Chapter 149 - Su Qian Went to School

Chapter 149 Su Qian Went to School

No matter what, Su Ren was always wary whenever Su Qian and Su Su were together. Su Ren mocked, “Why do you have to please Su Su? It’s a pity that you have to try so hard to fit in with the Su family.”

Su Qian became angry, so she immediately refuted, “What about you? Even Su Su’s puppy gets more love than you!”

However, Su Ren only glanced at Su Qian with disdain, as if she was not affected by Su Qian’s words. Then Su Ren turned around and pranced on.

Su Su knew how annoying Su Ren was, so she immediately advised Su Qian, “Don’t mind her, Su Qian.”

Su Qiao echoed, “Yes, she’s the most annoying person I’ve ever met. We don’t like her either.”

Su Qian could only sigh and say in a defeated manner, “It’s all right. I’ve already come to terms with how Su Ren is. She only dares to insult me verbally. I know she doesn’t dare to harm me.”

Su Qian seemed to have thought of something as she said that. She lowered her head and said in a disappointed tone, “Su Su, you will be returning to school tomorrow, right? Su Hao and I will be bored in the house when you’re gone.”

After hearing Su Qian’s depressing words, Su Su remembered that they hadn’t looked for a school for the twins since they moved into the Su family home.

“Then you should come to school with me!” Su Su said innocently.

Su Qian shook her head and whispered, “I don’t think I can go to school.”

Su Qian had come to terms with not going to school when Grandma Su abandoned Su Hao and her. After all, the Su family had done a lot to support the twins. Su Qian felt that she couldn’t depend on them to send her to school.

Su Su widened her eyes and said confidently, “Of course, you can! I’ll tell Big Brother about this. I’m sure he will agree!”

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Su Qian’s eyes lit up as she asked with hope, “Y-You would do that for me?”

“Why not!” Su Su quickly nodded.

Su Su took the initiative to look for Su Jun and tell him that the twins wanted to go to school. Su Jun agreed without hesitation. He arranged for Su Qian and Su Hao to attend the same school as Su Qiao.

After learning that Su Jun had agreed to send the two to school, Su Qian hugged Su Su and jumped with joy. Then she excitedly ran to her room in the small building to pack her school bag for the next day.

Su Su had nothing else to do, so she rode her pink electric bicycle that Su Qiao gifted her around the yard. The little girl was ready to show off her riding skills to the kindergarteners.

But when Su Su rode the bicycle to the Su family home’s main entrance, she saw a low-profile luxury car stopping at the gate.

Su Su thought that Huang Sui had come to practice the violin with her, so she happily approached the vehicle. However, Su Su saw an unfamiliar person get out of the car.

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Su Su stared at the middle-aged man for a while and finally recognized him. It was Luo Chen’s servant, Shen Qing.

“It’s good to see you again, Miss Su Su.” “Hello there! I’ll go and get Big Brother,” Su Su responded and prepared to ride her electric bicycle back to the Su family home.

It seemed that Luo Chen and Su Jun had come to an agreement and formed an alliance. Su Su thought that Shen Qing had come to meet with Su Jun. “There’s no need, Miss Su Su. I came to see you.”

Shen Qing smiled at Su Su in a friendly manner. Looking at the adorable little girl in a daze on her bicycle, Shen Qing spoke softer and more gentle, “Young Master Luo told me to bring you something.”

‘I wonder what Luo Chen got for me.’ Su Su was at a loss on her bicycle.

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