Chapter 148 He Loves You So Much

“Do you really not like Zhang Ming anymore?” Su Wan deliberately softened her voice. “He loves you so much. When you said you wanted to eat wontons from West Street, he went to get you in the middle of the night. He’ll buy you anything you want. Have you forgotten all that?”

If Yan Xi continued to like Zhang Ming, she would’ve been killed by him and Su Wan long ago and become a dry corpse by the road. Yan Xi smiled. “You remind me. No matter what I bought in the past, it was bought with my card. The money he invested in the business was also sponsored by me. I haven’t got the money back yet.”


“Will you pay me back for him?”

Su Wan immediately shut up. Yan Xi snorted and couldn’t be bothered to talk to this crazy woman anymore. She opened the car door and sat back in the driver’s seat.

However, when she started the car, Su Wan ran to the front of the car and blocked the way.

“Yan Xi, I know you still love Zhang Ming. Let’s avenge him!”

“Get lost!” Yan Xi said impatiently.

Su Wan was frightened by Yan Xi’s gaze. Her legs were trembling, but she did not move away. “Yan Xi! I’m your friend after all. Are you really going to treat me so harshly?”

“Friend?” Yan Xi felt like she heard the funniest joke in this world. When Su Wan was lying to her and sleeping with her boyfriend, she didn’t treat her as a friend.

Yan Xi opened the car, grabbed Su Wan’s collar, and pulled her to the side.

Su Wan kept struggling. “Don’t you hate Gu Shen too? I know you’re in a lot of pain being controlled by him. I can help you. As long as you get rid of Gu Shen, you’ll be free.”

“Who told you that I want to kill Gu Shen?” Yan Xi narrowed her eyes.

“Didn’t you always say that you hate Gu Shen?”

Yan Xi looked at her coldly. “What happens between me and Gu Shen has nothing to do with you. Su Wan, don’t you dare try harming him.”

Su Wan opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but a black car suddenly showed up and parked next to them.

The car door opened, and out came Gu Liu. As soon as he got out, he heard Yan Xi saying, “Next time I see you, I’ll break your legs.”

Gu Liu took a few steps back.

Su Wan stood up with trembling legs. She glared at Yan Xi and left unwillingly.

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Gu Liu returned to the car and reported to Gu Shen, “President Gu, Madam has already taken care of that woman.”

“Next time, be quick. Don’t let her do it herself.”


In front of the car, Yan Xi waved at him through the window.

Gu Shen smiled. “Home.”

Yan Xi drove back to the underground garage and saw Gu Shen waiting for her.

She trotted towards him and asked, standing beside Gu shen, “Why are you back so early today?”

Gu Shen liked to see Yan Xi in that happy state. Lively and excited, she looked like she wasn’t bothered by anything in this world.

He smiled. “I have nothing to do in the office this afternoon. How is it? Do you like the car I gave you?”

“I like it! It’s very comfortable driving it. When the chauffeur is busy, I can drive myself.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Gu Shen did not realize how gentle his words were.

He remembered that there was a cruise ship worth 100 million USD at the auction a few days later and wondered if Yan Xi would like it.

Yan Xi pushed Gu Shen into the elevator and the two of them returned to the hall upstairs.

Gu Liu followed closely and told Gu Shen that Su Wan had been blacklisted by the security system. The moment she was identified by the surveillance cameras, an alarm would immediately sound.

Gu Shen kept his gaze on Yan Xi without replying to that.

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Yan Xi was stunned, not knowing why Gu Shen was looking at her like that.

She didn’t mind keeping Su Wan away. If she could, she even wanted to make Su Wan disappear forever.

But of course, she didn’t say what was on her mind.

“That’s good too. I used to think of her as my good friend, but I didn’t expect her to want me dead. It’s good that we can

Gu Shen looked solemn. If memory served him correctly, he remembered that in the surveillance camera, Yan Xi knocked down Su Wan with ease.

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