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“Su Chen, I’m scared!”

In a small village courtyard, a gentle and worried voice rang out.

“Don’t be afraid! Trust me!”

Su Chen comforted Liu Meiyun.

Then, he quickly inserted a few silver needles into Liu Meiyun’s back.

In the next moment…

“Ahh… That feels so good.”

“Su Chen, that’s amazing! Your acupuncture technique is really good.”

Liu Meiyun lay on her stomach and couldn’t help but let out a relieved sigh.

Her pleasant moaning and her fair bare back made Su Chen a little flustered.

“Su Chen, I heard that you’re going to Bin Cheng to treat someone and marry a rich woman. Is that true?” Liu Meiyun suddenly asked, a bitter edge to her voice.

“If you leave, who will perform acupuncture for me or give me a massage the next time I fall at work?”

Su Chen looked bitter. “Liu Meiyun, I don’t want to leave either! That rich woman might be in her forties or fifties!”

“However, this is what my grandpa wishes. He told me to treat the rich woman’s father, then marry her. ”

“He also ordered me to stay with her for at least a year. He said that it’ll benefit me a lot.”

Liu Meiyun had nothing to say when she heard that Su Chen’s grandfather had arranged this.

That old man was too powerful.

The next day…

At the entrance of the Zhou family’s villa in Bin Cheng…


“Are you my wife?”

Su Chen was shocked to see the beautiful Zhou Wanqiu.

She was wearing a short white shirt that hugged her curves nicely. Her black tight-fitting top and her long legs clad in nude stockings made her look very alluring.

This woman was ten times prettier than the widow in the village!

Was this his future wife?

Su Chen suddenly wanted to cry.

His old b*stard of a grandfather had finally done something right!

“Hello, I’m Su Chen. My grandfather asked me to treat your father…”

Su Chen was introducing himself when Zhou Wanqiu interrupted him coldly.

“Shut up!”

Zhou Wanqiu looked Su Chen up and down. He was wearing tattered cloth shoes and holding a snakeskin bag. Disdain filled her eyes.

“I’m not interested in whatever services you offer. My father already has an incredible doctor!”

“You may leave!”

Su Chen was stunned.

What the h*ll?

They hadn’t gotten married yet. Was the engagement now off?

At this moment…

A panicked scream suddenly came from inside the villa.

Zhou Wanqiu’s expression changed, and she quickly turned around and ran into the villa.

Su Chen considered for a moment, then followed her.

His grandfather had asked him to cure the rich woman’s father, so he had to do that at least.

Su Chen walked into the villa.

A middle-aged man was lying in the middle of the hall. His face was ashen, and he was fuming.

Two anxious women surrounded him.

One was the young and beautiful Zhou Wanqiu.

The other was a middle-aged woman. She was crying.

An old man who looked like a doctor was trying to examine him.

Across from them was an old man in a Tang suit. He seemed very nervous.

They were so focused on the middle-aged man that they didn’t even notice Su Chen coming in.

“Doctor Sun, you’re the best doctor in Bin Cheng. Please save my dad! ”

Zhou Wanqiu’s eyes were red.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Zhou!” Sun Zhongjing said quickly. “I’m right here. Your father will be fine.”

As he spoke,Sun Zhongjing picked up a silver needle and inserted it into the Shenfeng acupoint on the middle-aged man’s chest.

His actions were precise and steady!

Su Chen nodded.

This Doctor Sun seemed to know what he was doing.

The second needle was inserted well too.

The third needle…

Su Chen frowned!

This needle didn’t seem to be in the best position. Moreover, the depth and angle weren’t right.

Sun Zhongjing picked up two more silver needles and was about to insert them.

“Wait a minute!”Su Chen suddenly said.

His grandfather had asked him to treat this man. He felt responsible for his well-being.

“The third needle was already inserted poorly. If these two needles are inserted next, the patient might start convulsing or even go into shock!”Su Chen continued.

Everyone turned around, stunned.

Only then did they notice that someone else was in the villa with them.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave? Why are you here?”

Zhou Wanqiu stood up and her expression was sour.

The old man in the Tang suit frowned. “Wanqiu, what happened?”

Zhou Wanqiu suppressed her anger and introduced Su Chen.

The old man in the Tang suit was delighted. “You’re Su Chen? I’m Zhou Rongchang, your grandfather’s good friend!”

“Thank God you arrived in time! You can save my son, Pingjiang!”

Zhou Rongchang was pleasantly surprised.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, someone snorted.


“Since Old Master Zhou has found the Miracle Doctor, I’ll just leave now!” Doctor Sun’s expression was sour now.

Sun Zhongjing turned to leave.

Zhou Rongchang’s expression froze. He realized that he had misspoken.

He quickly apologized. “Doctor Sun, please forgive me. I was too rash!”

Zhou Wanqiu was even more anxious. “Doctor Sun, don’t be angry! This kid is a country bumpkin! He doesn’t know anything about medicine. He just wants to be in the limelight.”

As she spoke, Zhou Wanqiu glared at Su Chen. “Doctor Sun is treating my father. Shut up!”

Sun Zhongjing’s expression eased some.

He sneered at Su Chen and was about to continue Zhou Pingjiang’s acupuncture treatment.

However, Su Chen spoke up again.

“If you insist on inserting the needles there, the patient might die!”

Sun Zhongjing’s expression darkened.

His hands froze in midair.

Zhou Wanqiu was furious. She stared at Su Chen and said angrily, “I told you to shut up. Didn’t you hear me?”

“If you keep disturbing Doctor Sun while he’s treating my father, you can get out!”

At this moment…

Zhou Rongchang frowned. “Doctor Sun, why don’t we listen to what Su Chen has to say?”

Sun Zhongjing was stunned.

He didn’t expect Zhou Rongchang to trust the country bumpkin before him.


“Why don’t you trust Doctor Sun? Why are you putting your trust in this country bumpkin?” Zhou Wanqiuasked.

“Wanqiu, don’t say that about Su Chen.” Zhou Rongchang’s expression darkened.

Zhou Wanqiu was stunned.

She could not understand why her grandfather was treating this country bumpkin so well.

Su Chen was also puzzled.

Sun Zhongjing’s expression was truly sour now. “Old Master Zhou, do you not trust my judgment?”

“Doctor Sun, I’m sorry.” Zhou Rongchang hesitated. “My son’s life hangs in the balance, so we should be extra careful.”


Sun Zhongjing was furious. “If Zhou Pingjiang loses his life because of me, I’ll pay! A life for a life!”

Sun Zhongjing turned to Su Chen, “Kid, watch carefully! Don’t keep seeking attention.”



He inserted two more silver needles into Zhou Pingjiang’s body!

For a moment, everyone stared atZhou Pingjiang.


They heard a light snort.

Zhou Pingjiang slowly rose.

His complexion seemed to have improved a lot.

Zhou Wanqiu and her mother, Zhao Guirong, were overjoyed.

Sun Zhongjing looked at Zhou Rongchang proudly.

“Old Master Zhou, are you satisfied with my medical skills?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Su Chen.

Zhou Rongchang looked embarrassed. He didn’t know what to say.

“Grandpa, you’re wrong,” Zhou Wanqiu said coldly. “This country bumpkin is a liar who likes to talk big.”

As she spoke, Zhou Wanqiu walked toward Su Chen.

“Now, you have nothing to say, right? Hurry up and go back to the countryside!”

As soon as she finished speaking…

“Ah!”Zhou Pingjiang screamed.

Then, his entire body began to twitch.