Just about to reach out to embrace Binbin, one hand was faster than her, and reached out to hold Binbin who was just over one year old.

"Thank you, Brother Yun. Thank you. Let's go first! Baby, mom and Dad love you Zhaoyang kisses his son on the face and pulls Wenxi away, as if for fear that someone will repent.

When his parents left, Binbin didn't cry. He just looked at the scene of the day and he was happy. He wanted to play together.

Li Yunshen walked with him skillfully.

"I'll go in and find a blanket." Tang Xin said, turning into the room.

After a while, Tang Xin took out the field cloth blanket and paved it. A car suddenly stopped in front of the door. It was the new car of the Muyan family.

Jingjing from the car down, and then from the back seat of her son, rushed into the door.

Then, see the children in the yard some silly eyes, and then, a few strides forward, put the children in front of them, "please take care of me, something!"

Then he left in a hurry.

"Are you all right?" Tang Xin looked at his eyes and ran excitedly to Xiaoyu, who played with his brother and sister, and called out worried.

"It's OK. It's just a divorce." Before getting on the bus, Jingjing said angrily, slamming the door and driving away.

Tang Xin almost choked by his own saliva, "do divorce? They didn't come for real, did they? "

"Don't worry, they talk about divorce as fun." Li Yun said with a deep smile.

At this time, several children began to chase and play again. Xiaoyu was not stable enough to run. Fortunately, the two big brothers and sisters did not run far away, running around them.

Binbin suddenly burst into tears and crawled around, as if to find his mother.

Li Yunshen unhurriedly retrieved the child, Tang Xin from the baby bag brought by Wenxi took out a good bottle.

All of a sudden, she froze in the air. She opened her eyes and looked at Li Yunshen, as if she had a soul in her heart. Li Yunshen also looked at her strangely.

then, as like as two peas, they looked down at their bodies and looked at the children again, and they were exactly the same!!!

The picture seems to freeze in this second, overlapping with the painting sent by Tang Qian.

A scene, a thing, a flower, a grass, everyone, every action, like amazing!

It turns out that the picture in the picture is like this, not that she is a mother of five children.

Tang Xin thinks about it, smiles and looks at her husband. The more he laughs, the more he wants to laugh.

Li Yunshen also shook his head and gently held her little hand. "I'm still worried about the year and month of five."

"I only think that painting won't come true. Five, according to the age of the children in the picture, it's impossible to have twins in one child, but I didn't expect it to come like this." It's because I never thought about it, so I didn't notice one child after another.

Li Yunshen takes the bottle to Binbin. Then they look at Binbin holding the bottle and gulping. Then they look at the other three children. Finally, they look at her bulging belly. They laugh again because they understand the painting wrong.

In the sugar heart cottage, under the sun umbrella, they look at each other and laugh at each other, and their children are playing. The greatest happiness in life is no better than this

At the end of this summer, tangxin house has a new member, a charming little princess.

From the delivery room to the ward after the third day, Tang Xin's body and physical strength have gradually returned to normal.

Some people are busy taking care of everything, and everything is arranged properly. In addition to holding the baby, Mrs. Gu is occasionally fighting.

"Heart, you have a husband now, you don't need me." Today, while Li Yunshen went out to make a phone call, Gu mother jokingly said.

Looking at the little princess who has been fed and asleep in her arms, the child has inherited the beauty of her mother and will grow up in the future.

"Auntie, Tang Xin still has to work hard to take care of in confinement. You know this better." Li Yunshen came in from the outside.

The matter of confinement can not be sloppy, Gu's mother has been very experienced in this respect, leave it to her, he can rest assured.

She took good care of her on her birthday.

Gu's mother took a cold breath. It was true that she could not talk about people during the day and ghosts at night.

"Of course Gu's mother said with pride.

Li Yunshen smiles at her and walks to Tang Xin with gentle eyes. "There's something I need to go back to deal with. You have a good rest, eh?"

Tang Xin nodded, "you can rest assured, there are uncles and aunts in it."

He has almost abandoned his work in recent days and only cares about her and her children.

Li Yunshen leaned over her forehead and gently dropped a kiss, which turned away.

However, just as he opened the door, there was an interview on TV that interested everyone.

"Now that the situation in country K is basically stable, the reporters we sent to K have the honor to interview doctor Bai Pao, who braved hardships and saved people during the war..."Country K, doctor.

Very sensitive words.

Gu's mother, who was holding her baby, was shocked, but her eyes didn't stick to the TV screen.

Looking at the screen almost immediately, she hopes not to be interviewed on the screen.

Finally, the white robed doctor interviewed appeared on the screen, and Gu's mother burst into tears. "Quick! Come and find his father Don't forget to shout to Li Yun standing at the door.

Without hesitation, Li Yunshen opened the door and went out to look for Gu Fu, while he called.

The two old men clearly miss their son and miss him very much, but they do not want to stop his son from realizing his dream. They endure the painful missing day and night and let him fly.

This will finally take the initiative to spread his news, how can we not be happy, how can we not be excited.

Tang Xin saw that the people who appeared on the screen were perfect and red eyed.

He's fine. He didn't lose his arm or leg.

He has fulfilled his promise to her and will come back intact.

Watching his calm and gentle appearance on TV, the heart that has always been concerned about him has finally settled down.

God knows, she is so worried that he will never hear from him again. At that time, what should uncle and aunt do.

She always thought that it was she who pushed him to that position, if not for He may not make up his mind to become a volunteer doctor in K country.

Well, he's OK, and he's successful.

"Heart, do you see that? Xingyun is on TV. He's fine, and his legs are all right! " Gu's mother burst into tears.

"Yes, I see, auntie, the schoolmaster has lived up to our expectations." Tang Xin nodded in tears and reached out to pick up the child.

She didn't tell Gu Xingyun, the second elder of the family, that Gu Xingyun's feet were already good. No parents in the world wanted to be disappointed with their children.

So, now the leg is named zhengyanshun, whether it's time to come back, schoolmaster.


Li Yunshen soon found Gu Fu. When he found Gu Fu, Gu Fu was also in tears at the TV wall in the hospital hall.

Back in the ward, the two old men looked at their son on TV, huddled in excitement.

Tang Xin and Li Yunshen smile with relief, looking at their son in their arms, and then looking at the two elders of the family, probably, this is the real satisfaction.

She reached out and gently hooked him. He held her tightly and gazed fondly.

In one's life, one will meet four kinds of people, those I love, those who love me, and those who love me, and those who do not love each other but want to be together forever.

Fortunately, she met the third one. Although the road ahead is rough, they still love each other and will always love each other

[end of the full text]

in the end

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