Chapter 51 - Huo Yichen, let’s get divorce

“Oh.”Gu Yanxi replies and goes upstairs to change her clothes.

Cock Sister Zhang, staring at Gu Yanxi’s back, sighs. She doesn’t know when the couples could be fine. It is all Mister’s fault, since he messesaround with love affairs. It’s quite understandable for Madam to show a mug face.

Gu Yanxi, having changed her clothes, goes downstairs, and helps Cock Sister Zhang cook. Cock Sister Zhang asks Gu Yanxi to have a rest, but Gu Yanxi insists staying in the kitchen.

Washing vegetables, cutting and frying, Gu Yanxi has done these very well.

Cock Sister Zhang says, “Madam, you are good at cooking. You must learn it specially.”

Gu Yanxi nods, “In the past, my father hired a teacher to teach me cooking. My father said cooking is a necessary skill of living, instead of pleasing a man. One with excellent cooking skills can eat well alone.”

“Your father loves you very much. He is concerned about your meals.”Cock Sister Zhang says.

Gu Yanxi pauses her movement to fillet the fish. She says with happiness brimming over her eyes, “Yes, my father is the man who loves me the most.”

Huo Yichen gets back, standing in the living room, hears what Gu Yanxi and Cock Sister Zhang are talking in the kitchen. He hearing this, frowns, and then he takes his coat off and throws it on the sofa.

Cock Sister Zhang, having heard the noise, glances at Madam. Gu Yanxi, standing still, continues to fillet the fish. Cock Sister Zhang comes over to Huo Yichen, “Mister, you are back. Tea or coffee? I put it here or upstairs?”


Huo Yichen loosens his tie, puts it aside, and turns on the TV, changing channels one by one.

Cock Sister Zhang puts the tea on the tea table in the living room; with no command from Huo Yichen, she goes back to the kitchen.

“Madam, Mister gets back. Please give him some company.”Cock Sister Zhang says in a low voice.

Gu Yanxi pretends to be deaf, puts the fish meat in the bowel, and flavors it, “Sister, hand me the potato powder.”

Cock Sister Zhang delivers the potato powder to Gu Yanxi. She, without saying anymore, goes back to cook dishes.

Huo Yichen shifts the channel to the entertainment news and the scene is him on live. It is a launch conference for a fantasy-genre film he has invested in. The leading lady in the film, beautiful and ingratiating as she is, is, in front of the camera lens, extending her thanks to the appreciation and promotion of her boss – Huo Yichen.

Huo Yichen knows Gu Yanxi can hear the news from the TV. But she is cooking quietly, with no interest in the program.

Huo Yichen has a feeling of being left out and ignored. He is in a low mood, and even worse, he feels frustrated very much.

Gu Yanxi cooks four dishes in the kitchen, boiled fish, glutinous rice and chicken, stewed beef brisket with tomatoes, soft shredded bamboo shoots with scallion. She doesn’t know how the dishes taste, but they look pretty and appetizing.

Gu Yanxi sets the table, and Cock Sister Zhang calls Huo Yichen to come to eat. Huo Yichen, having glanced over for several times, is quite hungry.

Huo Yichen, who has eaten the dishes from Cock Sister Zhang for a long time, glancing at the eight dishes on the table, knows clearly which are prepared by Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi gets a bowel of rice for Huo Yichen and puts it in front of him, and then gets her own meal and sits down. She starts to eat until Huo Yichen picks up his chopsticks to eat.

Huo Yichen eats quietly, and Gu Yanxi eats quietly as well.

It is the second time that Huo Yichen eats the meal prepared by Gu Yanxi. For the first time, CockSister Zhang who didn’t know they had got back didn’t prepare breakfast, so Gu Yanxi prepared the breakfast. The breakfast was simple, milk, break and egg, which Huo Yichen could cook as well. This time, Huo Yichen has a taste of Gu Yanxi’s cuisine. He, never picky about food, merely eats the four dishes prepared by her.

The meal ends in silence. Gu Yanxi puts down her chopsticks, when Huo Yichen finishes his meal, saying slightly, “Huo Yichen, may I have a word with you?”

Huo Yichen pauses his hand to wipe his mouth. They haven’t talked with each other since they got married. Any talk would be cynicism, humiliation and sneer. But this time, Gu Yanxi requires to talk with him, and Huo Yichen feels surprised.

Huo Yichen puts down the napkin and stands up, “Go upstairs to talk.”

Huo Yichen goes to upstairs, with one of his hand shoved in the pocket. He, with his broad shoulders, lean waist and straight long legs, moves in front of Gu Yanxi. These scenes, so attractive to numerous women, are transparent just like the air for Gu Yanxi. She is tryingto figure outHuo Yichen’s reaction after she tells him that thing.

In the bedroom, Huo Yichen unbuttons his shirts one by one, regardless of exposing his chest and back to Gu Yanxi.

Gu Yanxi stands in the middle of the room, losing her head, “We just finished the dinner. Huo Yichen will not be eager go to the bed.”She thinks. But it turns out that she thinks too much. Huo Yichen takes off his long pants and shirts, and wears a soft and loose housecoat.

Huo Yichen, dressed in a housecoat, sitting on the balcony chair, is lazier and casual, with less sharp and cold feelings.

“Do you want to stand there and talk with me?”Huo Yichen provokes his last syllable, with sheer impatience.

Gu Yanxi comes to Huo Yichen slowly and sits down next to him, lowering her head, with her two hands touching on her legs, which shows her entanglement and uneasiness in her heart.

“Huo Yichen, do you feel happy in the last three months?”Finally, Gu Yanxi asks in a low voice.

Huo Yichen, having been waiting for a long time, hears a strange question from this woman. He snorts, “Gu Yanxi, it’s none of your business whether I feel happy or not. You should fulfill the obligation as my wife – get you prepared before I get back.”

Gu Yanxi clenches her hands tight, and slowly lifts up her head when Huo Yichen talks to her, with his humiliated eyes and tone at all times, “So, you don’t need a wife. What you need is a woman splitting her legs on the bed.”

Huo Yichen raises his eyebrows, with his evil eyes, “So, what is your point?”

Gu Yanxi sees Huo Yichen directly in his eyes, “Many women crave for your love. It doesn’t count with or without me. Huo Yichen, let’s get divorce.”


Huo Yichen feels his heart tighten, and forces a cold smile on his face. He always knows this woman is not a docile cat. She endures silently or stoops to compromise when she needs you. She will kick you away ruthlessly when she doesn’t need you. And she can say “divorce”easily.

“Gu Yanxi, you take yourself seriously. Do you think you can determine my marriage?”

Gu Yanxi moves her eyesight from Huo Yichen’s sharp eyes, staring at capacious bedroom, every corner of this room, and then she moves her eyesight back to Huo Yichen, and says, “This house needs a real hostess, instead of me, a woman with the title of your wife trades with you not as good as a mistress. Huo Yichen, you don’t love me, and I don’t love you. What is the ending for us being together except an internecinestrife?”

Huo Yichen sneers, “Who say that I don’t love you? I love you, who is an arrogant princess, when you are coquettish to please me. I enjoy the situation in which you hate me but you can do noting to change. You know clearly why I got married with you. Do you think you have the qualification to end this game before I lose interest in you?”

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