Chapter 283


Just like other web novel characters, the guy also had some extraordinary facial features. Even though he wasn’t emitting a radiance as much as Yi Ruda, I assumed that he would soon become a superstar in our school.

Each kid surrounding him threw a word in a foreign language to hear his voice. The scene reminded me of Yeo Dan oppa’s way to school that I couldn’t help but feel shivers down my spine.

‘Come to think of it, Yeo Dan oppa… Did you arrive at school safely today?’ I quietly murmured upon the sudden thought. Especially, when there was vacation ceremony or opening ceremony, Yeo Dan oppa’s way to school turned into a spectacular adventure since he had to pass through the girls––and sometimes boys–– who waited for him like a stone statue and later collapsed in front of him out of awe. Even Yeo Dan oppa went to a boy’s high school!

Lost in those thoughts for a moment, I suddenly lifted my head when I heard a voice coming from the guy’s direction.

“What? I learned Korean, so you can talk to me in Korean.”

“Holy cow!”

“He even has perfect pronunciation!”

Listening to the crowds letting out such familiar exclamations, I slightly grimaced. Wouldn’t they feel sick and tired of those lame whoops in web novels? From that sight, I could clearly tell what would happen around him. Feeling not well, I stretched out my arm to pull Ban Yeo Ryung and Yoon Jung In.

I asked, “Hey, let’s go. What’s the big deal about having a new student at school?”

Yoon Jung In, however, didn’t seem to back off that easily. When it came to enjoying something interesting, Yoon Jung In was second to none.

“Why? Let’s just watch him a little more. He might be our grade,” he grumbled.

“Come on, what if he isn’t?”

Replying like that, I soon stiffened my face when I suddenly heard a remark coming from a distance. Next, I could hardly believe my ears, wondering, ‘Is that really what I just heard, not a hallucination?’

When I turned to look aside, I found Yoon Jung In, who became as stiff as me like a rock. He then spoke in an incomparably pale face than before.

“… I think I’ve just heard something tremendous.”

“Hey, shut up. Don’t you try to rerun it.”

Regardless of my desperate words, a clear voice pierced through the noise and reached my ears.

“You want me to repeat it? Hmm, in English, we call it Ice Princess, so… should I put it like this in Korean?”

The guy with the sky-blue hair then said to the crowd with a wink.

“I’m here to find our ice princess, Miss Elsa.”


‘OMG!! He’s so romantic!’

While the students around him were enjoying a springtime flower breeze party, only our spot turned silent like the cold winter air. Even though it was September right now, it wasn’t a season full of fallen leaves yet; however, a wind blow from somewhere dropped a bunch of dead leaves on our heads.

Standing still for a quite a while, Ban Yeo Ryung then took off the autumn leaves entangled in her long hair then declared something quietly.

“Let’s go.”

“Uh… yeah.”

I slowly turned around with that reply. Ban Yeo Ryung’s reactions were surprisingly too nonchalant and even frigid, at the same time, that I murmured to myself, ‘No matter how superb female lead she is in this web novel, she may not go well with the Disney main character-type guys…’

Well, if Ban Yeo Ryung was the lead role in Disney movies, she wouldn’t be on top of achieving high marks in school and nationwide but instead commune with pigeons and nature every day while singing beautiful songs together.

I turned back to throw a sad glance at the poor Disney prince who landed in the wrong country, thinking, ‘Sorry dear, there isn’t any Disney princess in Korea; besides, Korean pigeons are too fat to fly…’

Praying for him to return to his country as soon as possible, I bent my steps. The guy with sky-blue hair, who was surrounded by crowds of students, gradually receded behind my back.

As soon as I swung the door open, familiar faces almost poured into my view.

The cold air surging through the classroom windows that were opened early in the morning, noisy whispers, and the sunlight embracing all these so warmly…

Everything felt too welcoming that I squinted my eyes for a second then smiled. As soon as I flaunted a grin, I was showered with words of greetings.

“Hey, good to see you again!”

“Whoa, you guys came together. Dude, why are you holding Donnie’s bag?”

Yoon Jung In responded to the flurry of questions, saying, ‘Oh, I almost knocked her over,’ and handed me the bag. While the kids soon scolded him, ‘Why did you do that on the first day of school,’ I approached them and said hi.

When they finished throwing bitter reproaches to Yoon Jung In, which they usually did on the first day of the new semester, the topic of the conversation quickly changed. The kids were now talking about the foreign student near the main entrance. As if rumors about him were already spreading out, the kids were gushing out all kinds of guesses.

“I heard he’s a freshman.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Look at his name tag. He’s definitely a freshman.”

“Well, seniors won’t transfer around this time.”

“If he then becomes our class, it’ll be really interesting.”

Hmm, I rested my chin on my palm in silence. Even though the guy with sky-blue hair caught everyone’s attention, there wasn’t any substantive information since today was the first day of the new semester and no class had been started yet. In other words, we would learn about him once he revealed his identity.

I trembled for a moment, thinking, ‘I understand that it’s a waste of time in a novel when nothing new happens in the opening or entrance ceremony, but would you please slow down? Please consider those living inside this world!’

Turning my stiff head around to avoid those topics, I soon found familiar human figures. They were the Kim twins, who were talking to each other quietly while sitting on the window seats. The calm air encircled them, as usual, which made them seem to be the only ones in a different world.

I stood up from my seat and walked toward them. When I approached, the twins then turned their heads simultaneously. The returning voices even sounded so tranquil.



I laughed in a small voice and perched on the empty seat near them. Looking at Kim Hye Woo’s dark circles under his eyes, I was sure that he pulled an all-nighter until last night.

Placing my arms on his desk, I flung a question.

“Did you play games again?”

“Uh-huh, there was an event of getting doubled experience points and reward points. How can I miss that?”

“Don’t you think I’m wasting my energies to wake you up every morning?”

Watching them beginning to quarrel as usual, I felt the start of my daily life, at last. This was how the first day of the new semester should begin, instead of the whole school making a fuss while talking about the new student with sky-blue hair, which was genetically impossible to have.

Resting my chin on my palm with a satisfied smile, I watched the twins bickering. The front door then suddenly opened, and Shin Suh Hyun, who was carrying a long black bag, appeared. As if he just finished his morning training even on the first day of the new semester, Shin Suh Hyun swept his hair back in exhaustion then threw his glance at Yoon Jung In.

In that direction, about ten kids including Yoon Jung In and Lee Mina were talking loudly about the new student. Shin Suh Hyun, however, didn’t look interested in that conversation at all. He might have not encountered the new student probably because he had been training in the morning. Shin Suh Hyun just frowned at the notably noisy group of kids then put his bag down on the desk and walked straight toward us.

Pulling out the chair beside me to take a seat, he blurted out something, which made us burst into laughter.

“Why am I already feeling so exhausted when I did nothing but just saw Yoon Jung In’s face?”

Yes, I could tell it from the look on Shin Suh Hyun’s face. Since he moved so silently, Yoon Jung In didn’t seem to notice that his friend came into the classroom, which was very fortunate to Shin Suh Hyun.

While I couldn’t stop laughing, Kim Hye Hill suddenly uttered beside me.

“I saw you on TV winning the prize. Congrats.”

Eh? Her sudden remark made my eyes wide open. When I turned aside in surprise, Kim Hye Woo also looked nonchalant as if he already knew that too.

I asked back, “You won a prize? What prize?”

“I went abroad for an international competition during the break.”

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