Chapter 200 - Just Like A Couple (1)

Chapter 200: Just Like A Couple (1)

When Su Yaya saw Chen Yan entering the dressing room, she stopped on her tracks and turned around. Instead, she went to another dressing room to remove her makeup and change her clothes.

That was Xu Chengkun’s dressing room and when he heard that she wanted to borrow it, he generously allowed her to. He even considerately left with his assistant and stood outside of the dressing room to guard for her.

Su Yaya brought Duan Xiaoyu to the dressing room to remove her makeup before changing into her casual clothes. The moment she walked out of the dressing room, she saw Xu Chengkun and his assistant guarding outside. She immediately smiled faintly at them and thanked them.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome. It’s not much effort.” Xu Chengkun said straightforwardly.

Su Yaya replied, “Brother Xu, you’re really a kind person.”

Xu Chengkun was stunned and then he smiled and said, “Haha, I was given the nice person card.”

The two talked outside of the dressing room for a while. Their personalities were both compatible, so they naturally got along well.

After the cast finished packing up, Director Zhou Tongguang invited everyone out for midnight snacks. “Today, Xiao Xu came back to the cast in advance so he must be tired from shooting while still injured. Let’s gather together to hold a welcoming dinner for him and hope that he recovers early on.”

Everyone supported this suggestion and all indicated that they would go.

While they were having fun and joking around, Chen Yan walked out of the dressing room and she was expressionless. A staff member asked her to come along and have midnight snacks with them, but she faintly said, “I’m very tired, so I’m going back to rest first. I’m not going. You guys can go ahead.”

Chen Yan didn’t perform well today. Now that everyone said they were going to have midnight snacks, she said she didn’t want to go. Everyone knew why, so they didn’t convince her any longer. They simply watched as she carried her bag and left with her assistant.

This interruption didn’t influence anyone’s feelings. Chen Yan didn’t go, but the rest went there happily.

They had hot pot and even drank beer. The entire cast stayed for about almost three hours before they started to scatter and leave.

They left in groups in separate cars and drove back to the hotel. Su Yaya felt like she ate too much, so she decided to walk to digest for a bit. Therefore, she didn’t take a car.

Su Yaya said, “After all, we’re not far from the hotel. It’s not even a thousand feet away. I can just walk there.”

Xu Chengkun also said, “I want to take a stroll too. Why don’t we walk together?”

The two had a pretty good relationship, so Su Yaya didn’t reject. She smiled and said, “Ok, let’s walk together.”

“Ok.” Xu Chengkun answered and followed along.

The night wind blew softly as Su Yaya and Xu Chengkun walked down the road. The lights shone brightly on the two of them. Su Yaya wore a faint blue long dress while Xu Chengkun donned casual clothes, although they both wore face masks to prevent their appearances being leaked to the public. The two walked shoulder to shoulder and they were extremely like a couple.

Needless to say, Xu Chengkun was a great companion. He had a gentle personality and knew a lot of things. No matter what Su Yaya casually said, he was able to reply and it didn’t make the conversation seem cold or awkward. The streets late at night were radiating and splendid. The two talked once in a while and time quickly passed. Not long after, they arrived at the hotel.

They walked into the hotel lounge and the elevator arrived just in time. Su Yaya and Xu Chengkun as well as their assistants got into the elevator together.

Apparently they both lived across from each other. Su Yaya pressed the ninth floor directly.

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