713 Xiaolu, Help Me

He wanted to be partners with Su Xiaolu too much, but Su Xiaolu might not agree.

Now that Su Xiaolu suddenly asked this question, she must have someone she wanted to see. This was a chance to show off.

“Yes, I really want to see someone very important to me. He took care of me in my previous life. He passed away before I could repay him.”

As a result, she spent many years alone. Every time she thought about it, she was filled with regret.

“Then when I grow up, I’ll take you back to see him.”

Mantis Shrimp took the opportunity to say this. It was good for people to have a goal. If they had a goal, they would have the motivation to improve.

It would take him hundreds of years to grow up. If Su Xiaolu did not cultivate diligently, she would not be able to live for so long.

If she wanted to go back and see the person she missed, wouldn’t she have to cultivate hard?

“I’d like that.”

Su Xiaolu stroked Mantis Shrimp’s head and stroked it down its glossy fur. She immediately felt much better.

“How comfortable. Xiaolu, don’t stop—”

Mantis Shrimp liked it very much when Su Xiaolu touched it. It quickly fell asleep against Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu looked at Mantis Shrimp, which was like a newborn puppy, and smiled. She didn’t feel lonely with such a little thing around.

Because of her period, Su Xiaolu did not go out for the next few days.

She did not practice the sword either.

She occasionally basked in the sun and teased her nephew.

She ate, drank, and slept well. When the family saw this, they were finally relieved.

On the 17th of November, Su Xiaolu’s period was over.

She began to practice her sword. Chen Shi had already made some progress in his sword practice. When Su Xiaolu recovered, she would have time to train him. Together with Chen Xing, she would make medicine in her free time. She did not feel much, but it was already December.

The first snow covered the entire capital.

Su Xiaolu woke up very early. When she woke up, it was just dawn and no one at home was up yet. She was no longer sleepy. She pushed open the window and saw that it was white outside and the snow was still falling. She was in a good mood and got up from bed.

She flew up to the eaves and found a good spot to sit down, ready to watch the snow.

In the morning, the entire world was peaceful. There was not even a breeze.

There was only the sound of snow falling.

Su Xiaolu sat alone on the eaves. She reached out to catch the snowflakes and couldn’t help but mutter, “It’s almost the fifteenth year.”

She looked at the black and white eaves, then at the snow-white street, and then at a figure standing in the alley. Su Xiaolu was stunned.

She couldn’t help but fly towards that person.

Zhou Zhi had been standing in the snow for a long time. His hair and shoulders were covered in snow. When he saw Su Xiaolu, he smiled. “Good morning, Xiaolu.”

He hadn’t seen her in a month. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“W-what are you doing here?”

Su Xiaolu found it a little difficult to understand. Why was Zhou Zhi standing here?

Zhou Zhi looked at Su Xiaolu’s face. He did not answer and only smiled gently.

“Are you cold?” Su Xiaolu looked at Zhou Zhi. His eyelashes were frosted. Su Xiaolu felt a little strange. She tugged at Zhou Zhi’s sleeve and called out, “Fourth Brother.”

Zhou Zhi smiled. “I’m not cold. What have you been doing recently? Why didn’t you come to my residence to see me?”

Zhou Zhi raised his hand and swept away the snowflakes on his body. In the end, he suppressed his feelings.

Now that he was still disabled and Su Xiaolu was still young, it would not be good for both of them to reveal his feelings now.

He calmly asked about her daily life.

“I didn’t do anything after returning to the capital. I just went to see my sister and practiced my sword techniques at home. I taught Chen Shi and Chen Xing and bought some herbs to make medicine. I’ll detoxify you after the new year. I should prepare some herbs in advance.”

Speaking of this, Su Xiaolu was calm. After she finished speaking, she looked at Zhou Zhi.

Su Xiaolu hesitated for a moment before asking Dao Seeking, “Fourth Brother, what about you? I heard that Princess Sindili chose you. Do you like her…”

“I don’t.”

Zhou Zhi interrupted Su Xiaolu before she could finish.

“I didn’t see her.”

Zhou Zhi spoke calmly. He looked into Su Xiaolu’s eyes and saw surprise and disbelief in them.

Zhou Zhi lowered his eyes and hid his thoughts. He said softly, “Father’s decree is not what I want. I don’t like that princess. I prepared that princess for Big Brother.”

Su Xiaolu was even more surprised. Wasn’t Zhou Zhi’s eldest brother Zhou Heng?!

What he had prepared for Zhou Heng was for Princess Sindili to enter the palace. If she entered the palace, her sister would inevitably be hurt.

Su Xiaolu wanted to ask why, but before she could, Zhou Zhi had already explained.

“Princess Sindili doesn’t like men. She has a lover, and her lover is a woman like her. He’s her maidservant. Jiang Wei, the future Crown Prince can’t have the officials talk behind his back, so your sister can’t be the only one in the harem, but he wants to keep his promise. Only by taking in some women like Princess Sindili can he keep the promise and stop the officials from talking.”

Zhou Zhi explained to Su Xiaolu. He did not want Su Xiaolu to think of him and the princess together at all.

Su Xiaolu understood after hearing that. She seemed to have something to say, but when she opened her mouth, she felt that there was no need to say it.

It was already very good for Zhou Heng to do this.

“But now…”

Su Xiaolu remembered that Princess Sindili seemed to have chosen Zhou Zhi. She was puzzled again. What was going on?

Zhou Zhi smiled and said, “Xiaolu, I need you to help me with something.”


Su Xiaolu was even more confused.

Zhou Zhi raised his hand and brushed away the snowflakes on Su Xiaolu’s head. In just a short while, a lot of snow fell on Su Xiaolu.

“Sindili chose me because I’m disabled. She heard that I don’t get close to women and that I’m not in good health. It’s rumored that I won’t live past 25 years old, so she had her eye on me. She thought that as long as she endured for a few years and passed away, she could legitimately be a widow and live happily with her maidservant, Jiang Wei.”

Zhou Zhi’s careful explanation made Su Xiaolu understand the princess’s intentions.

“Nonsense. Who said that you won’t live to be 25 years old? When the poison is cured after the new year, you can live to a hundred years old. Moreover, now that the spiritual energy has recovered and the age of cultivation has arrived, you can live more than a hundred years.”

Su Xiaolu said firmly. With her around, how could Zhou Zhi not live past 25?

Zhou Zhi chuckled. “That’s why I need you to help me let that princess know that I won’t die so early and not to waste time on me.”

Su Xiaolu also looked at him seriously. “How can I help?”

“It’s very simple. Treat me as the divine doctor.”

Zhou Zhi looked into Su Xiaolu’s eyes and said word by word. Very few people knew that Su Xiaolu was detoxifying him. This was the best way to stop Princess Sindili from pestering him. Although he had other ways, he wanted to use this one.

He wanted to see Su Xiaolu often, so this was the best solution. He could not walk forth. He wanted Su Xiaolu to approach him and be by his side.