Chapter 20 Strong Customer

“By the way, what are you all doing outside my shop? Are you here to patronize my shop?” Zhang Feng rubbed his eyes as he spoke while opening his shop. He watched them crowd around so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through. This was not good for his business.

“No, look, do you know these two people?” Someone asked Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng nodded. “Yes, I do. Isn’t that all? What’s there to see?”

It seemed like everyone already knew that it was Zhang Feng who had caused the two of them to become like this. Hence, everyone was looking at Zhang Feng strangely.

All of them left slowly, leaving only Uncle Ah Bang, who was worried about Zhang Feng yesterday.

Uncle Ah Bang blinked his eyes and said coolly, “Little Brother Zhang Feng, did you really take care of these two guys?”

“Ah, what’s wrong? The two of them came to find trouble with me yesterday, so I taught them a lesson.”

“Wow, then you’re really quite impressive. I was quite worried that you would be taught a lesson by them, but I didn’t expect you to teach them a lesson!” Uncle Ah Bang raised his thumb up at Zhang Feng.

“It’s fine. I’m still standing fine in front of you. Don’t worry about me.”

Uncle Ah Bang scratched his head. “But you’re indirectly offending the Beast Gang.”

“It’s fine, just go with the flow.” After saying that, Zhang Feng went into the shop to clean up. Uncle Ah Bang also went back into his shop.

The Skill Stones that he had obtained yesterday were also placed on top of the display cabinet. Now, he would have to get the system to help him estimate how much they could be sold for.

He believed that these three Skill Stones could be sold for a good price. At this moment, a customer came knocking on his door. Zhang Feng raised his head and took a look. It was another man.

This man was very tall and sturdy. There was also a scar on his face, and he was wearing an iron armor. Zhang Fengguang felt that this armor was at least fifty to sixty kilograms, but this man seemed to be wearing it like it was nothing.

Furthermore, there was an extremely huge knife on his back. The width of this knife was as wide as Zhang Feng.

When the man walked in, he turned back to look at Brass Dog and Blackiron Cat outside.

“By the way, boss, are you preparing a barbeque outside? It smells quite good.” The moment the man opened his mouth, Zhang Feng was shocked.

“I suggest you not be greedy. After all, they are humans.” Zhang Feng did not know if this man was joking or telling the truth.

The man simply laughed out loud. His voice sounded very heroic. “Hahahaha, I was just joking.”

Zhang Feng nodded and led the customer to the display. “What would you like to buy?”

The man said, “It’s like this. Previously, I met a friend at Forest of the Moon Falls and he gave me an Immortal Pill. I think it’s very effective. They said they bought it from you.”

CIn fact, this burly man in front of him was not a cultivator, but a mercenary in Zhiyue City. Besides having a job as a mercenary, he would usually go to the Forest of the Moon Falls to find some magical beasts. Not only could he improve his abilities, he could also earn some extra money.

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This man was called Ding Dayong. This time, he had gone to Forest of the Moon Falls and hunted five wild beasts. When he was preparing to return, he encountered an adult demonic beast.

Demonic beasts were relatively powerful in Zhiyue City. Thinking back to Xia He, Xia Xi, Ge Yangguang, and the others, they could only deal with the young Demonic Beasts if they worked together.

If they were to encounter an adult demonic beast, they would not have the ability to handle it.

Initially, one would only encounter a handful of demonic beasts in the periphery,for some reason, the encounters had increased in the periphery recently. Perhaps something had happened in the Forest of the Moon Falls.

Fortunately, Ding Dayong ran into Ge Yangguang and the others. Previously, Ge Yangguang had bought quite a number of Immortal Pills from Zhang Feng, including Godspeed Immortal Pills. They had only consumed Godspeed Immortal Pills, so the demonic beasts naturally could not keep up with them.

That way, they managed to keep their lives.

However, Ding Dayong was already a level 30 warrior, yet he was still helpless against such a demon beast. Who knew which demon beasts he would encounter next time he went into the forest?

Therefore, Ding Dayong wanted to come here first and see if there were any Godspeed Immortal Pills or Invigorate Immortal Pills. This way, he might not just be able to escape and might even be able to counterattack!

After hearing Ding Dayong’s story, Zhang Feng nodded. “In that case, you must have been introduced here by that group of people. That’s right, they bought their Immortal Pills from me.”

“The Immortal Pills for sale are all on the display cabinet, please have a look to see which ones you want.” Zhang Feng explained the main attributes of these Immortal Pills.

“Oh, that’s right. Shop owner, I heard from those brothers that even though the effects of your Immortal Pills are very good, the price is also very high.”

Zhang Feng thought that Ding Dayong was going to bargain with him again. However, Ding Dayong continued, “However, after witnessing the power of your Immortal Pills, I feel that the price you’re offering… is really very high!”

After all, Ding Dayong was a level 30 warrior.

After reaching level 20, the higher the level, the harder it would be to level up. The experience required would be greater, and after level 30, one could level up to the next major level.

Furthermore, he had a decent job as a mercenary. Hence, Ding Dayong still had some savings on him. However, when faced with Zhang Feng’s price, he could only hope to quench his thirst.

“It’s like this, but I won’t lower the price.” Zhang Feng still felt that he should give him a heads up.

Ding Dayong laughed widely. “Haha, I already knew that.” Then, he took out 50 Essence Stones from his body.

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He wanted to see what Zhang Feng could sell him with these 50 Essence Stones.

This time, Ding Dayong discovered that there was a weapon hanging on the cupboard. “Ah, so you not only sell Immortal Pills, but also weapons?”

“Yes, these weapons are different from the weapons outside. I can say that my weapons are among the best in the entire Zhiyue City.”

Zhang Feng looked at this person. He should be someone who was good at physical attacks. Hence, he recommended a large saber to him.

Ding Dayong waved his hand. “Your weapon looks too thin. I’m not used to it.” Ding Dayong’s name was the same as his. Everything was big, and weapons had to be big too.

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