Chapter 40 - Very Good Memory

Chapter 40 Very Good Memory

Second Uncle Ding pointed at Third Uncle Ding and Fourth Uncle Ding and cursed, “You two still have the nerve to say that?! How dare you help outsiders! You knew that Ding Yao was lying at that time, but you still didn’t expose them on the spot. You were deceived by a little girl. Don’t you think it’s shameful?!”

Third Uncle Ding whispered, “At that time, we didn’t know that the Snake Swallow Stone was so valuable. It was actually worth 50,000


Ding Yao found it funny. No wonder Wang Hongxia suddenly came to snatch the Snake Swallow Stone. It turned out that she knew the price offered by the manager of One Side Sky. Wang Hongxia had invited so many people to gather here today. She was afraid that she had promised them a lot of benefits. If she didn’t hand over the Snake Swallow Stone, these people would probably stop her from leaving.

Thinking of this, Ding Yao looked at Ding Qingshan and said, “You don’t believe me either?” Song Xiuyan translated Ding Yao’s words like before.

Ding Qingshan hesitated for a moment. For the sake of his own livelihood, he still lied against his conscience, “Ding Yao, don’t deny it. When your grandfather picked up the Snake Swallow Stone, he told me about it and showed it to me. It was two small white stones with a flat surface that wasn’t too smooth. They were exactly the same as what your third uncle and fourth uncle described. “After your grandfather passed away unexpectedly, I couldn’t find the Snake Swallow Stone. So it was hidden by you. You’re really ruthless. You didn’t care about the family and took the only treasure in the family for yourself!”

Ding Yao smiled. This was the original host’s biological father. For his own greed, he lied through his teeth. Was there still a need for such a father?

At this time, the village chief of Spirit Stone Village was also invited over to preside over the justice. “Ding Yao, according to the law, there are still people in the family. You’re a daughter who married off, so you really can’t take the family’s property. If the Snake Swallow Stone really belongs to your grandfather, and you have no one to prove that your grandfather left the Snake Swallow Stone to you before he died, you have to return the Snake Swallow Stone to your father.”

Everyone looked at Ding Yao. Ding Yao emphasized calmly, “The Snake Swallow Stone is mine. I picked it up myself.”

Unfortunately, everyone didn’t believe Ding Yao’s words at all. They retorted, “There’s no evidence. No matter what you say, it’s useless unless someone testifies for you.”

Ding Yao looked at Ding Qingshan calmly. “You said that grandfather told you about the Snake Swallow Stone. When did grandfather tell you?”

Ding Qingshan thought for a moment. “Your grandfather died in early June. It was about three months before his death. I can’t remember the exact time. I only know that the rice in the field hadn’t grown tall yet.”

Ding Yao continued to ask, “Then grandfather told you that he picked up a total of several Snake Swallow Stones?”

Ding Qingshan was stumped by the question and didn’t dare to answer rashly. He was worried that Ding Yao had picked up more than two pieces of stone. If he answered incorrectly, he would lose a lot of money.

When Wang Hongxia saw this, she quickly added, “Old Master probably saw that Ding Qingshan didn’t know medicine, so Old Master didn’t tell him so much detail. He just casually said a few words. At that time, Qingshan even told me about this matter. We didn’t know that Snake Swallow Stone was so valuable, so after Old Master died, we didn’t look for Snake Swallow Stone in detail.”

Ding Yao glanced at Ding Qingshan and Wang Hongxia before turning to the village chief. Song Xiuyan translated for Ding Yao, “Village chief, although Ding Yao was young at that time, she still remembered that a month before her grandfather passed away, he went to the neighboring village to treat a person who had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Her grandfather used many methods to detoxify that person, but that person still died in the end. Many people probably remember this matter. If her grandfather had a Snake Swallow Stone at that time, that person wouldn’t have died.”

Hearing Song Xiuyan’s words, everyone looked at each other. Everyone did remember this. After all, not many people had been bitten to death by snakes. They often went hunting in the mountains and knew how to guard against snakes.

Ding Qingshan had always been lying through his teeth. Now that he heard Ding Yao’s retort, he knew that his lie had been exposed. He was extremely ashamed. The village chief had originally wanted to help Ding Qingshan, but the truth was right there. If he wanted to distort the truth, his position as the village chief would have come to an end. In the end, he glared fiercely at Ding Qingshan and turned around to leave.

Wang Hongxia was unwilling to lose the money just like that. She even argued, “Ding Qingshan’s memory has always been bad. He might have remembered wrongly.”

Ding Yao sneered and gestured at Wang Hongxia. “Ding Qingshan only broke his leg, not his brain. His memory is very good!”