Su Yan said goodbye to Su Mu happily. She went to ask Chu attachment, who was investigating all the freshmen's materials in the discipline office, and threatened Su Mu not to go back to the classroom before she left. It seems that she was afraid that the matter just now could not spread. She even ignored her innocence. Isn't her efforts in vain?

In other words, Su Mu wanted to go back to suppress the classzero gang. As a result, she was threatened by Su Yan, but she was restrained by Su Yan's domineering threat! Su Yan's original words were, "if you dare to go back to the classroom, I will let the sisters say that they are pregnant with your child one by one!"

Although Su Mu has memorized the name of an animal, he still doesn't have that courage! Six women's stomachs have been enlarged, and they are all beautiful women! Then he must be famous as a school garden city. Naturally, some people know that six women are the main members of bloody rose, so he will be famous all over the world again!

Su mu, who wants to clear up the fierce relationship among them, agrees to Su Yan in a cold sweat.

Sitting alone in the garden, Su Mu racked her brains to think about how to find out the spy of the island country. Since she must bear the name of an animal in the college, she'd better finish the task and leave the college!

Just as Su Mu was struggling, Hu Dafu came to the garden and saw the little eyes on Su Mu's fat face, "big brother! Are you really here? "

Su Mu was angry when she saw the fat face of tiger Da Pang. Look! It's so round and plump that it's super strong in fighting! What a good vent? Call Su Yan? Don't be funny. Don't say you can't fight. Su mu can't bear it! see? A ready-made vent came to the door!

Su Mu tried to smile peacefully, "fat, why are you here?"

Tiger Da Pang, who was running over, stumbled and almost fell to eat shit. He looked at Su Mu silently. Da Pang? Kindness is very kind, but this name is a hard wound in tiger Da Pang's life! You know, little brothers usually call him brother tiger! How domineering!

Then tiger Da Pang rubbed his hands, smiled and said, "brother, can you change the title?"

Su Mu was stunned. She walked over with a smile and patted him on the shoulder. "I can't see. You're quite particular about it! Then call you little tiger! " Reliable! " Tiger big fat immediately raised his thumb. Although Su Mu should be younger than him, at least little tiger sounds much better than big fat!

Then tiger chubby smiled contentedly, "brother, just now I"

Su Mu patted him on the shoulder again and interrupted his words, "little tiger, I'll tell you something later!" Brother, what's up? Just say it? " The tiger was fat and blinked his small eyes innocently.

Su Mu smiled and pointed to the grass on one side, "this man has many ears. Let's talk over there!" Good! " Tiger big fat is happy. Go to such a hidden place and say, what big secret should it be? It seems that the relationship with Su Mu has gone further! The bright future blooms in the heart of tiger Da Pang.

Without hesitation, big fat tiger followed Su Mu into the grass, took a deep breath and enjoyed the girl's body fragrance left by countless intestinal wars in the grass, "brother, please say it! Yes? As long as I'm fat enough, I'll go through fire and water! "

As soon as she entered the grass, Su Mu naturally smelled the faint fragrance of the girl. She scolded her bad luck and sighed for a moment. When she heard that the tiger was fat, Su Mu smiled gently, "you don't have to go through fire and water for a little thing. Come on, little tiger! Clench your teeth ~ "

Tiger Da Pang was stunned and was wondering why he should clench his teeth. A fist kissed his eyes in tiger Da Pang's frightened eyes. Tiger Da Pang was about to scream like killing a pig. Su Mu punched him on his fat stomach and just gave him a dull hum!

So Su Mu beat the poor tiger fat crazily and kept venting. He didn't know what method he used to make the tiger fat can't make a sound, but since his body skill was taught by Michelle, it's no surprise! You know, Michelle is crazy every day. This little girl is at the top of the killer world. She has hundreds of ways to stab others to death and make that person unable to make any sound!

It's said that tiger fat is also oppressed! I was beaten for no reason, but I couldn't even scream. The fist of this goods was as heavy as a pile driver. With tiger's fat experience, I naturally knew that I acted as an outlet. When I was a child, the old woman at home lost playing mahjong and didn't smoke him less!

Five minutes passed. "I'm happy, tiger! Get up! " Su Mu breathed heavily and shook his slightly sour arm. It's very hard to vent and control his strength so as not to cause real damage to tiger Pang!

Tiger Da Pang, who has been beaten for five minutes, is now extremely frightened of Su mu. In addition to the heart piercing pain, Su Mu has not caused any practical harm to him, not even blue and purple! The tingling feeling told him that everything was true! " Big brother "big fat tiger got up and stood aside with a sad face." Well, I just got a little angry and wronged you. " Su Mu rubbed his slightly sour shoulder and made a terrible sound of bone movement. " No, no, no, no! " Tiger fat waved again and again. When he came out, he must learn to pretend to be a grandson. Tiger fat knows! " You haven't said, "what do you want from me?" Su Mu asked suspiciously. " Well, I just saw two Islanders. "What? Why didn't you say it earlier! " Su Mu almost died of anger.

The tiger was so fat that he bowed his head wrongfully. "You didn't let me say it." ah? Dare you answer back when you do something wrong? " Su Mu lifted up her sleeve and was about to go up and give tiger Da Pang a good look. " No, no, no, brother, stop fighting! " The tiger was fat and squatted down with his head in fear. " Forget it, get up! " Su Mu's mouth turned. Just now he found that after beating tiger Da Pang, his ability seemed to be obedient. It should be the reason for his control. He had to find an excuse to prove it. He couldn't beat others twice for no reason?

Tiger Da Pang learned well this time. He didn't say a word and stood aside with his head down. " How do you know it's an Islander? " Because they speak Island dialect. " Tiger big fat replied cautiously.

Su Mu blinked, "can you still speak Island language? Say something. "

Just when the tiger got fat very carefully, he came to the spirit, "island dialect? Of course I will! Yahu butterfly ~ yiku ~ "

Su Mu's mouth twitched. Why is this product so strong? He slapped him on the head, "asshole! Have you seen too many love action movies? "

The tiger is fat and wrongfully holding his head. Haven't you seen it?

Su Mu really hasn't seen it. If she did, she must have seen it with Su Yan. She might have been pushed away by the violent woman