Chapter 148 - Didn't Act Like It

Chapter 148 Didn’t Act Like It

After enjoying a two-day vacation, the Su family had to go back to work and school. Su Qiao refused to leave the villa, grabbing onto the pool railings. In the end, he had no choice but to let go under Su Jun’s pulling.

As soon as Su Su arrived at the Su family home, Wan Shuang gave her a warm welcome. Wan Shuang picked the little girl up and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Wan Shuang sighed and said, “It’s only been two days, and I already miss you so much! I know you won’t need me anymore when you’re all grown up. What should I do then?”

Su Su quickly reached out and rubbed Wan Shuang’s cheeks when she saw her worried expression. Su Su comforted Wan Shuang, “No, no! It will be a long time before I’m all grown


Su Qiao just happened to walk past Wan Shuang and Su Su while speaking in an annoyed tone, “Yeah, when Su Su is all grown up, you will be an old woman. Who would need you then?”

Wan Shuang shook her fist at Su Qiao and threatened, “How dare you speak to me that way? I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp, you brat!” Then Wan Shuang saw Su Jun walking toward her. She quickly shut her mouth in embarrassment.

However, Su Jun didn’t mind that Wan Shuang called Su Qiao a brat. Instead, he glanced at Wan Shuang, raised his eyebrows, and said in an alluring voice, “I gave you two days off of work. Aren’t you glad?”

“Of course I am!” Whenever Wan Shuang spoke to Su Jun, a bright smile would immediately appear on her face. She had a shy demeanor, like a little girl.

Su Jun only revealed a faint smile as he checked Wan Shuang out before walking into the house. Wan Shuang was overjoyed with the way Su Jun looked at her. She hugged Su Su and spun around a few times.

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Wan Shuang’s spinning caused Su Su to become dizzy. When Wan Shuang put Su Su down, Su Su spoke in a dizzied manner, “Sister Wan, why are you so happy every time you see Big Brother?”

Su Su had long noticed that Wan Shuang behaved differently whenever Su Jun was around. ‘Perhaps Sister Wan has fallen in love with Big Brother, so she gets excited every time she sees him.’

“What?! N-No!” Wan Shuang quickly denied Su Su’s questioning. Then she rubbed her face as she began to blush.

‘Do I honestly behave differently in front of Su Jun?’ Wan Shuang was puzzled.

Su Su only smiled and walked into the house. When the group returned from their vacation, Su Ren welcomed them, “Welcome home, Big Brother and Fourth Brother! I brewed some tea for you. You must be tired from such a long journey. Here, have some tea to moisten your throat.”

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Su Qiao rolled his eyes when he saw this. ‘It looks like Su Ren was inspired by the cake Su Su made for Big Brother last time. She’s just trying to suck up to Big Brother.’

However, Su Jun and Su Zhen were suspicious of Su Ren. Even though the DNA test was negative, stating that Su Ren was not a member of the Bai family, Su Jun refused to let his guard down. “There’s no need. I’m not thirsty.”

On the other hand, Su Zhen was much more talkative even though he loathed Su Ren. He rejected Su Ren’s offer and said, “Tea is such a hot and bitter beverage to drink in such humid weather. I’ll just drink a cola.”

Su Ren was annoyed after the two brothers rejected her offer. However, she forced a smile and watched as Su Jun and Su Zhen went upstairs.

As soon as the two brothers left, Su Ren revealed her true expression. She fiercely glared at Su Qian, who stood beside Su Su and Su Qiao. Su Ren cursed passionately, “It looks like that unwanted child has made some friends.”

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