Chapter 89 - Spit blood

“Really? Then let’s see who will get out first!”

A big man, Qin Wenshan was threatened in public by a little girl. He naturally felt ashamed, and immediately extended his other hand to grab Gu Sheng’s wrist. Gu Sheng wanted to retract, but too late, which made her feel bad.

“Who dares to touch our lady?”

At a critical moment, Xu Zhenzhen walked from the outside in a black suit. Wearing black high-heeled shoes, she seemed ready to fight immediately.

Especially when seeing Qin Wenshan’s hand holding Gu Sheng’s white wrist, Xu Zhenzhen’s both hand clenched into a strong fist, shaking slightly, “Let go of our lady, fight me!”
Qin Wenshan didn’t let go of his hand, turned his head and squinted at Xu Zhenzhen, shouting unhappyly: “What are you again? Dare to sack wildly here!”
Xin Yuanyuan and Gu Sheng looked at each other in the back, and Xin Yuanyuan subconsciously picked up an ancient porcelain vase behind him and smashed it towards Qin Wenshan. That make Qin Wenshan reflectly let go Gu Sheng and kicked Xin Yuanyuan’s armpit, Xin Yuanyuan fell to the ground on the spot, and the vase shattered on the ground with a strong broken sound.
Gu Sheng’s eyes flicked, she lifted her lower body with her hands on the desk, powerfully kicking her legs towards Qin Wenshan’s waist. At the same time, Gu Yun screamed in panic: “Uncle, be careful!”

Qin Wenshan has been kicked out, almost lying on the ground, held on his waist, then turned his head, looking at Gu Sheng fiercely, “OK, playing dirty with me, right? Today, I will play enough with you!”

Qin Wenshan was about to take on Gu Sheng. He took off his coat and stepped forward. Gu Sheng, who was out of his control, was so agile, how could she be easily caught by him. After two rounds, Qin Wenshan also hurt not light.

When Qin Wenshan secretly attack on Gu Sheng, Xu Zhenzhen lifted her leg and her high heels kicked hard on the back of his head. When Gu Yun screamed, a colleague arraged by Gu Sheng’s expression to look after Gu Yuanyuan.

Gu Sheng and Xu Zhenzhen immediately stood together, and no one thought that Qin Wenshan actually an out and out skilled person. Gu Sheng finally understood why Qin Ruyu would call him to the company, it’s not for ordinary job, but it’s for today.

“Humph! You two also want to fight me? You are looking for your own death!”

“Who seeks own death still not fixed! You speak so highly !”

Xu Zhenzhen turned his head and looked at Gu Sheng, “The boss has orders, you can’t be injured, go to the side and watch me fight!”
Gu Sheng stunned and turned to look at her, and asked in surprise: “What do you think of me?”

“In this case……”

Xu Zhenzhen didn’t talk anymore and immediately fought with Qin Wenshan.

“Uncle, if you can paralyze both of them, I will congratulate you!”

Gu Yun looked aside, seeing more and more enthusiastic, she still not believe when her mother said that her uncle can do Kung Fu, but now looking at it, she was really excited.


Qin Wenshan’s spirit was so strong, he grabed Xu Zhenzhen’s hand and want to throw her down, but Gu Sheng kicked him on the other side, Qin Wenshan turned his head. Just for a few seconds, Then, Xu Zhenzhen gave Qin Wenshan, who was attracted away, a shoulder throw.

Qin Wenshan fell down and his back was on the ground, because the ground was covered with shatter of broken vase, his neck was injured and bleeding. He quickly covered his neck, and wanted to climb up angrily but Gu Sheng stepped on his shoulder first.
Qin Wenshan glared at Gu Sheng, “Bitch, put your feet away!”

Without saying anything, Gu Sheng immediately slipped his foot on his neck and stomped hard. Qin Wenshan’s neck suddenly turned red, and the bleeding was even more rushing, but he could not speak clearly.

Gu Sheng stared at him violently, but her voice was very soft, “Have you never heard of evil will be rewarded with evil? I can’t beat you, but God will punish you for me!”

“is it?”

Qin Wenshan immediately grabbed her ankle with his hands. he had just exerted a force, but Gu Sheng didn’t loosen her feet because of the pain, but stepped more harder.


This time Qin Wenshan was lying on the ground completely unable to move, the wound seemed to be opened, and the back of the neck was stabbed with vase fragments.

“What are you all doing, don’t you call the security guard yet?”
Xu Zhenzhen said immediately, then went to the desk and grab the not-so-large lily vase in her hand, then turned and walked directly towards Qin Wenshan to hit his head.

Qin Wenshan saw Xu Zhenzhen wanting to kill him, immediately lifted his foot, regardless of the pain on the neck, he attack Xu Zhenzhen’s abdomen, Gu Sheng could not suppress him, He used his hand and grabbed her ankle and threw it hard.


There were screams of girls, Gu Sheng fell in front of the desk, Xu Zhenzhen holding her abdomen not moving at all, Qin Wenshan stood up with own power.

“Qin Wenshan, don’t mess up, the security guard will come up soon!”

A man stood outside the door and shouted.

Qin Wenshan walked over, and he looked like the boss in this room: “Tell me one more time?”

At this time, relying on Gu Yun to support him, he was not afraid anything, but he curiously looked at the tall man who suddenly appeared behind with his killing aura!


With a violent noise, Qin Wenshan’s body was kicked directly from the door to the opposite window, and a spit of blood was spit out, he could not move on the ground.

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