10 1.7 Min Cheng

Name:Stay with the CEO Author:Hannayea
Every now and then, Min feels pain in her body. From the head sometimes in her heart and legs. She tried to move her body parts but failed. She did not give up everyday she tries to move her bodybut then pass out when she is exhausted. She did it everyday aside from listening to the conversation in her sorroundings.

When Min wake up, she felt her pillow is wet. She feels that her face has a moist of water flows slowly, she guessed. Then her mom came in with flowers and food.

Leah look around her daughter and saw that her pillows are wet. She silently change it and thought that boy is just a friend of her daughter.

Six months pass by, and it is the day where Min wakes up. When her mom and Mamie is talking something, she slowly open her eyes and tried to move her hand. Mamie saw that her hand moves and runs towards Min.

"Your awake, thank God." As she smiles happily and calls the Nurse.

Leah pour a cup of water and give it to Min. Min slowly drinks the water. After that, Doctors and nurses approach her and examine her.

After an hour her family rush to the hospital to look for their sister. They saw thier sister happily talking to their mom and joined them.

Min's Doctor said that she needs to be under a therapy. Min's nod and ask for doctors help to recommend the best therapist for her. Her mom didn't argue with her as she knows her daughters health is not yet stable.


These past few months, being in a coma, Min learns a lot of things. Those people who help her and her enemies disguising theirself as her friends. She is furious at those two faced bitches who planned to kill her but did not totally kill her. Her mom is also very anxious and nag her all the time even she is in coma.

Right now her priority is to heal. She needs to complete her therapy. Now, she is in the hospital garden and admiring the colorful flowers. Suddenly Archy stated

"Host, your savior is within 5 meters.Please be careful."

"uh huh, I know" Min replied.As she continued to admire the flowers.


John finally owned the hospital to become one of his properties. As he suddenly thought to visit the hospital garden, to have a fresh air, he didn't notice he bump into a wheelchair.

As a reflex he immediately grab the wheelchair and the person. Thank goodness it is not stairs or else sigh he thought then

"I'm sorry ma'am, I didn't notice you earlier."

"...I'm okay, thanks." Min gulp and slightly trembled. As she look at the person, she sees a handsome man. He has a procelain skin, sharp blue eyes, short blond hair, pinkish lips and a blue earring on his left ear.

John silently observe the person he bumped into and ponder as if the person in front of him is familiar. Then, John is surprised that the person he help a year ago is still alive.

"Nice to see you again, I am John.As he smiles brightly like the sun, he look straightly through her big phoenix eyes that a slight lightning pass through John and Min that they both startled.

Then as if hypnotized, Min feels full of love with the man in front of her. She saw him, a man that is only for her. Min smiles happily and John is stunned.

John thought that her smile is very refreshing. If he from the past, he will praise her and maybe court her but now that he knows that the world is cruel, he knows everyone has a hidden intention for him. He just smiles and leave.

"to-toot--tooot... h-o--ost, hooo--st, connection to host is unstable... 90...70...43...20... connection lost."Archy trembled as he vanished.


Min return to her room and sleep. Then as she wake up, she felt like a different person. The Min from the original story is back!