One day, when Su was sorting out her old things, she found an old photo album.

The album is full of her photos, from kindergarten to primary school, junior high school and high school.

A picture from kindergarten caught her attention.

In the photo, she is wearing two braids, holding hands with another white and beautiful boy, just like intimate.

Su Niannian couldn't help showing off to her family Mr. Gu: "you see, I've been very popular since I was a child, and then I've had a little bamboo horse ~"

GU Zichen looked at the photo and didn't say a word for a long time.

The little boy in the picture is clearly him

He looked at Su Nian carefully, and some vague memories came to his mind.

-In that year, Su was two and a half years old and Gu Zichen was three years old.

At that time, Su Yian was still alive and sent Su to kindergarten every year.

At that time, Gu Zichen was still led by his own mother. Xie Lanshan sent him to the kindergarten, which happened to be the same with Su Niannian.

Small year on small class, big Chen on big class.

On the first day of the new school, I cried heartrendingly every year, which shocked the whole kindergarten.

Affected by her, other children also cried. For a while, the kindergarten seemed to be performing a chorus.

Big Chen Chen high cold in the side of playing slide, think those crying are not good baby.

Careful and gentle teacher coax small year, pull her small hand let her play slide.

Dachen Chen sits on the top with a lollipop in his mouth and looks down at her.

Year after year, he looked at his sugar, and suddenly used both hands and feet. He climbed up quickly and sat down beside him and asked, "is your sugar delicious?"

Well, of course it's delicious!

Big Chen Chen cool nod.

"Sweet or not?"

Keep nodding.

The next second, the sugar in his mouth was snatched by people with lightning speed. Xiaonian put the sugar into his mouth and sighed: "really good to eat!"

Big Chen Chen has no language.

The next day, he came to the slide with sugar.

Xiaonian sat next to him again, with bright eyes, like a cute puppy raised by a neighbor's aunt.

He turned his mouth and threw the sugar in his pocket to her.

Sugar is for children. He is a big boy. He doesn't eat such childish things!

Little year after year, he took over happily and ate happily.

The two became familiar with each other. Apart from not being together in class, they even had to sleep next to each other during lunch break.

Unfortunately, dachengchen will graduate soon.

Children do not understand the concept of graduation, only know that two people to separate.

The whole kindergarten was shocked by crying again and again every year.

Dachen Chen put a sugar in her mouth and scolded her fiercely: "cry what to cry, after that, it is not impossible to see!"

"Woo Dachengchen, I want to be with you, and I want to eat your sugar... "

Big Chen Chen: "it is

He held out his finger and said solemnly, "we'll pull the hook. We must meet in the future."

"Hooking, hanging, 100 years..."

When they finished pulling the hook, Xiaonian suddenly cried again: "what if you forget me?"

Dachen Chen disdained to lift his chin: "if you forget, I will marry you home when daughter-in-law!"

"When your daughter-in-law has sugar to eat?"

“…… Are you a pig? Just eat it



"Hello, what do you think I do?" Su bumps Gu Zichen's elbow every year.

Gu Zichen smiles but does not speak, hugs her in the bosom, deeply kisses.

There's something you don't have to know.

Because anyway, I will love you with my whole life's blood and life.

(the following is the number of free words)

when I typed these three words, April 1, 2016, April 1, 2016, April Fool's day, but I didn't make fun of you.

On this day, the exclusive sweetheart of school grass is officially finished.

I was 17 when I wrote this book, in June 2015.

2015 was a bad year in my life.

For some reasons, I went to practice and got a lot of jobs: I cleaned the toilet in a fast food restaurant; I worked in a wedding company; I made coffee in a bookstore; and I sold health care drugs in a pharmaceutical company. It was the first time that I realized that the world also had his cold and merciless side.

Then, I wrote this book in a muddle headed state, just want to write casually to kill the boring life.After that, I went back to school, which is the university I am now studying. I study a major that I don't like or hate. I still live a quiet life. I go to class and code words. I secretly fall in love with an excellent boy and look forward to a bright future every day.

However, in the winter of last year, my mother's mother couldn't work because of her leg injury. At that time, it was a great blow to me and a lot of pressure. My father didn't like that I was a girl. He didn't care about me when I was very young. He didn't come back from other places all the time. I am alone in school crying every day. But this book is easy and funny. At that time, I worried about my mother's body every day, worried that I couldn't study without living expenses. At that time, the more funny and sweet pet plot was, almost all of my most painful moments in reality.

During this period, he was scolded by readers and authors, and some colleagues opened a trumpet to comment on the area and made some very unpleasant remarks. Every time, he felt uncomfortable and wanted to go crazy.

For me, codeword has become a torment for a time. I want to give up countless times. I even go to the editor to ask for the end.

No matter how hard it was at that time, I'm glad that I kept it up. I got this long article with more than one million yuan and gained a lot of encouragement from readers. Without you, I might not have been able to hold on to it.

Now, after half a year's treatment, my mother's legs are getting better. I can go to work and rub her favorite mahjong.

Now, the boy I like, has a new girlfriend. He is very beautiful and matches him very well.

Now, I have made my own living expenses, although not much, but can let me live, continue to study.

Looking back, people who hate death and want to live in the past feel like jokes; the life that used to feel bitter and astringent is not worth mentioning now; in the past, people who secretly love will die with others, but now there is nothing more than blessing.

This year, I am 18 years old. This year has been like a dream. It seems that once I look back, I can return to the time when I just opened my book, but I can't go back.

With your mobile phone, there are 227161 books in Tencent's library. It's hard for me to meet you in so many books. Life is really wonderful at some time.

Thanks for the support and encouragement of readers, editors and friends along the way, for the fate of meeting with you at 1 / 227161, and for all the trials and tribulations that have made me grow up.

May all of us be warm to each other in this world. If not, may we be our own sun, fearless of time, forever good will, and grow into the best.

If you are lucky to meet again in the vast sea of books, please give us more advice.

I'll see you in the new book.



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