In the extended version of the rolls-royce, Qi Che and Xu Hehe were bored to death waiting for Du Jue and Qi Lei. Du Jue had bought too many things tonight, which meant that he had donated the most charity funds Therefore, he was forced to take a group photo as a memento, while Qi Lei was tied up by those people from the entertainment industry on the first floor.

“You actually didn’t ask for mercy just now. ” Qi Che was a little surprised. After all, she could even forgive Fu Mengyao.

Xu hehe poured himself a glass of fruit juice and shrugged. “I’m a nostalgic person. Gong lexing is definitely different from Fu Mengyao. ”

Qi Che was silent. He he was really grateful that he he was so nostalgic. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be giving William a chance to take advantage of her.

However, could she really let go of Fu Junxing completely?

Qi Che took the drink from her and leaned over. He looked at her seriously with his mesmerizing eyes and said in a depressed tone, “Shen Bing came to look for me two days ago. ”

“What does he want? ” Mentioning Shen Bing made her think of that man.

“Fu Junxing is dying. He wants to see you one last time. ”

The hand holding the fruit juice froze in mid-air. Xu Hehe only felt his head buzzing as if there were countless bees buzzing in his ears.

“He he… How are you? Are you feeling unwell? ” Qi Che’s worried look made her gradually come back to her senses The corners of her mouth curled up into a bitter smile. “I thought he would never die. ” Fu Junxing had given her an overly powerful impression since she was young. She had never thought that such a powerful man would one day lie on an ice-cold hospital bed and be on the verge of death.

“In fact, his body hasn’t been able to function for a long time. ” In the past five years, he had gone to city a to visit Fu Junxing a few times. His body had long collapsed. If it weren’t for the expensive medicine and medical equipment, he might not have been able to wait until now.

Xu hehe lowered his eyes and lay in Qi Che’s embrace as he said in a muffled voice, “I don’t want to see him… ” after hesitating for a moment, she finally said with difficulty, “why don’t you go in my place? ” After so many things had happened, she simply couldn’t go to the person opposite her.

Seeing him would make her recall the love and hate of her mother’s life.

“Okay! ” Qi Che lowered his head and kissed her gently on the forehead.

In the intensive care unit of the First Hospital of a city, Qi Che was dressed in an elegant and reserved suit. His pair of clear and cold eyes carried an irresistible and powerful aura.

At this moment, he stood straight in front of the hospital bed, expressionless.

“She won’t come to see me? ” The old man on the hospital bed was so thin and weak that a gust of wind could blow him down. His eyes were deathly Pale.

The scene in front of him was really hard to imagine. The richest man in a city who had once shaken the world would be this old man whose life was in danger.

Qi Che nodded slightly.

“She still won’t forgive me! ”

“She has already forgiven you, but she doesn’t know how to face you. ”

Tears of regret rolled down from Fu Junxing’s wrinkled eyes, showing no signs of stopping. This was probably the only way to express his regret and pain at the last moment of his life.

Qi Che sighed. Perhaps there was no one in this world who understood Fu Junxing’s feelings better than him. After all, five years ago, he was almost the same as him.

How unfortunate was Fu Junxing? How fortunate was Qi Che.

“He he and I are about to get married. When the time comes, I hope you can participate. ”

“thank you! ” His voice was hollow and bitter.

When Qi Che left city a and boarded his private plane, a rainstorm suddenly fell from the sky. A bolt of lightning illuminated the dark sky, emitting a blinding white light.

“President, the weather conditions are too bad. The plane is going to be delayed. ” The captain came to Qi Che with an apologetic look.

Qi Che had an impatient look. God knows how much he wanted to return to he he’s side.

Du Jue, who had been standing at the side to answer the phone, turned around with a serious expression. “President, Shen Bing called just now. Mr. Fu has left! ”

Xu Hehe was originally sitting in the garden with Hao Lianfei, having afternoon tea. However, the sudden downpour interrupted his mood and he hurriedly ran back to the sunlight room.

Through the tempered glass above her head, Hao Lianfei complained, “the rain came too suddenly. I Guess Qi Che won’t be able to come back today. Oh right, where did he go? Even the company’s board of directors doesn’t know his whereabouts. It’s too mysterious. ”

Xu Hehe’s expression darkened, and he changed the topic. “The legend of the Heavenly Queen has already started shooting. Do you want to go with me to visit her? ” She handed over the shooting and production of the early stages and the script to the professionals Therefore, she also had some free time.

“visit Zhang Xiaoxiao’s class? ” Although Hao Lianfei didn’t have much contact with Zhang Xiaoxiao, her personality was very pleasing to her. She felt a little regretful for not meeting her sooner.

Xu hehe nodded. “and Cheng Cheng. He plays Ah Che’s role in it. This is his screen virgo. We should go and support him. ”

“Cheng Cheng is very popular internationally. I heard that he never acts in variety shows. You have a lot of face, ” Hao Lianfei teased. She had heard brother Lei complain more than once that Cheng Cheng was hard to get rid of.

Xu Hehe was confused. “I heard from Han Tianyu that Cheng Cheng is his own choice. His image also fits the company’s desire, so they hit it off. ”

Hao Lianfei gave her a look that only a ghost would believe.

“Madam, it’s your call. ” Aya took the phone in the living room and sent it to Xu Hehe.

“excuse me, is this the eldest miss? ”

“You are? ”

“I’m Shen Bing. Mr. Fu has left! ”

“Pa… ” the phone suddenly fell on the marble floor with a crisp sound, but she couldn’t hear anything. She only got up in a panic and rushed into the rain with all her might. The bean-sized jade pillar hit her body, but she didn’t notice it at all.

Xu Hehe had once thought that all the pain was long gone from her and that nothing could defeat her. It turned out that he was too naive.

In her muddle-headed state, she didn’t know how she returned to city a. she only knew that during the funeral ceremony, Fu Mengyao was in a crazed state, crying her eyes out. However, she couldn’t shed a single tear and only watched everything indifferently It was as if everything had nothing to do with her.

“Ah Che, return the FU Corporation to Fu Mengyao! ” After descending the mountain from the cemetery, Xu Hehe said to Qi Che. This was the first time she had spoken since returning to city A.

Qi Che hurriedly nodded. He looked at her with a pained and worried expression.

“Ah Che, LET’S GET MARRIED! ” She didn’t want to continue being wrong.

Qi Che’s face was filled with ecstasy. He hugged her and spun her around happily in his arms.

A month later, on Qi Che’s private island in the South Pacific, a grand wedding was being held under everyone’s blessing. The nine extremely luxurious groomsmen were all top-notch men. They drooled at the sight of the female guests present.

It was also Xu Hehe’s first time seeing all of Qi Che’s brothers who had grown up with him. Many of them were unfamiliar faces, and it was obvious that he had never seen them before.

Hao Lianfei beat her feet and chest in regret. She had always thought that Qi Che was the type of person who was so handsome that he didn’t have any friends. Who knew that not only did he have friends, but all of them were extraordinarily handsome. It was really a mistake. If she had known earlier, she would have kept the good stuff in the family She would have taken the opportunity to hook up with one.

“Don’t regret it. It’s still not too late to hook up. Today, the nine groomsmen are not married, ” Tang Yiyi said with a Sullen face, wearing casual large underpants.

Hao Lianfei was surprised. “Aren’t you the best man? Why are you dressed like this? ”

“Don’t mention it. ” Tang Yiyi pointed to a small warship parked at the port in the distance and said, “see? You’re so awesome that you drove a warship to attend the wedding. Do you think I’m a match for him? Not only can I not be the best man, even my gown has been stolen. ”

“He’s indeed powerful! ” She had better give up the idea of hooking up with him!

The pure white beach was beautifully decorated. The red carpet and crystal stage, countless beautiful red roses and lilies, coupled with the pure white wedding dress, and the blue sky in the distance, everything was so beautiful that it was impossible to take in It was as if they were in a dream.

Xu Hehe wore a pure white wedding dress. His hands holding the flowers could not help but tremble. He stared at the man who had been smiling at her and made a promise that he would never leave her for the rest of his life.

She had finally waited for this day. So this was happiness, so beautiful that people did not want to wake up.

This year’s summer was destined to be an extraordinary summer. First, the most valuable diamond bachelor in the entire capital got married. From then on, the black-bellied, overbearing, and cool CEO became his wife’s slave. At the same time, he tried all sorts of ways to please his wife At the same time, he tried his best to fix his employees when he was in a bad mood. He probably suffered in front of his wife.

Secondly, the Xu family in Beijing had found their granddaughter who had been missing for more than 20 years. She was as precious as a pearl in their hands. The Xu family’s old man could not wait to keep her by their side at all times. Countless people envied and hated her for a long time. The real-life version of a sparrow became a phoenix. It was fired countless times by the reporters and media.

Then, it was about the entertainment industry. The once infamous third-rate star Zhang Xiaoxiao became the biggest winner at the Asian Film Awards ceremony because of a legendary diva. She won three awards for best actress.

At the same time, the Asian heavenly Queen Leng Feifei announced that she would quit the entertainment industry and move to Canada.

In the VIP lounge at the airport, Leng Feifei dragged her simple luggage and stood in front of Xu Hehe.

Looking at the women who were all shining with happiness, she couldn’t help but feel jealous. Once again, she was glad that her choice to leave was right. The jealousy of a woman was too scary. She didn’t want to go to the point where she hated herself.

“Do you know why my surname has always been Leng and not Xu? ” Lighting a cigarette, she asked herself “because in the eyes of the Xu family, I have always been an outsider. Not everyone has the right to use the surname Xu. In the eyes of outsiders, I am the little princess of the Xu family, but only I know that I am not. “However, I am glad that you are finally willing to accept the Xu family. I wish you happiness in the future. ”

After saying that, she pulled up her suitcase, waved her hand and left.

“I wish you happiness too. ” Xu Hehe said silently to Leng Feifei’s back.

“Mommy, daddy will go crazy if he doesn’t see you when he wakes up in the morning. ” Qi Lei pouted and reminded her.

He had already told her not to come. He really didn’t understand why Mommy was so stupid to send off her love rival. After all, Leng Feifei had always made up her mind to be his stepmother.

“Oh no! ” If that Jealous Qi Che woke up in the morning and found out that she had lost her virginity, he would definitely torture her half to death at night.

Leng Feifei turned around and looked at the two of them dashing out of the airport. She smiled faintly. Xu Hehe, you are now the happiest woman in the world. I wish you the best!

The story came to an end here. She wished that Xu Hehe and Qi Che, the two lovers, would finally have a happy ending after going through all the difficulties. Hao Lianfei and the others’stories would be posted in the new article one after another for free. When the time came, everyone would be notified in the announcement.

Actually, I wasn’t very good at writing about happy lives. I always felt that all happiness was the same, and all unhappiness had their own reasons for unhappiness.

There were many parts that I didn’t write well enough. Thank you big sister for your support and tolerance. It was my fortune and honor to have such a caring reader like everyone.

I needed to thank many people. Sometimes, I wasn’t good at expressing myself, but I remembered everyone’s support in my heart. Once again, I solemnly said, “thank you! ”


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