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Young Madam Wang was also ‘passionate’. “That’s right, that’s right. Second Brother, don’t stand on ceremony with us. Hey, isn’t this Sun Mei’s second brother’s family? I was wondering why they looked so familiar. What a coincidence, let’s go together…”

Zhao Dong was just about to respond when his second aunt stood up and shouted, “Boss, the bill is here.”

She directly interrupted Madam Wang’s persuasion.

Then, Madam Liu looked at Madam Wang and said in surprise, “Eh, it’s Madam Wang. Are you so free? Shouldn’t the tavern be the busiest at this hour? Why are you still free to run around? Could it be that your tavern is closing?”

After hearing her curse her family’s tavern to close, Madam Wang’s face immediately darkened.

Coincidentally, at this moment, the shopkeeper walked over and smiled at Zhao Dong and the others. “Sir, six bowls. Twelve copper coins in total.”

At that moment, everyone had finished their noodles and did not want to be entangled with Madam Wang and the others. After paying, they prepared to leave. They still had to buy brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones for Zhao Zhitong later.

However, when they wanted to leave, Young Madam Wang refused to let them go. She followed them out of the noodle shop in a strange manner. “Hmph, don’t worry. My tavern has good business, unlike some people who can’t even afford two bowls of broken noodles after selling tofu for two days.”

“Six bowls for eight people. Second Brother, you can’t be too stingy. Sun Mei’s family is helping you. At least give them a full bowl!”

Madam Wang looked down on Zhao Dong’s family from the bottom of her heart. She really could not understand why the head of the family wanted her to look for Second Brother’s cursed family. He even wanted her to please them and drag him to the tavern for a meal.

The food in her tavern was so expensive. Why should she let this family eat it? Besides, they just had some lousy tofu formula. Wasn’t it something that belonged to a roadside stall?!

Even Zhao Dong, who had always had a good temper, was a little angry at Madam Wang’s eccentric tone. Moreover, with his second aunt’s fiery temper, she was not someone who would stand being scolded.

She immediately stood on the street and retorted, “Madam Wang, you’re just stirring conflict. If you have the time to worry about us eating a few bowls of noodles, why don’t you care more about whether your tavern can continue operating?

“I heard that another tavern opened in this market and stole a lot of your business. Don’t be unable to afford the noodles you despise when the time comes!”

In the end, she snorted coldly. “Seriously, someone in your family has already died, yet you still care about others buying coffins. Pfft!”

After that, she dragged her sons along and left.

Madam Wang’s face turned green and white from Second Aunt’s rebuke. She stood in front of the noodle shop and scolded them as they left. “Pfft! What is this? Someone died in your family. A nest of b*stards is only worthy of eating some noodles from the roadside stalls…”

At this moment, a basin of water was suddenly splashed over her. Little Madam Wang screamed and dodged, but half of her body was still splashed with dirty water.

Then, she saw the shopkeeper’s wife holding a wooden basin and standing under the shed. She said with a fake smile, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought there was no one outside. I only heard a dog barking outside. I was afraid of scaring my customers.”

Not only was she humiliated by that little b*tch’s family, but she was also slandered and called a dog. Madam Wang was instantly furious.

However, at this moment, many people eating noodles in the restaurant were looking at her unkindly. They were even mocking her and pointing at her.

The three of them instantly became the target of everyone.

No one could be blamed for this. She could only blame herself for being too harsh when she humiliated Zhao Dong just now. When she said that those who ate noodles from roadside stalls were cheap, she offended this room full of people!

She did not dare to make a scene. She laughed dryly, pulled her daughter, and fled.

Seeing that his sister had left, Wang Gou did not dare to stay any longer and hurriedly followed.

As soon as they left, the shopkeeper’s wife spat. “What the hell? What’s so great about opening a tavern!”


Speaking of which, Zhao Dong and the others’ good mood was ruined by the sudden appearance of Madam Wang.

He didn’t shop around anymore and went straight to buy a brush and paper.

However, after walking around the market, they did not see a single bookstore.

Zhao Dong asked, “Second Brother, do you know who sells brushes and ink in this market?”

Sun Youli shook his head. “We don’t have any scholars in our family, so we rarely pay attention to these things. However, there must be some in the county city. Our father’s brush was bought in the county city.”

Zhao Dong nodded. That was true. This market was a place for villagers to exchange goods. Few farmers bought precious items like brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones, so naturally, no one sold them.

Hence, he said, “Then let’s go back today. We’ll go to the county city to buy it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

They had just searched around the market, and almost everyone in the market had left. No one was in the mood to continue shopping and was prepared to return home.

When they reached the alley outside their house, they saw a little person squatting in front of their door from afar, reading a book.

Zhao Zhitong recognized Qiao Muchen at a glance. She was still in a daze, but she instantly perked up and wriggled off her uncle’s back.

“Qiao Jiaojiao!” She shouted and jogged over.

Upon hearing Zhao Zhitong’s voice, Qiao Muchen immediately stood up and waved at the person who was running over. “Zhao Zhuangzhuang!”

The two little children’s actions, coupled with the way they addressed each other, were inexplicably comical.

Zhao Dong and the others behind him could not help but laugh.

Zhao Zhitong jogged over and pouted unhappily. “Qiao Jiaojiao, don’t call me Zhao Zhuangzhuang.”

Qiao Muchen replied. “Well then, you can’t call me Qiao Jiaojiao.”

Zhao Zhitong nodded. “Okay, Qiao Muchen. I won’t call you that, and you can’t call me Zhao Zhuangzhuang either.”

Qiao Muchen said, “Alright, you have my word.”

Zhao Zhitong said, “You can’t go back on your word.”

Zhao Zhitong agreed, but in her heart, she was thinking, “Hey, I’m not a gentleman!”

The two of them temporarily reached an agreement on how to address each other.

Then, Zhao Zhitong asked Qiao Muchen why he was reading at her door.

Qiao Muchen said truthfully, “It’s a school break today. I’m here to invite you to my study to read together.”

Zhao Zhitong’s eyes lit up when she heard the word “study”. “Wow, you have a study at home? Do you have a lot of books?”

Qiao Muchen nodded proudly. “Of course, there are two big bookshelves.”

“Wow!” Zhao Zhitong instantly looked envious. “That’s a lot.”

Then, she bragged, “I also have two books.”

At this moment, Sun Mei, who had heard the commotion, walked out of the courtyard. “Hey, you’re back from the market.”

Zhao Zhitong threw herself into Sun Mei’s arms. “Mother, Tongtong misses you so much.”

Sun Mei said helplessly, “Look, how old are you? You’re still acting cute in front of outsiders. Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Not ashamed!” Zhao Zhitong shouted and hugged her even tighter.