95 Banishmen The Attractive and inciting CEO

Keller group of industries appointed CEO Jasor Keller's family branch got disintegrated and was sent back to its ancestral country by him. Now Mr. Keller has to fly back and fro more often because of the heavy responsibilities he have to shoulder on.

And the company have faced some up and down in stock values. It is rumored that Mr. Jasor offended the elders and something big might happen in decision of share holders.

"From now on he will be too busy to tail you and disturb you. Though he wants to, he will be on constant observation of elders to do something stupid" Scott smiled at her dumbstruck face. She is so adorable now that he don't want to let her out of this place.

"Scott what did you do. You are not stupid to let them realize our presence in his scandal. Right" she tried to push him but to be in vain again.

"Why will I do that. I just trapped him in his own scheme, he tried to take advantage of his authority in this country so I destroyed their trust in him. Do you think I will let him off the hook that easily. He is yet to suffer every inch of pain you and I had gone through." Scott is pissed off by her lack of trust on him that he can control himself. It is been too long she got punished for her out of box thinking's.

" Sorry, I trust you but I am worried that's it. You can have your compensation for my lack of….Mmm" Jean felt guilty by seeing his ashen face so she decided to give him his own way to handle her. But looks like he is already in same page as her.

" Good girl. But let us complete this updates before my wrath." Scott said deeply which made her to get goosebumps all over her body.

Next is about Cassandra. She was disappeared before four days when she is driving back to her home. After searching deeply for her she is found in one rural hospital the next day. The reports said that she took drugs and was drunk when she is driving and got bumped into livestock of one of villager.

She is little injured but the commotion of her reluctance which led to this is still in high criticism. She have court hearings to be attended and her family tried to suppress the news of intake of drugs but in vain.

The netizens up roared to banish her from being next CEO of grey's. Some of them even stated that real heir of Grey's is still alive but was kept in dark by queen of socialites Vanessa.

By now the Grey family didn't respond to this commotion making the rumor strong. One of the hacker challenged that he will give solid proof of the heir presence.

" Hey…my plan is only up to her court hearings and drug intakes. My plan is not this overboard did you do it" Jean narrowed her eyes at a person who is busy in his own world.

Scott who is busy in his relentless way to make her compensate became pissed again. "Ms. Grey why do you always think it is me who go overboard huhh…I might want to destroy that b*** but she is your prey. I wont interfere" he said in his hurt tone but his eyes gave away. He is angry…it is really tough to subdue his anger.

" May be banishment is wish of netizens. But who is this hacker dared to expose me….." Jean trailed of at angry red man glaring at her .He is trying very hard to cool down yet...

Jean gulped her saliva. She will have very very though time. "Let us discuss about that hacker later…hehehe" Jean gave her frightening smile which made the devil to give his devilish smirk.