Chapter 51 Your Account Is Gone

After Bei Qingqing posted this message, the comments section exploded again.

“What happened? Who broke a leg? Can you tell us more about it?”

“I’m curious too! This is obviously the smell of gossip. Hurry up and tell us more about it!” “Yeah, Young Master Chen. What happened to your leg? Which leg? Did something happen? Could it be that you were beaten by Bei Qingqing? It shouldn’t be possible, right?”

After everyone saw Bei Qingqing’s comment, they immediately flooded the comments section. They kept commenting on Chen Jingzhi, as if they were afraid that he would not be able to see.

Chen Jingzhi must have seen it. After all, it was his leg that was injured, not his eyes.

Chen Jingzhi smashed the cup in his hand angrily. Looking at Bei Qingqing’s comment, he was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of Bei Qingqing’s return to school and properly guide public opinion online. In this way, regardless of whether these things were real or fake, everyone would go to Bei Qingqing’s place to make a fuss.

Perhaps he could make Bei Qingqing feel a little bullied in school. Who knew that Bei Qingqing would recklessly run to the comment section and bring up the matter of his leg.

If others found out that he had a broken leg, how would he survive in school? He would become a laughingstock, right?

The more Chen Jingzhi thought about it, the angrier he got. However, he did not dare to say anything. He was afraid that Bei Qingqing would expose more things.

At this moment, Bei Bei jumped out again.

She ran to the bottom of the comment section and angrily left a message, “Sister, did you not see the message that mom sent you? Mom couldn’t find you anywhere, nor could she contact you. She was about to get sick. Now that she saw that you were online, it meant that you were fine. Then, our family can be at ease. Sister, don’t worry about us. After all, it wasn’t easy for you to marry into the Chen Family. It’s normal that you don’t want to contact us. However, mom and dad are your biological parents. If you have time, come back and see us.”

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When Bei Qingqing saw Bei Bei’s message, she was so angry that her lungs were about to explode.

She was saying that she had married into a rich family and then turned a blind eye to her biological parents, right? Bei Qingqing laughed out loud in anger. Bei Bei was really too evil.

The message that had wanted Bei Qingqing to talk about Chen Jingzhi’s legs was also drowned out.

The scene suddenly turned into a situation of mocking Bei Qingqing.

“Didn’t you just marry a rich man? Do you have to abandon your biological parents? If it were me, I wouldn’t leave my parents even if you gave me a few million.”

“Gold digger, you’ve only been married for a few days and you don’t even want your own family anymore. I feel sorry for your parents!”

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“Upstairs, if you know how to scold people, then scold a little more. I can’t do it anymore. It’s disgusting to see such an ungrateful woman.”

Bei Qingqing frowned. She was very angry, and her hand was trembling. She took a deep breath. She comforted herself. She could not be defeated by this kind of inexplicable verbal attack.

She wanted to stand up and fight back!

Bei Qingqing tapped on her phone and quickly typed the words to fight back. She had not sent them out yet. However, she found that Bei Bei’s account had been emptied. Now, it only showed that it was blocked. Immediately after that, Chen Jingzhi’s account was also gone.

Bei Qingqing felt that it was very strange. Why were they suddenly gone?

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