Chapter 267


The reason why Kang Mino couldn’t do that was because of Yi Jenny’s order. She was the chairperson of the international security company Reed Enterprise as well as the boss of Kang Mino. Her son Yi Ruda had been running away from home for a long time; she had finally managed to almost catch him.

That Yi Ruda, however, suddenly appeared in front of Kang Mino like a ghost and snatched his cell phone. Kang Mino was, therefore, frightened to death. And due to that phone, Choi Yuri had to transfer to another school. As she also committed something wrong, Choi Yuri could not fire Kang Mino fairly and openly, so the happening was buried in oblivion.

That was exactly when Yi Jenny began to get interested in Choi Yuri and the reason why Kang Mino couldn’t easily quit this job.

He checked his watch. It has been a while since the slight vibration started to sound in the specially designed watch. Walking through the desolate woods for quite some time, he then finally put up his watch next to his ear and pressed the button.

With a beep, a voice came over the device.

[Why are you answering so late?]

“I’ve been by Miss Choi’s side all along.”

[Turn on the GPS.]

“Excuse me?”

Kang Mino felt perplexed for a second but soon turned on the GPS without any words. His boss was the type of person who made her explanation short. Now his location would be sent to Yi Jenny.

He did what he was told to; however, Kang Mino was still wondering where on earth was Yi Jenny thinking to use the location of this warehouse.

After many considerations, he emitted a small whoop.

“Um, may I ask you something?”


“Did you have a deal with Hanwool Group?”

He then heard a hiss over the phone. Yi Jenny replied as if she felt ridiculous.

[No, do you think they’ll leave me alone if they knew I was already aware of this? That will just cause more trouble.]

“Then, for what reason are you…?”

[There’s only one person whom I’m providing the information. It’s an individual who doesn’t belong to any organization.]

“An individual?”

Frowning for a moment, Kang Mino flung another question.

“Where on earth is the individual client using this information when he or she can’t even come here alone to save them? Is this also for trading with Hanwool Group? What if the person gets interrogated about the source of the information and discloses us? That will really cause a problem then.”

Kang Mino expressed his reasonable doubt on the order he had been given from her. Still, Yi Jenny just smiled without saying anything.

His brows met in the middle, but he soon shook his head. Yi Jenny would have definitely considered this situation when she was doing her business; besides, she was his boss. There was no need for her to explain everything to him.

That was when he heard her following words.

[Sort it out and get out of there.]

Turning stiff for a second, Kang Mino then barely answered back.


[I told you to sort it out and get out of there ASAP if you don’t want to be knocked out and found by the police tomorrow morning.]


Kang Mino, at last, couldn’t help but throw the question.

“Please, what are you planning to do?”

[I just made a satisfactory deal. That’s all.]

RA-TATATA–– At that very moment, he heard something like a faint and continuous gunfire sound over his head from far away. Kang Mino raised his head.

It was just over five in the morning. The time when sunlight was spreading dimly over the dark blue horizon, there was a large black object floating in the air. As it came into his view, Kang Mino’s jaw dropped on the floor.

What came out from Yi Jenny’s mouth then made his eyes open wide. Kang Mino asked back stutteringly.

“What did you say? Who’s coming?”

[Don’t make me say it twice.]

He then lost radio contact. Dropping his gaze at the watch that just lost communication with her, Kang Mino murmured with a stiff face.

“Did she adopt another new son before I even knew?”

The approaching aircraft’s wind blew his hair hard.

Article 24. Aren’t Female Protagonists Always Getting Kidnapped? (Part 3)

After the phone call, Choi Yuri still left us kneeling on the bare floor while she took a chair from somewhere and sat down even with a blanket on it.

Dropping her gaze at us with her legs crossed and chin up, she looked confident. From her attitude, I could tell that the negotiations with Eun Jiho seemed to have ended successfully.

What was now left for her would be how to treat Eun Jiho who might come here alone; therefore, she certainly was able to look that satisfied.

However, I couldn’t help but sigh.

Well, it was quite ridiculous to think such a thing while kneeling on the cold warehouse floor with my hands tied behind my back for hours. Still, Choi Yuri looked pathetic to me.

Does she even know what the hell she’s doing right now?

This was a serious crime. Choi Yuri was, however, acting like a person who had no idea what the consequences of this happening would bring to her life.

Let’s say meeting Eun Jiho was what she wanted, but what would be next? Although she tries to run away with him in the name of one-sided love, how long does she think that the situation can last?

Long story short, it was a short-term plan with no vision. Not only just short-term but it was also so absurd.

Back then, when I saw her in school, Choi Yuri was, however, not a fool like this. This was the point that caused the greatest sense of incompatibility.

Yes, when considering her elaborate schemes and the manipulation of public opinion to harass me, Choi Yuri was never so stupid to not see the future because of her immediate desire. She was rather clever and cunning enough to control the situations.

That being said, who the hell made her commit such a crime while being thoughtless like this? As to think about it, there was one possibility that lingered in my head.

A weird flow in web novels… a flow that pushes characters to stand on the edge of a precipice improbably might have led me hit by a truck right in front of Eun Hyung and led Ban Yeo Ryung to get kidnapped. Wouldn’t it be fair to assume that the flow has taken the ‘rationality’ away from Choi Yuri right now?

I glanced at Choi Yuri nervously. No matter how hard I think about it, there was only one reason why Choi Yuri was acting so improbably.

In that case, Choi Yuri might ruin the rest of her life due to that preposterous flow. If she was in her right mind, she would have never done such a thing like this; however, Choi Yuri was behaving insanely as if she had been possessed.

Once someone was branded as a criminal, life in the future wouldn’t be good. Having that thought in mind, a chilling sensation enveloped my whole body. I slightly trembled while thinking how thankful it was for not playing the villain in this world. If I did, I couldn’t guarantee that it would not be me who could be sitting on that chair instead of Choi Yuri.

At that same time, I, however, thought about something else. Although Choi Yuri was a little mean, wasn’t it too much to ruin the rest of her life by that flow? Couldn’t I then change something by quietly persuading her from an outsider point of view?

With that thought, I carefully observed her and searched for a chance to talk to her.

As if she achieved all her goals from kidnapping us, Choi Yuri was doing her nails alone or touching the phone that she just had a call with Eun Jiho. Other than that, she didn’t even care about us at all.

‘If that continues, she won’t even listen to me no matter what I say; however, it still would be worth to give a try,’ I thought.

Moving my lips for quite a while, I, at last, tried to open my mouth.

There was a quiet voice coming from beside me.

“I want to go to the bathroom.”

It was Ban Yeo Ryung. She looked composed, but her furrowed brows showed that she was now a little intolerable.

Choi Yuri then gave an agonizing face but soon called the Four Symbols who were chitchatting in the corner like kids on a picnic.

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