Chapter 145 - Discovering Something Strange

In the dim light of the oil lamp, their heads were close together. Neither of them made a sound.

Song Jingchen looked at it for a while before putting the box aside.

He picked up the jewelry one by one. There were four pieces in total. Two silver hairpins, a jade bracelet, and a pair of earrings.

Seeing that he was looking at the jewelry carefully and seriously, Shen Yijia held her breath and asked softly, “Did you discover anything?”

Song Jingchen said, “No.”

Shen Yijia was speechless.

She must be thinking too much. Her husband was smart. “If he didn’t discover any problems, then there was definitely no problem.”

Shen Yijia thought firmly. Just as this thought flashed through her mind, she saw Song Jingchen pick up the two silver hairpins and shake them.

He must have noticed something because he placed one of the sticks on the oil lamp to heat it up.

After a while, the silver hairpin slowly melted like wax. Although it was very slow, Shen Yijia still noticed it.

Her eyes lit up and she leaned over to take a closer look. Song Jingchen happened to turn around, and their lips touched without warning.

Shen Yijia’s heart was pounding. She blinked and didn’t dare to move. She stared straight into Song Jingchen’s eyes.

Her lips felt numb. She pursed them instinctively.

“Ah, my husband’s lips are so soft…” she thought.

Song Jingchen’s head buzzed, and all the blood in his body seemed to be rushing to one place. Which normal man could stand this?

He tried his best to suppress the restlessness in his heart and not lose his composure. He tilted his head back with difficulty.

Shen Yijia wanted to experience more, but it ended quickly. She looked at Song Jingchen bitterly.

Her husband was so petty.

Song Jingchen was speechless.

How dare she look at him like that? Song Jingchen held his forehead. He wondered if Shen Yijia knew that she was playing with fire.

Seeing that she looked regretful but didn’t look shy, Song Jingchen felt inexplicably disappointed. Perhaps she didn’t understand the matters between men and women at all.

“Ahem, you’re still little,” Song Jingchen said vaguely.

Little? Shen Yijia looked down. It was not little. It was just right.

Besides, what did kissing have to do with her size?

Song Jingchen was stunned by her gaze. “Does she not know any shame?” he thought.

Shen Yijia had no idea that she had been labeled as shameless again. Unfortunately, she did not forget what she had to do. She pursed her lips and said, “I think I saw that silver hairpin melt just now.”

Song Jingchen nodded and tried his best to ignore the throbbing in his heart that had yet to subside. He turned around and picked up the hairpin again to heat it using the oil lamp.

Since it could be melted so easily, it was naturally not real silver jewelry. Song Jingchen couldn’t figure out what it was for the time being.

After heating it for nearly 15 minutes, he finally managed to take off the outer layer. Inside was a key the length of a finger.

Someone had melted the key into a liquid similar to silver and made a fake silver hairpin. If Song Jingchen hadn’t carefully compared the weight of the two hairpins earlier, he wouldn’t have discovered the trick.

“A key? What is it for?” Shen Yijia asked curiously.

Song Jingchen glanced at her silently, as if to say, “If you don’t know, how would I know?”

Shen Yijia rubbed her nose and stopped asking. She picked up the box and looked at it.

She first imitated Song Jingchen’s antics and looked inside and out. Then, she knocked around but still didn’t find anything. In the end, Shen Yijia gritted her teeth and placed it on the oil lamp to roast.

Song Jingchen’s eyelids twitched. He reached out to stop it, but the box started burning as soon as it came into contact with the fire, not giving him a chance to stop it.