Chapter 319


However, the wallet the boys just threw away was a gift from none other than Ban Hwee Hyul’s little brother! How could this happen?

‘This won’t gonna work!’ I decided to modify my escape plan altogether, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but shed tears of blood in the corner of my heart. Why should I have to do such a thing for a group of kids whom I had never seen until now…

Moving my steps quietly, I stopped and stood right in front of the parking lot.

“… Excuse me?”

My voice echoed inside the lot as if I were in a cave. Two boys turned around to look in my direction.


Biting my lips, I closed my eyes tightly and shouted each word with emphasis.

“Um… you should not do that…!”

The air inside the lot paused at my words.

When I slightly opened my eyes, I found Ban Hwee Hyul, who had been plopped down on the ground, looking at me with his eyes wide open. He seemed to be quite startled.

I diverted my gaze back onto the two boys. Staring at me in a daze, they suddenly burst into laughter.

“Haha hahaha!”

Laughing out like crazy for quite a while, the two boys then changed their facial expressions and came closer to me. They lifted their fists with angry looks on their faces.

“Hey, what the fu*k? Do you want to do something with us, right now?!”

“Uh… no… not at all…”

The other boy also added a few words while cracking his knuckles.

“Kids these days value their life so lightly.”

I agreed upon his words inwardly, saying, ‘Yeah, that is so true, or else you guys would have not done that with Ban Hwee Hyul’s wallet!’ Closing back my eyes tightly, I yelled, “But I think you need to return that wallet to him…!”

‘… If you guys don’t want to get killed!’ I couldn’t add these words, so I swallowed them, but it could have been better to just put that into my sentence.

“Is she insane?”

If I did, I wouldn’t have to hear this kind of response for worrying about their lives.

I grimaced in frustration while wondering, ‘Why can’t they think that a boy with red eyes, whose name is Ban Hwee Hyul, is the real Ban Hwee Hyul? Is it because of those thick glasses?’

Anyway, I got one thing; I should have not taken any action for this situation!

The kids in front of my eyes seemed to lose all their interests in Ban Hwee Hyul because of me. That was thankful, but on the other hand, they began to threaten me on behalf of Ban Hwee Hyul.

“Hey, you’re also wearing the same So Hyun High School uniform. You look like a nerd too. Do you want to taste my fist?”

“Why are kids these days so fearless? Hey, come here.”

Watching the two boys emitting murderous spirits in the parking lot like a scene in a movie, I tried to think about something positive.

Gosh, my conscience, which couldn’t make me neglect a person dying in my sight, was getting me into another trouble today in the end! I really couldn’t help myself.

I sank my head on my chest with a slight grin.

“Please forgive me for any inconvenience. Bye.”

“What a crazy b*tch! Hey, get your ass over here!”

No matter what they say, I carried my bag over my shoulder and got ready to run at full speed. It was my first time to sprint since bumping into Yoo Chun Young when I was a freshman in middle school.

As if they felt something was going to happen, the two boys yelled immediately.

“Get her!”

“Don’t you dare to run away!”

That was when I turned around with all my force while holding my shoulder straps tightly. At the end of the alley, someone’s shadow was stretching into this direction.

I paused to take a step forward and stood still. Blinking swiftly, I wondered, ‘That person can’t be here at this time of the day!’ Well, since he was here, things were all resolved whether or not.

I called him in a loud voice as if I met a lifesaver.

“Yeo Dan oppa!”

Ban Yeo Dan, who was a man of few words except in front of his sister, responded to me with a mere twitch of his head and walked toward us apathetically. His eyes met with those of the boys, who tried to get me like a tiger running after its prey. No emotions appeared on his chiseled, handsome, but indifferent face.

With a frown, he asked me, “What are you doing?”

I could feel a strong person’s breadth of mind from Yeo Dan oppa, who read the hostile atmosphere but questioned me in composure. As if they also grasped the same thing, the boys, who barked like dogs just until now, stepped back in astonishment.

Why couldn’t these bastards read the same spirit from Ban Hwee Hyul? Looking at them with a look of wonder, I soon switched my gaze to Yeo Dan oppa.

Anyway, I was lucky! Thank god! Getting myself almost glued to his side, I asked, “Oppa! What happened to the self-studying session after school?”

“I skipped it.”

Replying that way, Yeo Dan oppa’s face looked confident without feeling ashamed at all.

It was true that having to worry about grades or test scores were nowhere near in the life of the Bans. Getting bewildered for a moment, I soon continued, “Oppa, help me. I was about to get punched just now.”

Even if I mentioned that I was almost getting punched, the look on Yeo Dan oppa’s face didn’t change at all.

“Why would they try to punch you?”

“Um… so…”

How should I explain this overall situation? His personality wouldn’t like to listen a long story. After wondering for a second, I lifted my finger and pointed at the two stiffened boys.

“I tried to save their lives…”

At that moment, a voice came out from the opposite direction. One of the two boys was ranting and raving, “Are you kidding me?! What a fu*king weirdo! Haven’t you seen people selling things? Is this your first time? Mind your own business, jerk!”

The other boy, standing beside him, also waved his hand in the air and shouted, “Hey, is she your sister or a girlfriend? No matter who she is, just get her out of here! I’m not gonna say it twice. Have you ever heard about Kim Chul Min of Ilsang High School?”

Yeo Dan oppa didn’t look stirred upon their savage reactions at all. He just slightly furrowed his brows as if he was recalling some memories. Returning to his nonchalant face, he replied, “No… I never heard about it. Ilsang High School? What grade and class is he?

“ARGH!!! Are they out of their minds?!”

That was when one of the boys went berserk while frothing at the mouth. Another boy raised his hand and stopped him from jumping into us out of rage. The look in his eyes clearly showed a sign of fear at Yeo Dan oppa.

He then glanced in this direction in fright and said, “Dude, let’s go. Come on, let’s just go!”

“Uh, why?! What’s wrong?”

“He’s Ban Yeo Dan! Don’t you see his nametag? Geez, I heard that he lives nearby, which turned out to be real. Gosh, come on, let’s go!”

‘Why are they calling Yeo Dan oppa’s name as if he’s something like a legendary beast or so?’ With that thought in mind, I grimaced and wondered, ‘Is Yeo Dan oppa also involved in that ranking thing like Eun Hyung before I even knew?’

Anyway, I was afraid if Yeo Dan oppa would get hurt by their remarks. I threw a glance at him with worried eyes. Whether it was a fortunate thing or not, he didn’t show any feelings on his face.

Yeo Dan oppa was just staring at Ban Hwee Hyul, who was still sitting on the ground in the corner of the parking lot. Now I had come to think of it, he was excellent in listening only to what he wanted to hear just like Ban Yeo Ryung.

Meanwhile, the two bastards carried their bags over their shoulders and walked past me by at a fast pace. While they were receding from me, their conversations reached my ears.

“Who is Ban Yeo Dan? I never heard about that name.”

“You, moron! How can you not know his name? He’s the one who knocked out Sang Jae sunbae last time! He usually moves alone or else with a super fabulous girl. Whenever he confronts someone, I heard he just destroys that person.”

‘That super fabulous girl… I think I know who she is…’ I murmured to myself.



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