"Why did you sell them a lot?" Wei Tiao followed anxiously.

Robbie: "..."

Sell ​​less to Roger and Zhan Di? Luo Bi didn't think about it, she just wanted to sell more to Roger and Zhan Di. The strong genes of these two people have not been raised well, and they have not been raised well, how can this be done.

She even sold Tang Shao a whole Yan Duck, and she doesn't know who the military will give it to. It's best not to give it to Leng Lie. She doesn't like this person, and they don't like her, so no one cares. Who is the best.

Don't pay attention to those who are turning a corner.

However, the Yan Duck Beast was sold for seven or eight times, so that Brother Da Tang and the clan seemed to lose their share. In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't have a family, but you don't want to give it if you have Tong Guan and Luo Bi.

However, for the clansmen, it seems unreasonable.

In the future interstellar, no one does not rely on family and influence, and Luo Bi didn't think about disregarding the family at all. Fortunately, Huaran's natal family still has the exotic animal meat, so it depends on what Huaran thinks.

"Let's go quickly." Wei Tiao said, if you go late, you will be gone.

Luo Jie and Zhan Di bought a thousand catties each, which seemed like a lot, but it was not.

He Xiang couldn't sit still anymore, and while walking outside, he said to Luo Bi: "Let's go."

Luo Bi nodded, then gave it away, and said a few more words: "If Luo Jie and Zhan Di have nothing extra for you, and the military department, Tang Shao bought a whole Yan Duck Beast, which is a fourth-level combat power." of."

He Xiang: "..."

There are so many, none of which are hers, so I get anxious when I think about it.

Wei Tiao sighed: "Why don't you save some for He Xiang?!" She was hopeless, she didn't have enough interstellar coins, and she didn't even dare to think about the flame duck meat of the fourth-level combat power.

Fortunately, Wei Wei got a flaming duck, and Wei Niao could eat it.

Wei Tiao was gearing up, eager to try, but he was her cousin, so she couldn't refuse to give her a bite.

After sending He Xiang and Wei Tiao away, Luo Bi thought about it and planned to go to her mother's house. She had to find out what Hua Ran meant. According to her father's intentions, she must be thinking about the family, but the Yanyashunt hunts wildly, and it's not easy for others to make decisions.

Luo Bi has good things, it’s hard not to take them, some people like to show off, Luo Bi doesn’t show off, but share it with your family, it’s a good thing, it’s best to share it with your family.

Luo Bi ran to get high-level nutrition and energy fruits, a small bamboo basket, and Luo Bi picked out the small ones, and there were no crooked melons with cracked dates. Not to mention, this fruit tree is quite long, and the appearance is very good.

After thinking about it, one seemed to be a little short and not enough, so Robbie took another one.

Luo Bi didn't drive a sports car when she went to her mother's house, it was too ostentatious, there was no need, just drive a sports car.

No matter how expensive a sports car is, it is still a sports car, and it is generally not taken seriously by people.

Whoosh, it's fun to drive.

In the Zhihuangxing garrison base, except for the children, basically everyone drives a suspension car, but Luo Bi drives a sports car. Of course, Lan Qiao does not have a suspension car, so there is no need to mention it.

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The weather was fine that day, and when Luo Bi arrived at her natal home, she shouted. Both Huaran and Luo Hang were at home. Huaran was about to go out and hadn't left when she heard the movement and looked into the yard.

Robbie said simply: "I'm here."

Hua Ran couldn't help but twitched the corners of her mouth speechlessly, Guan Zhuting came out to welcome her, and said, "Your brother is going to the main house just now, and everyone in the clan is here, do you want to go with your brother?"

Just come, Robbie said not too unusually: "What are you all doing here?!"