Chapter 50 Chen Jingzhi’s Slander

Bei Qingqing was stunned for a moment. Was he asking for her opinion? She asked blankly, “Do you want my advice?”

Chen Jiazhi said seriously, “It’s not a suggestion. I want to know what you think. If you want to move out, then we’ll move out together. If you want to stay, then I’ll stay with you. I want you to decide.”

Bei Qingqing looked at the serious look in Chen Jiazhi’s eyes and felt warm in her heart. For so many years, no one had ever asked her for such a serious opinion in life.

Bei Qingqing was very touched. She nodded and said, “I’m willing to move out with you. The two of us can live together.” Living in this villa, Bei Qingqing always felt like she was living under someone else’s roof. She did not have much of a sense of belonging. However, if she and Chen Jiazhi had a small family of their own, she was also very willing.

After receiving Bei Qingqing’s affirmative answer, Chen Jiazhi kissed her lips again. As he crazily demanded, he muttered, “Tonight’s quota hasn’t been used up yet. Let’s not waste


Bei Qingqing blushed, but she did not refuse his action.

In the next few days, Chen Jiazhi started to prepare to move. He saw a nice house. It was very suitable to be used as a love nest for two people.

In this house, he planned to take away all the things that Bei Qingqing liked so that she would be accustomed to the new house.

On the other side, Bei Qingqing had also returned to school. The people who bullied her in school the last time had all been suspended. However, the rumors and discussions about her in school had not subsided. On the contrary, recently, the topic had become even more heated because of Chen Jingzhi’s rumors.

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Chen Jingzhi opened a post on the school forum. In the post, he said that after Bei Qingqing married into his house, Chen Jiazhi had just woken up and had not yet recovered. Therefore, Bei Qingqing often seduced him at home, unwilling to be lonely. This made him very troubled, so he made a post to ask for help.

This explosive post became very popular on the school’s forum.

“Bei Qingqing? Isn’t she the one who was beautiful and valiant last time, the one who tore apart and bullied her classmates?”

“It must be that Bei Qingqing who married into a wealthy family. Who would have thought that she would be so lustful that she wouldn’t even let go of her own brother-in-law?”.

“That’s impossible. It’s said that Chen Jiazhi is much more handsome than Chen Jingzhi. As long as his eyes aren’t blind, he should be able to make a choice, right?”

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“No matter how handsome you are or how good your body is, so what? Some women just don’t want to be lonely. Even if you look like a pig, as long as your body is strong enough, it’s fine!”

After reading these messages, Chen Jingzhi was very satisfied. He also posted some suggestive messages on the internet from time to time. It created an atmosphere that he and Bei Qingqing were having an affair.

These posts were crazily forwarded by the school’s forum, and when the students saw Bei Qingqing, they began to look at her with disdain.

Bei Qingqing looked at Chen Jingzhi’s slanderous posts, and she was very angry. At first, she thought that she would just endure it and let it go. But he did not expect that he would actually go even further and keep publicly slandering her on the internet.

Bei Qingqing could not stand it anymore. She immediately signed up for an account on the school forum and commented on Chen Jingzhi’s slandering post: ‘Is breaking a leg not enough to teach you a lesson?’

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