Chapter 236

However, things were getting worse.

After Eun Jiho, there was Yoon Jung In! This utterly outgoing boy had a weakness for not being self-conscious, which was also his advantage at the same time. That part of his character attracted many people.

Besides, he had a unique talent of entertaining people in five minutes on the spot; therefore, the girl could have gotten along with him from Yoon Jung In having a wide circle of acquaintances.

But how could she have the Kim twins as her friends? Did she even know who they really were? The twins seldom showed up in these kinds of parties, but once they appeared, they drew all the attention by radiating a mysterious aura like an untouchable rainbow. Thus, to many people, they have long been an object of admiration and were famous for never smiling.

Those twins were, now, not only just hanging around with Ham Donnie in the banquet hall but also were flaunting a bright smile at her most of the time. The group of girls was, therefore, flabbergasted at what the Kim twins were constantly showing in this place.

However, when the fuss began around the entrance, Ham Donnie began to look uncomfortable about the overall situation. She then seemed to declare that she would be leaving the spot eventually.

The six girls, who were gathered in this place, looked solemn. The leader among them was Na Yeri, the second heiress of Daeup Group. Her background and appearance overwhelmed the rest of the girls. Sweeping her slid down hair back, she spoke with confidence.

“Are you all ready? We only have one shot to do this.”

Yes, of course!

The girls responded with a look of steely determination. Na Yeri then turned her mouth up slightly to resemble the hint of a smile. Turning around to the terrace where Ham Donnie headed to, she clearly stated, “Let’s go.”

She was already trusting her victory in this matter.

* * *

Unexpectedly, there wasn’t a lot of people outside the terrace. The orange light emitted a pale radiance between the empty tables like a setting sun.

Glancing around here and there, I suddenly tilted my head back. The sky looked foggy with dusty clouds, which was the usual sight of the Seoul sky. I opened my mouth wide to take a deep breath.

‘So, this is Seoul, right? I’m losing the sense of reality… Geez, what should I do?’

That was when I had that thought in mind while raising my hand to cover my cheek. A voice came into my ear.


Turning my head back, I blinked swiftly.

‘Eh? There wasn’t anyone outside earlier.’

However, a group of six kids was approaching where I was standing. All of them were girls, who looked stunningly beautiful. In addition to their captivating appearances, their fancy outfits and accessories made them look like models who just stepped out of an editorial. Getting awestruck for a moment while scanning them from head to toe, I suddenly pulled myself together and answered back.

“Um, yes. Should I step aside?”

I tried to step back while assuming they were here to lean against the balustrade; however, at that moment, the girl, who stood at the head of the group, displayed a sign of ferocity on her face. She then struck a retort.

“How dare you try to run away? You think you’re better than us?”

‘Excuse me??’ I murmured while looking at her gorgeous face.

Standing in front of the banister, I was lost in the beauty of the Seoul sky. A girl then approached me and initiated a conversation… if I were a boy, this would have been apparently a scene inside a romance movie.

And just now, I think I’ve heard the genre of this scene switching into something else…

While I rambled those thoughts inside my head, the girls standing behind her began to echo her words.

“Yeah, know your place biatch!”

“How dare you stay next to him!”

Flickering my eyes blankly even until then, I came up with a thought out of the blue.

‘Oh, come on… is this the situation what I’m thinking…?’

Lifting my head, I asked them politely.

“Oh, is there anything I can help you with?”


The girls looked very perplexed. Especially, the outstandingly pretty girl with long hair, who looked like the leader of the group, seemed so nonplussed that I felt a little sorry for her somehow.

‘Geez, she shouldn’t be too surprised to be tongue-tied…’

I, therefore, made a face that looked as warmhearted as possible.

As if I were a sales associate welcoming the first customer at a clothing store, I opened my mouth in a kind manner.

“Excuse me.”


“Please feel free to say what you have in mind. What can I do for you?”

The group of girls, who were in a daze for a second, then blushed. Their white faces were on fire under the orange lamplight. One of the girls then detached her lips.

“How dare you…!”

“Oh, hold on, please. If it’s too difficult to start, I can narrow down the options.”

With that being said, I put my hand on my chest while showing the warmest smile ever. The girls, standing in front of me, then changed the look on their faces into something beyond description. Exchanging eye contact, they talked in whispers to each other.

“What the hell is she doing?”

“How should I know?”

“Isn’t she afraid of us? Who does she think we are?”

I sent them a warm gaze, thinking, ‘Who you girls are? None of them in the world would know about you as much as I do.’

“Ok, first of all, is there anyone here who thinks that I remind you of a sister who got separated a decade ago?”

“That’s bullshit!”

Feeling her cheeks flushing immediately, the leader-like girl shouted out. She then yelled, ‘What the heck are you talking about?!’ but I intervened her remark with a polite smile.

“Oh, I see. Completely understood, so let’s move on to the second option.”

“Hey, what the F…!!”

“Now, is there anyone who had a crush on me a long time ago, but had to give up since my family and I had relocated to somewhere else… BUT who have been struggled to do so, please raise your hand.”

This time, a short-haired girl at the very end yelled, “Are you out of your mind?!”

“Oh, there is no one again…” I replied nonchalantly.

Well, this was going too far for me too.

Flaunting a faint grin, I continued my words.

“Then, lastly, those who think that I don’t deserve to stay beside Eun Jiho, and it must be you who belongs to that position, please raise your hand.”

A moment of silence then hung in the air.

After a while, the girls exchanged eye contact while having indescribable look on their faces. All of them then raised their hands hesitantly. They all looked like children who saw a traffic light for the first time in their life and barely came up with raising their hands at the crosswalk.

I flung a question to the girl with long hair who was throwing a mysterious glance at me while holding her hand high up in the air at the head of the group.

“May I have your name please?”

“Who? M…e??”

Blushing for a second, she then blurted, “Na Yeri.”

“Congratulations, you won,” I replied, nodding my head with a serious face.


“The position next to Eun Jiho looks very good on you. I can simply tell it by your name. This is destiny!”


I looked around while setting her aside. A girl with purple hair, who was holding her hand while waiting for her turn calmly, came into my sight. Before she tried to speak hesitantly, I interrupted her.

“Hold on, you also passed.”

“What? But why aren’t you asking my name?”

She asked back with a look of bewilderment. Nodding my head with a serious face, I gave her my response.

“Right, that is because…”


“You are Korean with a completely Korean background, aren’t you?”

Looking blank for a second, she then nodded and replied, ‘Um, yes.’

I threw my glance again at her purple hair sparkling in the light, then I declared solemnly.

“Congratulations. You obtained a free pass to stay next to Eun Jiho.”


Standing still for a moment, she, for some reason, then grabbed my hand with her eyes almost moving to tears. A few girls behind her stepped forward, crying out something like, ‘Hey, what about me?’ or ‘Let me know it too!’

A girl, who had her dark brown ponytail tied with a pink ribbon, then shouted among them.

“How do I look?! My name is Kim Hansol. I’m seventeen years old!”

“Oh, bummer. I’m sorry but maybe in your next life… I mean, next time.”


She had her head in her hands out of despair. A girl with a wavy pink hair, who was standing behind her, then took a turn to fling the same question.

“What about me?”

“You also have the free pass ticket to partner Eun Jiho.”

For a while, the place had mingled feelings of joy and sorrow. Some had their heads in their hands with a look of despair, whereas a few murmured words of delight in blush. A girl then pulled herself back ahead of the other girls. It was Na Yeri.




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