Hua Ran's face was light: "The family and relatives led the team to go on a mission. Our planet is close, so we came here."

Luo Bi immediately thought of Luo Wan and Luo Cha, and now that the rewards from going out on missions are good and can prolong her life, she doesn't believe that Luo Wan and Luo Cha are not tempted to go out on missions together.

"Luo Wan and Luo Cha are here too?" Luo Bi hehe.

"No, they're on the mission planet." Hua Ran shook her head, and walked towards the kitchen area in the yard. He couldn't say that Luo Wan didn't look down on ordinary clansmen and relatives at all, so she wouldn't come.

Luo Wan will stay on the mission planet, and may not come with Luo Huan.

There was a large piece of exotic animal meat in the kitchen area, and it looked like it was going to be given away. Luo Bi saw it and probably thought it was for the clan. Besides, Huaran had no close friends.

Guan Zhuting followed, she had to watch, because her son hunted the beast meat.

In the past, Luo Hang was in charge of the family, but this time she can be in charge, and her son will give her a face.

Luo Bi then followed, Luo Hang didn't plan to participate, after all, the exotic animal meat was obtained by Hua Ran, it was not easy for him to buy it for the family, whether to give it to the family, how to give it, Hua Ran had the final say.

Hua Ran said his own thoughts, he is now in the Luo family, and he still needs to rely on the Luo family, the relationship should not be too unfamiliar: "The family and relatives have gatherings, and those who are able will contribute at this time. I plan to bring A piece of exotic animal meat with a fourth-level combat power."

Speaking of this, Hua Ran paused, and continued: "I only give it to the eldest brother, Luo Qing, and Luo Rui, and forget about the others. I only have good relations with them in the family."

Luo Hang hesitated: "Ten catties of alien animal meat with a fourth-level combat power, will it be too much?"

"Brother Lobby, they want to share. Take this one to look good and have a long face." Luo Bi took two high-level nutritional energy fruits and talked as soon as he entered the door, before he had time to eat them.

Luo Hang thought Luo Bi would eat it by himself, so he didn't say anything. Guan Zhuting nodded, "Then take it all. This piece of exotic meat weighs more than ten catties, and I packed it up early in the morning."

In order to give her son a face, Guan Zhuting originally planned to let Huaran bring this piece of exotic animal meat. It is not bad for Huaran to have a good relationship with Luo Huan and Luo Qing. Huaran must have a good relationship in the family.

Luo Hang was satisfied, Hua Ran looked at Luo Bi: "Do you want to go with me?"

He brought more than ten catties of exotic animal meat of level 4 combat strength, and Luo Bi also saved face, going to see that there are good things to eat at the party, not to suffer, and to follow the excitement.

Luo Bi didn't really want to go, because there were too many people and unfamiliar people, she was annoyed.

But Luo Hang said: "Your mother will be there in a while, you can go with your brother, and help your auntie and the others with their work. The ingredients brought by relatives and clansmen are indispensable. You can lend a hand if you can."

Luo Hang felt that his daughter was quite capable, she could do everything, and others were useless.

Hua Ran knew it well, Guan Zhuting didn't feel it, Hua Ran said a few words and Luo Bi followed. Luo Bi thought about it, there are more people and it is lively, some are annoying, and some are able to talk, so it's good to go and have fun.

The courtyard of the Luo family's main house was very lively, Hua Ran was called over by Luo Huan as soon as she arrived. Seeing the exotic animal meat brought by Hua Ran, many people in the tribe were envious, and they went to ask how they hunted it.

Luo Huan gave Luo Qing a wink, and Luo Qing hurriedly put away the beast meat, good guy, this is beast meat of level 4 combat strength, you should be stingy, it's better not to make people jealous.

(end of this chapter)