Chapter 35

Diana thought that if she begged her to show mercy to her family, Ariel would return the favor.

“You saved my life, so I’ll pay for it. Please calm the wrath of the Grand Duke against our family.”

Ariel couldn’t understand what Diana was saying.

‘What does this all mean…?’ 

What came to her mind at that moment was what Lucian said.

“That’s right, so don’t worry about the other bugs, whether they die or not. If you save them, I will kill you.”

‘Did that mean anything?’

If Ariel, who’s Lucian’s possession, gets hurt while saving others, he won’t forgive her.

Ariel became very embarrassed.

She indeed belongs to Lucian until she becomes an adult.

But it was Ariel’s own will that she saved the girl in front of her.

‘I didn’t want others to pay for what I did.’

After thinking, Ariel opened her mouth.



“I’m the one who chose to save Diana. So Diana and the Monica family don’t have to pay for it. “

“But the Lacartel punishes… “

‘The Lacartel punishes?’

Ariel’s ears perked up at what she heard for the first time, but she soon forgot about it.

She held Diana’s hand tightly with her fern-like hand.

“Sir Mathius and Lucian are good people. You don’t have to be so scared.”

She knew the Lacartel men’s mindset was quite rough, but Ariel had faith in Mathius and Lucian.

‘They’re not the ones who hurt people for no reason.’

But what Ariel didn’t know is that the man of the Lacartel family used to hurt people easily without any reason.

Diana of course did not believe Ariel’s words that the Lacartel are good people.

Their negative reputation was just too high for that to be true.

Looking at Diana’s eyes, which are still full of fear, Ariel spoke with determination.

“Don’t worry. I assure you. This is also my job.”

Only then did Diana feel a little relieved when Ariel said she thought it was her job.

After the charity banquet, rumors have spread throughout the society that the Prince and the Grand Duke are obsessed with the new princess.

So if Ariel came forward, it would be solved.


Diana who lost her usual arrogant attitude began to shed tears. In addition to saving her life, her feelings piled up when Ariel said she would come forward for her own sake.

‘I’ll make sure to repay you for this favor.’

The prideful Diana just couldn’t allow herself to get help.

She vowed to repay this favor someday.

Relieved, Diana showed tears in front of others for the first time.

If the old Diana had seen it, she would have shouted,

[Oh, my God! What a disgrace!]

However, she was only a fifteen-year-old girl.

Ariel, who started panicking when she saw Diana cry, pulled the strings to call the maid.

Ariel knew that there was only one way to stop her from crying.

“Prepare us a snack. The sweetest and most delicious one!”

“Sit down, Diana.”

Ariel urged Diana to sit on a pink sofa.

On the table was a large strawberry cream cake topped with strawberries with whip cream and strawberry black tea.

There was an awkward silence between the two girls.



The teacups on the lacy coasters did not even move. Ariel, who was looking at the steam rising from a teapot full of strawberry tea, finally decides to speak.

“Then… Diana. Did you get hurt in the accident?”

Diana, who lowered her swollen eyes from crying, replied in surprise.

“No! Not at all. Your Grace.”

And the conversation was cut off again.

Ariel spoke again while hiding her tears.

“Let’s have some refreshments. The tea will cool down.”

“Yes….? Yes.”

Diana felt very sorry for her shameful and unladylike actions after crying.

Her nervousness that she had been feeling from her visit disappears, and the only thing that remains is her red and swollen eyelids.

‘How can I look like this in front of the princess!’

The much younger princess is so calm.

In the meantime, Diana who already mastered the skills of drinking tea gracefully lifted her cup and mechanically swallowed the contents of it.

Ariel opened her eyes in admiration of the sight. She, who has short arms and little fingers, has never drink tea so gracefully.

She already lived up to seventeen years, however, Ariel knew nothing about the world of nobles.

In her eyes, Diana seemed to be a very elegant lady.

When Diana belatedly realized that she had been rudely silent because of blaming herself, she carefully brought it up.

“Then…you’re a wizard, aren’t you?”

Ariel nodded calmly.

It was something she wanted to hide if possible, but since Diana had already experienced her magic herself, it’s better, to be honest.

“That’s right, but I’m not very good at it. If the magic was perfect, I wouldn’t have been hurt either.”

“But you saved my life. If there’s anything I can do for you, I’d like to repay you.”

Ariel shook her head.

“I wasn’t expecting anything.”

“Still. I can’t let it go, thank you.”


Ariel’s eyes gleamed as she looked at Diana, who was impatient to do anything for her.

She liked Diana.

“It must have been scary, but you came here yourself.”

She even said that she came here secretly.

Just like her, who was abused.

She needed the courage to escape from the prison called home. It must have taken great courage for Diana, who was loved at home, to disobey her parents.

That’s how much she loves her family.

‘……I want to be close to her. ‘

Ariel, who never had close relationships with girls of her age, had fantasies about the girl’s friendship.

The people of the mansion hang out with her from time to time and Mathius plays around with her in his spare time, but she thought it would be nice to have some friends of her age.

Ariel hesitated to speak.

“I don’t have any friends. My brother was the only one I had. So…”

Ariel’s face turned red.

I hoped that my red hair would hide my face.

“Diana, would you be friends with me?”

Diana was dumbfounded as if she had been hit hard on the head.

There were many things the princess could ask for.

She could have asked her to be her connection to the high society, or she could have asked her to be like a fish.

But she wants to be friends?

Diana who grew up as a calculating and thorough aristocrat could not easily understand Ariel.

Diana had no friends.

She didn’t need a friend.

A loving family was enough for her.

All the people outside her family were only either enemies or allies.

She just hangs out with young people her age at social gatherings because of her reputation.

She had never thought of them as friends.

‘I didn’t hesitate to say [friend] on the outside because that’s part of my responsibility. However…how can I do the same in front of this girl?’

In front of such a young and lovely girl who sincerely wants to be friends with her.

Diana fell more and more in love with Ariel’s pure appearance, even though she could not easily understand her.

She gave a vague answer, pressing down on her almost falling tears.

“If you’re… willing to accept me as a friend who is not good enough.”

Ariel smiled broadly.

Wow, I finally have a friend, too!

“We’re friends, so let’s talk comfortably, Diana.”

‘In the book, Ariel read that status is not important in friendships but they respect each other with their hearts.’

But Diana felt puzzled.

“Do you mind if I do that? My status is lower…”

“But Diana is more like a lady. You’re five years older than me, so you’re my older sister.”

‘Older sister!’

Diana screamed inwardly.

Ariel’s cheerful face reminded her of her old desire. Diana, who was an only child, always wished she had a younger sister.

But she gave up on her wish after she turned a little older.

‘Does that mean I’ll have a younger sister as well as a friend….?’

Diana’s heart was moved by the pure friendship she encountered for the first time in her life, not just for appearance in high society.


Ariel smiled broadly as Diana spoke carefully.

“Please, call me Ariel. Diana.”

The innocent and cute smile of Ariel melted Diana’s heart.

Although she looked arrogant on the outside, Diana was very weak at cute things.

Her eyes, matching her purple hair, lit up.

“I really wanted to be an older sister.”

Lucian immediately visited Ariel’s room when he heard that Monica’s worm came into his territory on its own. It would not be good if it disappeared immediately.

Then he heard the sound coming out of the room, making him stop on his tracks in front of the door.

The chatter of 2 girls can be heard inside, clearly.

It was like a conversation between best friends.


‘How dare you be friends with the prey when I’m here to kill it?’

He had to bring out the patience that he never shown before from the bottom of his soul.

“What the hell did I just told you?”

Lucian reached out to grab the doorknob right away. But before he could open it completely, he heard clear laughter from inside. It belonged to Ariel.

“…damn it.”

Instead of going into the room and taking Diana’s life, he turned around and went outside.


The two girls, who were talking in the room, had to open their eyes widely because they were surprised by the sound of a stone breaking somewhere.

Ariel, who was worried about of the carriage accident, smiled.

‘It was done by a man who had a grudge against the Duke of Monica?’

‘That’s why they tried to hurt his only daughter, Diana…’

She didn’t feel relaxed even though she knew the inside story.

Just in case, she asked Diana about the situation at the time of the accident, but Diana, who was very scared at that time, seemed to only remember a little.

Ariel decided to keep it in her mind for now.

Fortunately, something happened.


Mathius, who came to ask about Ariel’s physical condition, raised his eyebrows at the unexpected news.

“Yes, Lady Diana from the house of Duke Monica.”


Mathius looked at Ariel as if he didn’t understand why she needed something like a friend.