Chapter 88

Name:The Tamed Heiress Author:
“I don’t know what’s going to happen later, but anyway, the Grand Duke will officially welcome “Dana Deniz” as the Grand Duchess. That’s why they regarded us as her family and increased the volume of transactions entirely.”

“No, look. Even so… Apart from that… The emperor and neighboring countries are so interested in the marriage of the Grand Duke. With a common woman… Oh, my.”

Rian shook his head no matter how much he thought about it. Then he smacked his lips out of regret.

“Anyway, if it’s true, it’s a waste. If she was that much of a woman, I should have seen her first.”

Harbert knew what that meant and looked at him pitifully. He had completely forgotten that not so long ago, before killing Dana, he had seen her the same way.

“Anyway, she’s now recognized as the head above all of us. She believes in everything under her like a rock, so please don’t speak to her rudely and be careful…”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t taste her in advance,” said Rian, ignoring Harbert’s words.

Harbert let out a deep sigh at his words and actions. If this went wrong, he kept thinking that it would be all because of the jerk of a nobleman.

As expected, I shook hands with a useless guy.

Harbert regretted it, but he felt more frustrated that it was too late to cut him off now because there were already many things that had tied them together.

* * *

Dana headed back to Leon’s office at daybreak. She visited him the day before, but he was going somewhere.

He didn’t come in that night either, and as soon as she heard that Leon had returned home, she headed back to the office.

She could hear voices coming from within the office. Dana hesitated for a moment and knocked on the door as if determined. Soon, there was a voice from inside to come in.


Inside, Leon and Daniel were talking. When Daniel saw her, he quickly moved aside and bowed his head.

Leon showed a slightly welcoming expression to the unexpected appearance, but that was all. Perhaps because of Daniel’s presence, his voice came out a little blunt.

“What’s going on? That’s all for you. I know what happened, so you may leave.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Daniel greeted Leon and Dana once again and went outside.

Leon approached first and hugged Dana even before the door closed.

“Oh, Leon…”


While answering, he buried his face in the back of her neck and breathed deeply. He acted as if he had been thirsty for a long time, but in fact, it had only been a day since he had seen all of her.

“I’m here to talk to you. Hold on…”

Dana didn’t push him away completely, but she hesitated and tried to pull herself out. Perhaps the gesture stimulated him, he lifted Dana and placed her on the desk.

He lowered his head and looked her in the eyes, touching both sides of her cheek.

“Okay, tell me.”

Too close, she could feel his breath over her face. Dana was a bit flushed and fumbled out of Leon’s thick body scent.

“I’m going to do my best as Dana Deniz… To play the role.”

Red eyes were looking at her intently. He was causing her heart to pound again with his breathtaking eyes.

“I have to know everything. I want to know more about Dana Deniz.”

“What do you want to know about Dana Deniz?”

Leon looked into her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ears. Looking at her earlobe, he smiled to himself.

“Where is she right now, what is she doing? Is she alive? If she were the head, wouldn’t I have to go to the merchant group again?”

Leon carefully examined Dana’s blue eyes. Even though he thought it couldn’t be, Leon somehow doubted that Dana was trying to escape under the pretext of him.

She stared at her reflection in his clear eyes; fortunately, there was no other intention.

However, Leon’s words showed an answer contrary to her expectations.


Dana wasn’t wrong. However, Leon didn’t want to involve her in this regardless of whether she was right or wrong, and he hated the thought of sending her there even more.

He knew within himself that this was because of his twisted selfish desire, but he had no intention of refraining.

At Leon’s firm answer, Dana shut up for a moment. She was just thinking about what to do, but Leon continued to look at her.

Although he was a little worried that she would feel frustrated by his self-righteous attitude. He didn’t mean to fix it.


“You’re surprisingly obedient.”

Leon slowly touched her smooth earlobe with his hands. Then it began to turn red down to the bottom of her neck.

“If I can’t, I can’t. But even if I act like a fool later, you can’t say anything.”

“You’re worried about everything.”

“But… I’m worried. I’m already doing it.”

His breath tickled her earlobe, which he had been stroking with his hands. Dana closed her eyes and flinched.

A damp slippery feeling covered her ear as he sucked on it with his lips.

“Oh, Leon… Can’t you do that?”

“Leave it to me, I’ll tell you when I know.”

The reason Daniel had just left was to learn more about Dana Deniz, who had died. He wasn’t very interested when he heard from Harbert that she was dead, but he couldn’t just take his word for it.

“But, strangely, I stay completely unrelated to the merchant group… Leon, ah, wait.”

Leon slid his hand behind Dana’s back, grabbed the ribbon, and released it. The strap that was tightening the upper body loosened, and the clothes around her chest slid down.

Dana pushed against Leon slightly as he gently grabbed her wrist and said just before kissing her,

“First of all, we should go to a banquet in the capital city soon. After that, I’ll think about you going to the merchant group.”

“Okay… Hmmm.”

As he kissed her, Dana’s body slowly tilted backward. Leon intensified his kiss, holding her closely with his arm against her back.

Dana’s lips parted gently as his warm tongue pushed slowly through them and brushed against her gums.

Dana clenched the hem of her dress tightly as they kissed.

This is the office…

At some point, the reality that this was happening in the office made her more nervous.

Leon let go of Dana’s wrist and lightly stroked her exposed shoulder. The feeling against her cold skin gave her goosebumps.

Leon lifted his head and glanced at Dana. Dana was so embarrassed that she couldn’t make eye contact with him.

Her appearance was so cute that it aroused Leon even more.