Chapter 2529: Throughout my life, never give up, never give up (end)


Yan Huan didn't understand it for a while, "What went in?"

"Drug addiction, drug trafficking, sentenced to indefinitely, believe me," Lu Yi met Yan Huan's eyes, "In this life, no one will rescue him out, he will sit in a prison for a lifetime, will wear the bottom of the prison, will Sit in jail until the day you die."

It’s so good, Yan Huan wants to applaud Lu Yi. He guessed that Lu Qin could go in. Even if Lu Yi was not the mastermind, he must be the one who helped him. He would definitely, and as soon as Lu Qin entered, he would be a Qin Xiaoyue. Can't lose body?

As for Su Muran, it should now be that kind of illness.

Her illness is incurable, and her death is foreseeable, and no one can save her. This is all she has to bear as Su Muran, and her fate.

And she... will die.

At night, like a monster that swallows people, Zhu Meina hugged her belly, and there was cold sweat on her forehead, and she had to run, she had to run, otherwise, her belly would be troubled, and her people would also be troubled. .

She did not want this child to die, nor did she want to die herself.

But now she doesn't know where she wants to go and wants to escape there, she just knows that she can't stop, absolutely can't stop.

Until a car stopped in front of her, and the door opened, a woman came out of the car, and the woman took off the sunglasses on her face. For the first time, Zhu Meina saw a photo She is all beautiful crying face.

And she really cried.

"help me……"

She appealed to the woman for help, as if she were the angel who could save her, and he would never forget the woman's smile at that time, and the decent acquaintance that seemed to be Zeng Jin.

Later, the woman took her to a place and found a nanny to give her. She had never seen her, but she should have given it to her. She actually did not know why she would save her. There has never been an intersection.

Later, she was wondering whether it was because she was the same mother. Although she said that she was not willing to conceive this one in her belly, but she was also a mother. She heard that the woman was also a mother and gave birth to three. The twins, two men and one woman, and the movies they made were big sales. This life is a winner in life. She really can't feel it. This word will be more suitable than her.

A few months later, she gave birth to a boy, and of course her son couldn't save her sister. When she heard her son's blood type, she laughed.

"Oh, it's so good, it's so good. You can count as many organs as you can, but in the end it's the enemy of fate."

She took her son back to the Su family with a big swing, and when she saw Su Muyan's mad face, she really felt very happy. Until now she knew that her so-called aunt has always been She always treats her as a dog, and raises her as a straw bale. Her daughter is ill. Is it possible that her niece will be replaced?

And the extreme resentment in her heart, of course, must also retaliate to go back, she must look at what is regarded as everything, when the princess's daughter is half dead, what will it look like.

She is very proud, she is very happy, she is also crazy.

It's just that one day, her son was gone and lost, and this must not have been made by the woman, who else?

She thought how much she didn't like the child, because the child was a low-key, she didn't want it, and it was a bad seed that ruined her life and hurt her all her life, but when the child was lost,

When she looked at the picture of the child, she found out that she loved the child, that she was born, that she was her son, no matter who his father was? That was her child, but her child Lost and gone.

But while she hadn't come and avenged her, she was sold by Zhu Xianglan one day to a man named Yang Ge.

She was bargained by them, as if selling cheap pork, and she could do nothing but hate.

She knew she was going to be sold, and she knew she might be dying.

She knew that Zhu Xianglan would not let her go, and she knew that she might not be able to avenge her life.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw a woman's face and the child in the arms of the woman, and she burst into tears when she saw the child.

There was a whine in her throat.

Miss her child, she wants her child, but her child can never come back.

Zhu Xianglan sold her child and sold her too.

Yan Huan saved her, but she couldn't save her child.

And she is going to live, yes she is still alive, she will not die, no matter how difficult, she is going to see the end of Zhu Xianglan's mother and daughter. She wants to see their retribution, she must live longer and longer than them.

A year later, Su Muran suffered from severe thalassemia, because of the special blood type, and because of the single daughter at home, so she died after not living for a year. Zhu Xianglan was crazy after a while, but she couldn’t save herself if she was crazy For her daughter, from the beginning to the end, Su Qingdong did not doubt the status of Yan Huan, of course, it is impossible to know, in fact, Yan Huan's bone marrow can save her daughter.

and so……

What is this called?

The bad guys have their own gods.

"Go back," Yan Huan came over, holding a sleeping child in his arms.

Zhu Mina raised her eyelids. "What should I do? I only need to know that the woman is dead. Now all my wishes are fulfilled. Su Mu is dead and Zhu Xianglan is crazy. My hatred is also reported."

"But..." As she said, she cried while covering her face. "But my son is gone."

"this is for you."

Yan Huan put the child in his arms before Zhu Xianglan.

Zhu Xianglan cautiously hugged the child, tears and snot flowed, she held the child tightly in her arms, almost crying and hurt her heart.

She missed his son.

Yan Huan stretched out his hand and put it on Zhu Mina's shoulder, "Kick Zhu Xianglan out, those are all yours, destined to be yours."

"You want to give me your son?"

Zhu Meina sniffed her nose again. "Is this the case? Yan Huan, you are so generous, you are so kind."

Yan Huan rolled her eyes. How did she become her mother? This is obviously her own son. When did she become someone else's son, let alone her own son, how could she be willing to give it away?

"Jumina, is this too much?"

"Look at the child's appearance."

Yan Huan stood up, and that was the end. If she couldn't recognize it, she kicked Zhu Mena downstairs directly. What a stupid woman still doing alive is a waste of the earth's air.

And she didn't go long before she heard Zhu Mena crying like a pig.

Did you finally recognize it? She had been holding the child for a year, but she didn't recognize her child.

Yan Huan really feels that she is really worried about Zhu Mina. Not only do she have to find ways to save her twice, but also to steal the children in the middle of the night, she has three children, but she is born again A little more, or her brother.

She knew that Zhu Mina's last life was the most regretful thing in her life, that is, her son didn't keep it. So, in this life, she helped her to save her son, which was considered to be a stay for the Su family.

Of course, her blood was returned to the Su family in another way.

When she walked back, she saw Lu Yi sitting on the side, with her notebook on her lap, and three cradle beside him. From time to time, he would shake one by one by hand.

Their three children are finally back.

Yan Huan walked over and crouched down again.

"Lu Yi, do you say we will not have the next life?"

Lu Yi stretched out his hand and put it on Yan Huan's hair, and calmed it gently.

"How long have we passed, there is no regret in this life, if there is, it is earned by us, if not, we have no regrets, right?"

"Perhaps when we grow old and our lives are about to end, and when we open our eyes again, we are back in the most youthful age of Zeng Jin, and we can correct those mistakes and stick to those that are right. "

It is also the most important person to find yourself.

Throughout my life, I will not leave without giving up.

It is also a lover who is willing to live in the world, and eventually becomes a dependent. It is also hope that one day, real life can be re-started, and then carefree for life.

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