soft flesh, continued to rise upward and the striped skirt was rolled up.

Leon started rubbing her thighs, the most sensitive part, again. At the touch of his tickling, she unknowingly resisted an almost real moan. With his hands lifted her knees, the skirt that had gone up over her thighs turned completely over, revealing her shy place.

Uncleaned seeds remained between her thighs and were dripping down.

He squeezed open her closed legs and immediately rubbed the thick sensitive bud with his fingers.


Olivia’s face rose again with heat as the rough fingers swept over the area she had already become sensitive to from the love affair she had just had.

“Your face is red, too. Were you excited?”

“…Your, Your Excellency.”

“Or are you still drunk?”

It was an absurdly nonchalant remark.

Olivia tried to release Leon’s hand, but he didn’t move his hand.

“I was just trying to clean up your place, but I think you need more.”

He got up and climbed onto her lying face, gazing into her eyes.

His sunken eyes were hot as if swallowing her tightly. The gaze she had always longed for was looking at her, burning with lust. Olivia started to get excited just by looking at it. Her gaze rested between his legs again. She could see him slowly starting to swell.

“Do you not like it?”

When Leon asked casually like that, she shook her head. Then, for the first time, a smile appeared around his eyes. It was such a moment, but when she saw it, her heart sank.

His hand reached the corner of her neck, and his fingers brushed her neck and collarbone. The touch of his fingers gave her goosebumps.

Moments after, his hand touched the dress that wrapped around her chest. And, without hesitation, Leon tore the dress that covered her breasts. It was so strong that even the bustier she wore inside the dress was torn off. Her chest, which had been cramped up, fluttered open abruptly.

“Your Excellency!”

“It had to be torn.”


“Because my s*men was on it.”


Olivia’s face turned red at those words. Meanwhile, she was skeptical that there was no normal option for him to slowly take off her dress.

Even though Leon was a soldier, he always had the atmosphere of a nobleman. It seemed that he also had the savagery characteristic of a soldier. She decided not to think about the price of her dress because that’s what he bought, anyway.

He put her torso upright and put her on his lap, kissed her and naturally reached out and ripped the hem of her skirt.

As the dress, which had lost its function as a garment, soon fell to the floor, Leon supported her waist with one hand and, having her torso rested against the headboard, brought his mouth to the upright peaks of her chest.


His hands rubbed the stuck out peaks, sometimes swiping with his thumb and scratching with the tip of his tongue as though kissing. Olivia put her arms around Leon’s neck, as she leaned on his shoulder and let out a moan.

As if the sound of her hot breath reached his ears, he flinched and spit out her cursing.

“Damn it, again…”

He frowned and stared at her face.

“Don’t say things like that into people’s ears.”


“From now on, I will take it as a meaning you want to.”


“Your voice… It stimulates people in many ways.”

Saying so, Leon grabbed her waist with one hand and lowered it down. His hard pillar slipped through her already soggy entrance.

Due to the weight of her body, her insides swallowed him deeply to the root.


The pleasure he gave was great, but she was still not used to the enormity of it. Leon reached for her hips, opened her entrance a little more, before slamming back strongly.


His overly stimulating thing stimulated her sensitive part at once.

Liquid dripped between her legs. It was as if she was savoring his thing and swallowing it. As he pulled out his manhood, the red flesh on the inner wall came out as well. Again, Leon strongly inserted himself. Olivia’s waist bent and her head bent at the fairly deep insertion.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at the ceiling.


Her mouth was dry and she was out of breath. Olivia’s body was easily immersed in the pleasure, whether it was because of the drinking, whether she had become a beast in heat only to him, or whether it was a really lewd body…

“Ah—Your Excellency, Your Excellency!”

As his speed increased, her head was dyed white with immense pleasure. How can it feel so good? Her pleasure with him was too strong for her to bear.

The sound of the wet parts rubbing against each other resounded obscenely.

She continued to cry helplessly at his waist. It seemed crazy. Leon’s hand gripped her tightly as she struggled to get out of him unconsciously at the too much stimulation.

“Aahh! Aah, Your Excellency…! Please!”

She didn’t even know what she was saying anymore, and she accepted him.

Tears welled up in her olive-colored eyes again. The sounds seemed to echo through her head. All reason seemed to disappear, and all the senses seemed to exist only between her legs.


Olivia let out a sharp scream. As she bent her upper body forward with pain, arching from the pleasure, Leon raised her arms and pulled her into him tightly. Her chest, which had been shaking with the violent movement, rubbed against his chest.

Again, feeling the thick scent of his perfume, she screamed at his length that digs into her and shakes her.

“Aah, heuhh! Uuuuhnngg”

Leon lowered his head and bit her chest with his teeth, as if the shaking seemed to bother him. Normally, it would have been a stinging pain, but in this situation, even that was a strong pleasure.


Her body trembled as he pushed his manhood back hard one last time.

Olivia felt something explode, and his manhood came out quickly. She couldn’t tell if the dampness between her legs was from her own love juice or his seeds. By now, she could only lean against Leon’s chest, breathing heavily.

His hands ran through her sweat-drenched hair behind her ears.

Raising her head to his hand to look at Leon, he grabbed her chin and kissed Olivia.

She accepted the kiss helplessly.