Chapter 274 - Chapter 274: Su Yingxue was Heroic

Chapter 274: Su Yingxue was Heroic

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Zhilan’s expression remained composed as she gently pushed the golden bracelet back. She smiled and said, “1 am doing things for the Eldest Young Miss, and it is my duty. 1 appreciate your kind intentions.”

Liu Shulan’s eyes briefly revealed a hint of hidden anger as she thought to herself that Su Yingxue was indeed formidable.

The maid by her side remained unfazed by the golden bracelet.

After Zhilan finished speaking, Liu Shulan politely escorted her out.

Su Yurou stepped out of the room and, observing Liu Shulan’s polite behavior towards Zhilan, she pouted and vented her frustration, “Mother! She’s just a lowly servant! Is it worth it for you to be so deferential?”

“Shut your mouth!” Liu Shulan scolded Su Yurou and then turned to lead her into the room.

“Have you forgotten what Mother told you last night? In terms of status, Su Yingxue and her brother are legitimate offspring, while you, me, and Jinxuan are without official recognition. We must be cautious in our words and actions. Why are you always so impulsive? Don’t you think your father’s scolding wasn’t enough today?”

“Daddy is biased! He showered me with affection since 1 was a child! But now, he’s supporting Su Yingxue in everything!” Su Yurou’s frustration deepened as she spoke.

“Wake up! Now that I have entered the Marquis’s Manor, I am no longer a concubine and don’t have the authority to act as a steward. You not only have to accommodate Su Yingxue in every way, but you also need to treat her well and lower your stance. Otherwise, if she catches any fault with you, you can just wait to be expelled from the Marquis’s Manor!” Liu Shulan warned her with a serious tone.

Su Yurou had been pampered since childhood and, though she had her thoughts, she had recently been beaten down by Su Yingxue.

Hearing Liu Shulan’s words, she felt even more despondent and grew to resent Su Yingxue even more.

Zhilan returned from Sunset Court and told Su Yingxue about the golden bracelet given to her by Lady Liu.

Her eyes were filled with disdain. “Lady Liu thought that everyone was driven by greed for money and could be swayed by wealth. However, I’ve been with you for many years, and the words ‘loyalty* and ‘integrity’ are engraved in my heart. Even if I were to die, I would never betray you, let alone over a golden bracelet.”

Su Yingxue felt very pleased. She recalled that in her previous life, Zhilan had been just as loyal, unwavering in her loyalty to her even unto death.

With that in mind, she turned and brought out a box of jewelry, tossing it in front of Zhilan. “Pick out a few pieces for yourself!”

The golden and jade jewelry clinked as it landed on the table. Zhilan became a little flustered. “Miss, I didn’t do this for these, it’s…”

“You silly girl! 1 know you don’t care, but your miss is generous! Noble Consort Xiao gifted me a heap of gold hairpins and bracelets. 1 can’t use them all, so I’m leaving them here. Why not let me dress you up? When Shu Yan sees you later, his eyes will be blinded!”

Zhilan had a fair and tender complexion, and Su Yingxue couldn’t resist pinching her cheek.

Zhilan watched as Su Yingxue treated the jewelry as though it were air and felt a mix of amusement and frustration.

After all, which girl didn’t like these things?

She liked them too!

However, she understood that her miss was genuinely generous. If she was too reserved, she wouldn’t be a fitting maid for her.

Without hesitation, Zhilan chose a hairpin and a bracelet and adorned herself with them. Her cheeks turned red as she asked, “Miss, do 1 look good like this?” “It looks great! It’s just that your clothing is too plain. Tomorrow, let’s go to the Thousand-Jiao Pavilion and have Sister Jinyan customize two outfits in bright colors for you.” Su Yingxue appraised Zhilan and made the suggestion.

Zhilan was flattered and had decided to be even more loyal to Su Yingxue in her lifetime.

Thinking of Qingxin Court, she couldn’t help but express her concern, “Miss, even though Lady Liu has recently entered the manor and may not be aware of the situation at Qingxin Court, it has been uninhabited for many years.. If you let Lady Liu move in like this, and she complains to the Marquis, wouldn’t it nullify your plans of the past few days?”