1259 Deathsoul Tree

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …

Several black streaks ambushed Ye Yuan trio at a strange angle.

Shi Potian's iron fist swung, the power of laws spreading out imposingly. He directly blasted those few black streaks to dust.

But in the next instant, even more black streaks flew over.

The three people focused their eyes and looked over. They could not help feeling their scalps tingle.

What entered their eyes was all densely packed little black snakes!

Although these little snakes' strength could not compare to those Blackwater Giant Crocodiles, they were superior in numbers.

"It's Steel Wire Black Snakes! There are probably millions of them! This place isn't suitable to stay for long, break out of the encirclement in that direction!" Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Steel Wire Black Snakes' strength was slightly weaker, but that was just in comparison with Blackwater Giant Crocodiles.

The difference in numbers was plenty to compensate for the deficiency in this bit of strength.

In contrast, these few million Steel Wire Black Snakes were even more terrifying than those Blackwater Giant Crocodiles.

How could Ye Yuan and the others still dare to remain? They desperately broke out of the encirclement in one direction.

Fortunately, Shi Potian's strength was powerful enough. Charging along the way, those Steel Wire Black Snakes were unable to approach at all.

Only after expending a Herculean effort did the three people slaughter their way out of the heavy encirclement of the Steel Wire Black Snakes.

Sprinting madly along the way, the three people were chased by the Steel Wire Black Snakes for goodness knows how long before they gradually retreated.

"No wonder this place is known as the Death Marsh! How can there be so many horrifying things existing?" White Light said with a look of lingering fear.

Shi Potian said, "Blackwater Giant Crocodiles and Steel Wire Black Snakes are probably the lowest rank existences in this Death Marsh."

White Light could not help being greatly astonishment when he heard that and said, "No wonder this place is known as the god-forbidden region, it truly lives up to its reputation! Even such terrifying existences are only the lowest rank?"

It was not up to White Light to not be surprised. If the Blackwater Giant Crocodiles and Steel Wire Black Snakes ran to the Divine Realm, they would absolutely be existences that could sweep away everything.

It was also that the three people's strengths were extremely formidable, even stronger than Deity Realm powerhouses whose realms were suppressed, that they could charge out of the encirclement.

Otherwise, even if the Ten Great Divine Kings' top five came in, it was also certain death.

But this level of existence was actually merely just a low-level existence!

The three people were currently bewildered and doubtful when alarm bells sounded again!

White Light could not resist letting loose a torrent of abuse, "Are we done here or not?!"

Ye Yuan's brows knitted even tighter. The one who took action along the way was mostly Shi Potian.

He was making the best use of time to recover his strength!

This time, what surrounded them was a bunch of black rates. The numbers were even more exceedingly terrifying.

The three people expended a considerable effort, slaughtering out of the heavy encirclement once more.

"Everybody, be careful! I feel like there seems to be someone controlling these desolate beasts. They … seem to currently be driving us to a certain place." Ye Yuan suddenly said in a low voice.

Starting from the second wave, Ye Yuan already had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

Those desolate beasts seemed to be deliberately leaving a gap so that they could escape.

Once, twice, the third time, each time it was like this. This made Ye Yuan's suspicions even greater.

Even though their strength was very formidable and slaughtering out of the heavy encirclement was a matter of course.

But those desolate beasts did not really engage in a life-and-death struggle with them.

Several times of encirclements all seemed to be guiding them towards a certain direction.

White Light was alarmed when he heard and said, "No way, right? Who has this strength to be able to manipulate so many horrifying desolate beast hordes?"

Ye Yuan's expression was very much, but he did not answer.

White Light suddenly thought of something and used a consulting gaze to look over toward Ye Yuan, saying in shock and confusion, "Could it be …"

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, "Apart from the Deathsoul tree, it seems like there are no other possibilities!"

White Light's expression became pale as a sheet. Even though he was very confident, facing this kind of existence that even Deity Realm powerhouses were unable to resist, his heart was racing too.

Walking all this way, White Light already grew into a true powerhouse who could take charge at one of the fronts.

But the Deathsoul Tree was different!

Perhaps, it was an existence that surpassed the Deity Realm!

Just how strong the Deathsoul Tree was, what kind of means it had, they were completely clueless.

What they knew was that the Deathsoul Tree was not what they were capable of contending with.

"This … What to do here? We didn't encounter the Kunwu Divine Wood but ran into a Deathsoul Tree. This … This is also too unlucky, right?" White Light said with a bitter smile.

"Heh, even if we ran into the Kunwu Divine Wood, it might not be much better than the current situation either," Ye Yuan said.

"Then … Then what should we do now?" White Light said.

A glimmer of seriousness flashed across Ye Yuan's eyes, and he said, "These dangers are originally things that were within expectations! Didn't we mentally prepare ourselves for this trip? The god-forbidden region is a region that even Deity Realm powerhouses are unable to cross!"

White Light's entire body trembled, his emotion stabilized considerably by Ye Yuan's one sentence. Gritting his teeth, he said, "What Big Brother says is right! Hehe, in this world, is there still a place that can stump the two of us brothers? Even if it's a blade mountain and sea of fire, White Light will accompany Big Brother and make this trip! What do you say, Big Brother?"

Ye Yuan also towered with heroism as he said, "Haha, my good brother! Now that it came to this, we might as well push the boat along the current! Doesn't he want to meet us? Then let us go and take a look at … just how strong this legendary Deathsoul Tree is!"

"Hahaha, Big Brother, with you saying this, I became really interested!" White Light said with a hearty laugh.

It was not that Ye Yuan did not wish to leave, but he knew that once they did not follow the established route, those desolate beasts would definitely launch attacks at the three of them like crazy!

With these desolate beasts' strength and numbers, no matter how strong the three of them were, they would be exhausted to death too.

Even if they really killed all of these desolate beasts, whether or not they could escape was still another matter altogether.

Since that was the case, they might as well preserve their strength and meet with the perpetrator.

Shi Potian still had an indifferent appearance. But the slight undulations emitting off his body revealed a tiny hint of change in countenance.

These brothers kept a straight face even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of them. This bearing was indeed worthy of being the World Suppressing Stele's successor!

Since the goal was set, the three people fought all the way. Experiencing several twists and turns again, they came to a stretch of an open field.

This wilderness was no longer a marshland but a stretch of black-color land.

On this open field, not a blade of grass grew, looking just like a piece of scorched earth.

Looking over, this wilderness no longer had anything on it. There was just a lone big tree.

The large tree was pitch-black throughout and did not even have a blade of leaf on the branches, being stark-naked.

On the treetop stood three black crows, currently crying out in lament, as if urging people.

Crows were inauspicious things. Its appearance tended to accompany death!

Seeing this large black tree, Ye Yuan's face involuntarily fell.

"Could this be the legendary Deathsoul Tree? It looks like … there doesn't seem to be anything special," White Light suddenly said.

"The more unremarkable the place is, the more dangerous! See those three crows? If my conjectures are right, those three crows should be representing us! The Deathsoul Tree is telling us that today, the three of us will be losing our lives here!" Ye Yuan said solemnly.