Chapter 1704 - Does It Concern You?

When Qing Ya heard Qin Yun, her pretty face sank as Qin Yun was clearly insulting the Palace Master. This was unacceptable to her.

However, Qing Ya did not dare to directly confront Qin Yun. For one, his reputation was too strong and secondly, she was afraid that she would reveal Su Mo’s identity.

In the Three Deities Sect, it was said that among all the disciples, other than the first person Xue Juntian, Qin Yun was an invincible existence.

He was less than a hundred years old, yet his cultivation had reached the Peak of Level 9 Martial Honoured Realm. His combat power was monstrous and his name shook the entire Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Qin Yun was one of the top among the younger generation that was under a hundred years old in the entire Ancientspirit Galaxy.

In the position of the Three Deities Sect, Qin Yun could be regarded as a Holy Elder of Martial Sage Realm. This was because, within ten years, he would almost become a Martial Sage and not an ordinary one. That was final.

“Brother Qin, Sister Fang, Big brother Su and I have known each other for a long time. He is not a mean person who resorts to petty tricks. You two do not have to be so insulting!” Qing Ya said coldly. At that moment she could not help but feel bad. If she had known earlier, she would not have come with the both of them.

Actually, in the beginning, he had come alone. After all, she had already made arrangements with Su Mo.

However, she met the two of them and Jiang Shenye along the way. As he was on good terms with Jiang Shenye, the latter had invited her to go together. She felt bad rejecting him, so they went together.

“Sister Qing Ya, he is not worthy of our insults yet. Brother Qin is just reminding you!” Fang Fei smiled. She did not make things too difficult. After all, although Qing Ya’s cultivation was not high, her talent was extremely high and she was a disciple of Xu Wushen, the Grand Elder of the Sect.

Qin Yun said nothing further as he looked ahead and quietly waited for the opening of Remnant Hall.

“Thank you for the reminder!” Qing ya said coldly. She was not happy.

“Alright, Sister Fang, Sister Qing Ya, don’t be unhappy!”

Jiang Shenye mediated as he immediately looked at Su Mo and said, “Please do not mind this brother. Brother Qin and Sister Fang are like that. They mean no harm!”

Su Mo nodded slightly. However, his impression of Qin Yun and Fang Fei was lowered.

However, he could only temporarily endure it because of his identity.

Seeing this Fang Fei’s lips curled into a smirk and said no further. She did not have to make enemies with Qing Ya because of a masked man.

“Brother Mo, have we met?”

At that moment, Jiang Shenye looked at Su Mo and asked with a smile.

“Haha, I am just a small fry. However, it is true that it is not the first time that I have seen Brother Jiang. Brother Jiang’s glory has a long history!” smiled Su Mo.

“You flatter me!”

Jiang Shenye waved his hands slightly. He immediately glanced at Qing Ya and smiled, “It seems that the relationship between Brother Mo and Sister Qing Ya is not as simple as just being friends?”

Su Mo was stumped upon hearing this. He immediately looked carefully at Jiang Shenye and his heart thumped. Why did he feel a sense of jealousy? Was Jiang Shenye interested in Qing Ya?

“I am from the same hometown as Qing Ya!” said Su Mo.

“I see!” Jiang Shenye nodded. His face was calm but Su Mo did not know what he was thinking.


Just at that moment, the door of the Relic Hall that had been tightly shut suddenly opened.

Inside the Hall, a group of people walked out eagerly.

This group had more than a dozen people, all of whom were high-level masters of Martial Honoured Realm, led by a half-greyed hair old man who had a vast, profound aura. It was obvious that he was a sage-to-be.

Walking outside the door, the old man surveyed the crowd and said in a loud, clear voice, “To all guests who have come to participate in the Remnant Hall, I, Wei, have a far-reaching welcome. As before, you need to pay 5,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals to enter the hall!”

“You are too kind Old Wei!”

“Old Wei!”

The crowd was polite for a while and then thousands of them went up to pay their Spiritual Crystals before entering the Remnant Hall.

Su Mo was somewhat stunned to see this. The rule of Remnant Hall having an entry fee of 5,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals was actually quite harsh.

5,000 Spiritual Crystals was equivalent to five million Middle Spiritual Crystals. No wonder everyone who came here was a master of Martial Honoured Realm. Only they were able to afford such an exorbitant entry fee.

Ordinary warriors would not be able to afford the entrance fees, let alone go in to purchase relics.

Looking at the crowd gushing into the hall, Su Mo found out that he had belittled the Remnant Hall. The entry fee was actually so high and there were so many people coming. The value of the relics inside was definitely no trivial matter.

“Let’s go in too!”

Qin Yun said coldly as he strode forwards and walked into Remnant Hall. Fang Fei and Jiang Shenye immediately followed behind.

“Palace Master, are you angry?” Qing Ya apologized to Su Mo with a smile as she transmitted the message via her thoughts.

“I’m alright!” Su Mo shook his head and said, “Let’s go in!”

Immediately after, the two of them strode inside the hall.

In front of the door of Remnant Hall, Old Wei personally collected the entry fees. Seeing that Qin Yun had come, his eyes could not help but light up.

“Ha ha, what a rare sight for Prince Qin to come!” Old Wei cupped his fists to Qin Yun. It was evident that Qin Yun’s reputation was strong.

“You are too kind!” Qin Yun shook his head slightly. With a flip of his palms, a Storage Ring appeared in his hands.

“Four people together!” Qin Yun strode into Remnant Hall as he handed the Storage Ring over to Old Wei.

Seeing this, a smile immediately broke out across Su Mo’s face. This was interesting. The masked chap was with them. However, Brother Qin Yun only paid entry fees for four people. It was obvious that he was casting the other person aside.

Jiang Shenye and Qing Ya both frowned upon seeing this.

Jiang Shenye did not feel anything. After all, he had nothing to do with Qin Yun. The latter had no reason to pay such exorbitant entry fees for him.

However, Qing Ya was not too happy as her face darkened. Although what Qin Yun was doing was generous, it ostracised Su Mo and made the situation awkward.

Su Mo did not feel anything. After all, he had nothing to do with Qin Yun, the latter did not have any reason to pay for Su Mo’s expensive entry fee.

Su Mo flipped his palm and took out Spiritual Crystals. However, Qing Ya had taken out a Storage Ring before him and handed it to Old Wei.

“Big brother Mo, let’s go in!” Qing Ya called out to Su Mo as she strode into the Remnant Hall.

Su Mo could not help but smile bitterly. Since Qing Ya had paid for his entry fees, he would not stand on ceremony with her.

After that, they all entered the Remnant Hall.

Jiang Shenye walked while thinking deeply. Su Mo and Qing Ya’s relationship was truly not simple!

Immediately after, his eyes flashed as he secretly activated his Starlight Eyes Fighting Soul and looked at Su Mo.

“Your Highness, you are so capable, you actually let Sister Qing Ya pay your entry fees. If you do not have Spiritual Crystals then don’t come here!” Fang Fei walked in front as she looked back at Su Mo, her eyes full of mockery.

She was disdainful of this short, skinny masked man. It was bad enough that he was masked, but he even let Qing Ya pay for his entry fees?

Su Mo’s face darkened upon hearing this. Did this woman have a problem? All he did was wear a mask and not reveal his appearance? Fang Fei had actually insulted him again and again.

“Does it concern you whether or not I have Spiritual Crystals, or if Qing Ya pays for my admission?” Su Mo looked at Fang Fei and asked coldly.

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